Snowwater Heli Skiing Gallery

Snowwater Heli Skiing, British Columbia, Canada

Snowwater Heli Skiing offers an intimate heliskiing experience in the Selkirk Mountains of BC, Canada.  Just 12 guests share the lodge, heliskiing in groups of 4.   And all Unlimited Vertical!

We had a great trip to Snowwater Heli Skiing!  Snowwater Heli Skiing does a great job of integrating catskiing backup when is snows, which happens a lot in the Kootenays.  Typically, guests rent a car and drive up from Spokane, Washington.  The drive is not bad, even when it’s dumping.  Read Over Interview: Snowwater Heli-Skiing

Snowwater Heli Skiing Gallery

Snowwater Heli Skiing Location

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

Snowwater Heli Skiing Terrain

Snowwater Heli-Skiing offers a wide variety of terrain gladed trees,  apline bowls, steep chutes and pillow lines.

Snowwater Heli Skiing Standard Packages Offered

3, 4 and 7 Day heliskiing packages, all with Unlimited Vertical.  The Kootenay Sampler Package includes all accommodation, 1 day of resort skiing, 2 days of cat skiing, and 2 or 3 days of heli skiing.

Snowwater Heli Skiing Lodging and Dining Description

Double Occupancy in all large and spacious rooms. A deluxe queen sized bed for each guest, private bathroom per room. With only 12 guests, our red seal chefs are able to get creative and provide 5 star dining for the duration of your trip.

Resort and Cat Skiing Options

Valhalla Powdercats is the sister company to Snowwater Heliskiing, and you can add on a day or two of cat skiing to any heli ski package.  Snowwater Heli-Skiing offers a Kootenay Sampler Package – combining resort skiing nearby – Red MountainWhitewater Ski Resort, with catskiing and heliskiing.

Snowwater Heli Skiing Private Packages Offered

The lodge accommodates 12 skiers at a time.  It’s a great lodge to book for you and 11 of your favorite ski buddies!  Your group will get the personal attention that you deserve when you book the whole lodge.  Feel free to join another groups, too.  This lodge likes to party.

Down Days per Season

Never any down days!!!  A back up snowcat to guarantee this. If the heli can’t fly, you go cat skiing until the weather breaks.  Snowwater Heli-Skiing has this down to a science.  Swiching back and forth between the heli and the cat is practically seamless.

Airport for Travel

Spokane, WA if you are coming from overseas or USA.  If in Canada, fly into Kelowna, BC or Cranbrook, BC, then it’s a  3-4 hour drive.  Shuttles can be arranged for larger groups.

Snowwater Heli Skiing Additional Information

Price of Extra Vertical:  Unlimited vertical..
Guests per Lift: 3 groups of 4, 1 guide per group of 4 guests.
Lifts per Helicopter: 3.
Type of Helicopter: B2 A-Star.

What is Unique/Why Snowwater Heli Skiing?

Back up snowcat will guarantee that you will never miss a day of skiing.  Small groups and unlimited vertical.  You will love the intimate and personal atmosphere that Snowwater Heli-Skiing provides.