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CMH Bobbie Burns caters to expert heliskiers who want to ski fast and max out their vertical.  Bobbie Burns CMH Heli-Skiing sells out quickly.  Easy access from Calgary adds to the allure.  CMH Bobbie Burns Heli Skiing is one of a few CMH heli ski lodges offering just three groups.  CMH Bobbie Burns Heli-Skiing is fast, challenging, and suitable only for the physically fit,  experienced CMH heli-skiers and heli-boarders who enjoy a fast pace.

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CMH Bobbie Burns Heli-Skiing Terrain

Skiing the Selkirk and the Purcell mountains, both offer a great variety of terrain.  Bobbie Burns is typically offered to CMH Heli Ski repeat customers.   Helicopter skiing in 3 groups, so it is fast-paced.  The terrain is challenging, and includes high-alpine glacier heli-skiing and trees.

CMH Bobbie Burns Lodging and Dining Description

The Bobbie Burns CMH heli -skiing lodge offers single and double/twin rooms, all have private bathrooms.  Bobbie Burns is famous for BC heli-skiing, but the lodge is more than adequate.  The Bobbie Burns Heli Ski lodge has a great bar, dining room, climbing wall, exercise equipment, game room, massage, sauna and outdoor hot tub.  Wi-fi throughout, too.  Check out the Bobbie Burns CMH Heli Ski Lodge on the map.

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Additional CMH Bobbie Burns Heli-Skiing Information

Standard Packages Offered: 7 Day CMH Heli Skiing ONLY.
Price of Extra Vertical: $160 Can. / 1,000 meters or $50/ 1,000 feet  (US).
Guests per Lift: 11.
Lifts per Helicopter: 3.
Type of Helicopter: Bell 212.
Airport for Travel: Calgary.

What is Unique/Why Bobbie Burns CMH Heli-Skiing?

CMH Heli-Skiing is the oldest and largest Canadian heliskiing operator with 41 years of accumulated experience.  Operating 11 lodges in southeast British Columbia.  Offering a variety of trips and programs means great variety and lots of options.

Bobbie Burns CMH Heli-Skiing is fast, aggressive skiing in 3 groups.  CMH Heli Ski veterans preferred.  CMH Galena is another Canadian Mountain Holidays location with similar requirements.  See all of the , CMH Heli Ski Trips Here, Got Questions?  Ask Us!