Northern Escape Heli Skiing Canada

Northern Escape Heli Skiing operates in Skeena Mountains of Northern British Columbia, Canada.  It is easy to get to Northern Escape Heliskiing however, as the lodge is just twenty minutes from the Terrace airport – a direct flight from Vancouver, BC.  Northern Escape Heliskiing is known for lots of snow and a massive tenure, offering 3, 4, 5 and 7 full days of heliskiing and heliboarding.  A new unlimited vertical option offers the best of both. 

Mountain Lodge (Elite)

Skeena River Lodge (Private)

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Northern Escape Heliskiing Canada Location

In the Skeena Mountains range of Northwest British Columbia.   2 Hours flying time from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing Terrain Description

Over 7,000 sq. km of varied Terrain. Trees, high alpine, steep and cruisers.

Price of Extra Vertical: $46.00 per 1,000ft NEH also has a unique unlimited vertical option, including more vertical and a very generous credit if you do not make the minimum.
Guests per Lift: Six or Four.
Lifts per Helicopter: Three or Two.
Type of Helicopter: Koala, A-Star B2, and Bell 407.
Private Helicopter Skiing Canada Packages Offered: Exclusive Private Packages with 5 and 7 day options include unlimited skiing with flight time guarantee.
Down Days per Season: 3 Snow Cats for Back up.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing Snowcat Back-up

Northern Escape Heli Skiing guarantees that you’ll ski every day of your package with snowcat back-up.  Over the season Northern Escape Heli Skiing averages 6 days of heli and 1 day of snowcat per week.  That is how you get zero down days.

Northern Escape Heliskiing Terrain Description

Over 7,000 sq. km of varied terrain.  Trees, high alpine, steep and cruisers.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing Standard Packages Offered

Classic, Elite and Private packages offers 3, 4, 5 and 7 days. Prices vary and are dependant on the dates. Vertical guarantee is 43,000 ft for 3 days. 57,500 ft for 4 days, 72,000 ft for 5 days, and 100,000 ft for 7 days.

Northern Escape Helicopter Skiing Lodging and Dining Description

Mountain lodge style accommodation with single and double rooms and en suites off each room. 5 Star dining and culinary expertise of Red Seal Chefs.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing Resort and Cat Skiing Options

Northern Escape Heli-Skiing ensures that you’ll ski every day of your package with catskiing back-up.  Over the season, Northern Escape Heli Skiing averages 6 days of heli and 1 day of snowcat per week.   And that is when the helicopter can’t fly (and it’s dumping!)

Airport for Travel

Terrace Regional Airport. Transfers are provided for guests when arriving the evening of the first day.  The transfers take approximately 30 minutes from the airport to the lodge.

What is Unique About Northern Escape Heli Skiing / Why Us?

Easy access, snowcat backup, guaranteed vertical or unlimited option and LOTS of snow.   Makes traveling to Northern Escape Heli Skiing a breeze.  It’s only a 2 hour flight from Vancouver, then 30 minutes to the lodges.   Once you arrive in Terrace, BC it’s a short drive to the lodge.  Small boutique atmosphere where the staff is more like friends, the food is amazing and the skiing / boarding is the ultimate lifetime experience.

There are many aspects to consider for your ideal heli-skiing Canada trip.  Some of the things to ask yourself, and to tell, will allow us to narrow down the dozens of destinations for your heli-skiing in Canada.

Canadian Mountain Holidays or CMH Heli-Skiing offers more heli-skiing Canada locations for over 50 years!  Most CMH Heli-Skiing lodges are remote. Some require a helicopter ride to access the lodge. Different lodges serve different terrain, snow qualities, group sizes and trip lengths.  We are happy to recommend those that fit your group best. choices than any other operator, and they have been heli-skiing Canada longer than anyone.

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing is the second largest operator, and has been heli-skiing Canada almost as long as CMH Heli-Skiing.  There are two lodging options at Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing – Blue River and Albreda.  They offer different lodging and heli-ski Canada options that also vary throughout the season. can help you choose.

There are dozens of smaller operators for your heliskiing Canada pleasure.  Do you want a great, classic lodge like Skeena or Mica Heliski Canada?  Do you want easy access so you spend your time heli-skiing Canada like Northern Escape Heli-Skiing Canada? Do you want unlimited vertical, like Great Canadian Heli-Skiing and Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing Canada?  Love trees?  Consider Bearpaw Heliskiing or one of the CMH Heli-Skiing areas that specialize in trees.  If you want your own food and lodging, check out RK Heli-Skiing. How about one group per helicopter at TLH Heli-Skiing Canada?

There are myriad choices.  Email or call 866-HELISKI so we can get started putting together the best fit for your heliskiing Canada trip!

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