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CMH Heli Skiing offers 11 lodges/areas for heli skiing Canada.  Canadian Mountain Holidays lodges vary by ski areas, terrain, accommodations, helicopters, group sizes, skier aggressiveness, travel and more.

Canadian Mountain Holidays invented helicopter skiing and offers more heliskiing Canada options than anyone (except, of course).   CMH Heli Skiing has many types of trips, including powder clinics, small groups, short trips, trees, masters, first-time and more.  Canadian Mountain Holidays trips range from 3-7 days.

Here are some CMH Heli Skiing highlights.  Contact us to help you pick the best trip!   Read Interview with Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH Heli)  

Canadian Mountain Holidays / CMH Heli Skiing Lodges

Canadian Mountain Holidays / CMH Heli Skiing Gallery

Canadian Mountain Holidays’ Bugaboos has a wide variety of terrain, and is the birthplace of heliskiing in Canada.  CMH Heli Revelstoke is based from hotel, with lots of amenities of a ski town.   CMH Heli Skiing at Monashees and CMH Heli Skiing Bobbie Burns caters to fast, aggressive tree skiers.  CMH Kootenay (Previously CMH K2) is the secret stash of small group tree skiing in tons of powder. Silvertip Heliskiing Lodge was sold, and is now an independent lodge and resort.

CMH Heli Valemount offers exclusive private trips for groups of up to ten guests.  Canadian Mountain Holidays Cariboos boasts excellent terrain and appeals to first timers and veterans. Gothics CMH Heliskiing is faster, in just three groups.  Canadian Mountain Holidays Galena offers aggressive heliskiing and heliboarding for the young at heart.  Adamants CMH Heli Skiing offers small groups, great variety and an amazing lodge.  With 11 heli ski Canada lodges, Canadian Mountain Holidays has something for every group.

Canadian Mountain Holidays now offers a variety of special CMH heli skiing packages.

  • First Time Helicopter Skiers and Families
  • Powder Intro – Introduction to Heli Skiing Powder
  • Girl Powder – Heli Skiing for Women nOly
  • Small Group Heli Skiing
  • Steep Shots – You guessed it
  • Freeride – Heliskiing fast and aggressive
  • Steeps – Heli skiing extreme
  • Masters – CMH Heli Skiing ‘at the pace you enjoy’

    • Canadian Mountain Holidays is by far the largest provider of heli skiing in Canada.   Eleven lodges and heliski areas offer tremendous variety. can help you make the right choice among the hundreds of CMH Heli Skiing options.
    • Travel for most CMH heli skiing lodges is by coach from Calgary. It ranges from four hours to Adamants (not including the thirty minute chopper ride) to nine hours to Cariboos (which is why Canadian Mountain Holidays only offers week-long trips to Cariboos).
    • There are a few exceptions to the long bus rides, however. Valemount is accessed by a private charter, with a total travel time of just two hours! CMH Kootenay is typically self-drive access from Spokane, Washington in the US.  CMH heli skiing Revelstoke and Galena are reached through Kelowna in two or four hours respectively.
    • Most CMH heli skiing is in groups of ten or eleven guest per lift. Usually four groups share a Bell 212 helicopter. Canadian Mountain Holidays offers small group heliskiing at Adamants, Kootenay and on a limited basis at the Monashees.
    • They typical Canadian Mountain Holidays lodge is in a remote setting, often accessed by helicopter. Most CMH heli skiing lodges accommodate 44 guests at a time. Gothics is a notable exception with 30 guests per week, and skiing in just three groups of ten guests.
    • Two CMH heli skiing areas utilize hotels for lodging – CMH Kootenay and Revelstoke. In both cases, guests can take advantage of the amenities that the local town offers.   And both are good values.

CMH heli skiing is priced with a specified number of vertical feet included.

    • CMH HeliskiingSignature 7-day trips include 100,000 vertical feet, or 30,500 vertical meters. Signature 6-day trips include 86,000 vertical feet, or 26,150 vertical meters.
    • CMH Heliskiing Signature 5-day trips include 71,000 vertical feet, or 21,780 vertical meters.
    • CMH Heliskiing Signature 4-day trips include 57,000 vertical feet, or 17,500 vertical meters.
    • CMH Heliskiing Signature 3-day trips include 38,000 vertical feet, or 11,500 vertical meters.

Extra Vertical Charges at CMH Heli

Beyond the vertical included (above), extra vertical is charged at $130/1,000m (3,280 ft).

Small group and Steep package rates for extra vertical are $145/1,000m (3,280 ft).


Canadian Mountain Holidays has nearly fifty years of experience offering heliskiing in Canada. Many CMH heli skiing guests are loyal, returning year after year to a consistently satisfying familiarity and value.

There are many aspects to consider for your ideal trip. Some of the things to ask yourself, and to tell, will allow us to narrow down the dozens of destinations for your group.

  • Do you prefer an intimate heli-ski lodge or ‘the more the merrier?’
  • Do you want to heli-ski in a group of four or are you OK in a group as big as eleven, like Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing?
  • How many days or dollars can you spend heli skiing Canada?
  • Do you prefer heliskiing trees, bowls, glaciers and high alpine or all of the above?
  • Do you want unlimited vertical, or do you want a base amount with the option to pay for extra? (We are happy to do the math for you.)
  • Do you want to get to and from your heliski Canada lodge as quickly as possible, or do you have time to burn?
  • When do you want to schedule heliskiing Canada?
  • Do you want to try heliskiing Canada during or after a resort skiing vacation?
  • Where are you originating travel?
  • Do you want a remote, rustic lodge from which to heliski Canada?
  • Do you want catskiing or resort skiing options in case the helicopters cannot fly?

Canadian Mountain Holidays

Canadian Mountain Holidays offers more Canada for over 50 years!  Most CMH Heli Skiing lodges are remote. Some require a helicopter ride to access the lodge. Different lodges serve different terrain, snow qualities, group sizes and trip lengths. We are happy to recommend those that fit your group best.  Canadian Mountain Holidays offers more choices than any other operator, and they have been heli skiing the longest.

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing is the second largest operator, and has been heli skiing Canada almost as long as CMH.  There are two lodging options at Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing – Blue River and Albreda.  Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing offers different lodging and heli-ski Canada options that also vary throughout the season. can help you choose the best.

Boutique Helicopter Skiing Operators

There are dozens of smaller operators for your heliskiing Canada pleasure besides Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing and CMH Heli Skiing. Do you want a great, classic lodge like Skeena or Mica Heliski Canada? Do you want easy access so you spend your time heli skiing Canada like Northern Escape Heli Skiing?  Do you want unlimited vertical, like Great Canadian Heli Skiing and Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing? Love trees? Consider Bearpaw Heliskiing or one of the CMH areas that specialize in trees. If you want your own food and lodging, check out RK Heli Skiing. How about one group per helicopter at TLH Heli Skiing.

There are myriad choices.  Email or call 866-HELISKI so we can get started putting together the best fit for your heliskiing Canada trip!
We help you find the best CMH Heli Skiing trip for your group, free.

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