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CMH Bobbie Burns Heliski Description – CMH Heliski

CMH Heliski Bobbie Burns caters to expert heliskiers who want to ski fast and max out their vertical.  Bobbie Burns CMH Heliski sells out quickly.  Easy access from Calgary adds to the allure.  CMH Bobbie Burns Heli Skiing is one of a few CMH heli ski lodges offering just three groups.  CMH Bobbie Burns Heli-Skiing is fast, challenging, and suitable only for the physically fit,  experienced CMH heli-skiers and heli-boarders who enjoy a fast pace.

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CMH Bobbie Burns Heli-Skiing Terrain

Skiing the Selkirk and the Purcell mountains, both offer a great variety of terrain.  Bobbie Burns is typically offered to CMH Heli Ski repeat customers.   Helicopter skiing in 3 groups, so it is fast-paced.  The terrain is challenging, and includes high-alpine glacier heli-skiing and trees.

CMH Bobbie Burns Lodging and Dining Description

The Bobbie Burns CMH heli -skiing lodge offers single and double/twin rooms, all have private bathrooms.  Bobbie Burns is famous for BC heli-skiing, but the lodge is more than adequate.  The Bobbie Burns Heli Ski lodge has a great bar, dining room, climbing wall, exercise equipment, game room, massage, sauna and outdoor hot tub.  Wi-fi throughout, too.  Check out the Bobbie Burns CMH Heli Ski Lodge on the map. Take a Virtual Tour of CMH Heli-Skiing Bobbie Burns Lodge.

Additional CMH Bobbie Burns Heli-Skiing Information

Standard Packages Offered: 7 Day CMH Heli Skiing ONLY. Price of Extra Vertical: $160 Can. / 1,000 meters or $50/ 1,000 feet  (US). Guests per Lift: 11. Lifts per Helicopter: 3. Type of Helicopter: Bell 212. Airport for Travel: Calgary.

What is Unique/Why Bobbie Burns CMH Heli-Skiing?

CMH Heli-Skiing is the oldest and largest Canadian heliskiing operator with 41 years of accumulated experience.  Operating 11 lodges in southeast British Columbia.  Offering a variety of trips and programs means great variety and lots of options. Bobbie Burns CMH Heli-Skiing is fast, aggressive skiing in 3 groups.  CMH Heli Ski veterans preferred.  CMH Galena is another Canadian Mountain Holidays location with similar requirements.  See all of the , CMH Heli Ski Trips Here, Got Questions?  Ask Us!

Explore the Heights of Adventure with CMH Bobbie Burns Heliskiing

Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, CMH Bobbie Burns Heliskiing beckons thrill-seekers to experience the pinnacle of heliskiing excellence. As a distinguished member of the renowned Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) family, Bobbie Burns Heliskiing promises an unparalleled adventure in the pristine backcountry, seamlessly blending adrenaline-pumping descents with awe-inspiring alpine vistas.

Discover CMH Heliskiing: Where Every Turn Unleashes the Extraordinary

CMH Heliskiing is synonymous with pushing the boundaries of winter excitement, and Bobbie Burns stands as a testament to this legacy. With access to vast expanses of untouched powder, seasoned skiers and snowboarders can revel in the freedom of carving their own path through the Canadian wilderness. The exhilarating rush of helicopter-assisted descents transforms each run into a memorable journey, showcasing the best that heliskiing has to offer.

Bobbie Burns Heli Skiing: A Symphony of Powder and Peaks

Bobbie Burns Heliskiing epitomizes the harmony between untamed terrain and the thrill of helicopter skiing. This exclusive destination is a haven for those seeking the extraordinary, where the towering peaks of the Rockies become the backdrop for an unforgettable heli-skiing adventure. Immerse yourself in the symphony of powder and peaks as you explore the meticulously chosen slopes that define Bobbie Burns’ reputation for excellence.

Unmatched Excellence: CMH Bobbie Burns Heliskiing

As part of the CMH legacy, Bobbie Burns Heliskiing is committed to delivering an unmatched heliskiing experience. Every aspect, from expertly guided descents to luxurious accommodations, is designed to exceed expectations. For those in pursuit of the ultimate winter adventure, Bobbie Burns stands as a beacon of excellence, offering a seamless blend of adrenaline and serenity in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

CMH Heliski and Bobbie Burns Heli Skiing: Elevate Your Winter Escape

Elevate your winter escape with CMH Heliski and embrace the pinnacle of adventure at Bobbie Burns Heliskiing. Whether you’re a seasoned heliskiing enthusiast or a first-time adventurer, this extraordinary destination invites you to soar to new heights and carve your own story in the powder-covered playground of the Canadian backcountry. In summary, CMH Bobbie Burns Heliskiing is where the thrill of CMH Heliskiing meets the exclusive allure of Bobbie Burns, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary. Book your heliskiing adventure now and embark on a journey where every turn unleashes the extraordinary in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.