Heli Skiing Canada Locations

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Where are you originating travel?

Travel convenience is an important consideration. Vancouver and Calgary are the major airports for Canadian helicopter skiing. Travel convenience varies greatly. Kelowna is also becoming popular, especially for heli-ski operators near Revelstoke, BC.

We represent all of the operators. Over 40 locations – more than anyone else! So we do not have to play favorites. Get objective, first-hand reviews and recommendations – free. Oh yeah, we offer Alaska heli skiing, too. We can help you compare heli skiing Canada to Alaska heli skiing.

There are dozens of smaller operators for your heli skiing Canada pleasure. Do you want a great, classic lodge like Skeena or Mica Heliski Canada? Do you want easy access so you spend your time helicopter skiing Canada like Northern Escape Heli Skiing? Do you want unlimited vertical, like Great Canadian Heli Skiing and Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing?

How to Get the Best Heli Skiing Canada

Browse the heli skiing Canada operators, visit their sites, ask around, then ask HELISKI.com.  We will research all Canada heli skiing operators and options for you.  We do the work and send you the options.  We help you pick, then you pay the operator directly.  They pay us.  You pay the same or less.

You get heli skiing Canada options that meet your needs, the operators get clients that are a good fit, and we all enjoy life.  Read our testimonials.  We are also happy to provide personal references.

Who, What, When & Where of Heli Skiing Canada

What is the best heli skiing trip for your group? It depends on a number of things. We can help if you answer the basic questions of who, what, when, where, how much and how many.

When do you want to go heli skiing in Canada (or Alaska)?
January is colder, but also can be less expensive and tree skiing is common. February is prime time, but it is the most expensive, and it fills up first. March is great for snow stability and high alpine is common.

Who is in your group?
Are you aggressive skiers or laid-back cruisers?

What terrain do you prefer?
Do you want steeps, drops, trees, bowls or high alpine? What type of experience are you seeking? Luxury or basic, or don’t care? We can help you find the best options.

Love trees? Consider Bearpaw Heli Skiing or one of the CMH Heli Skiing areas that specialize in trees. If you want your own food and lodging, check out RK Heli Skiing. How about one group per helicopter at TLH Heli Skiing Canada.

There are myriad choices. Email or call 866-HELISKI so we can get started putting together the best fit for your heli skiing Canada trip!