Tweedsmuir Bella Coola Heliski Canada

Tweedsmuir Bella Coola Heliski Canada

Big Terrain, Small Groups, Easy Access.

Tweedsmuir Bella Coola Heliski Canada.


Bella Coola Heli-Skiing and Heliboarding in small groups in BC.  Amazing terrain and convenient travel set Bella Coola Heli-Skiing apart.  Each trip begins with a half-day afternoon, and ends with a half-day morning. This makes travel easy and is a great way to ease into the heli-skiing.  A maximum of 18 guests share a helicopter in groups of four or five.  The Tweedsmuir Lodge is set within the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, BC.  Bella Coola Heli-Skiing rates include air fare from Vancouver.

Bella Coola Heliski Canada has some great advantages. The trips are designed to so that guests heliski a half day on each end.  Guests arrive in Vancouver the night before the trip begins. In the morning, guests fly to Bella Coola (the flight is included in the price), go through safety training, eat lunch and go heliskiing!  On the final day, guests heliski Canada in the morning and fly back to Vancouver in the afternoon.

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Bella Coola Heli-Skiing Location

Bella Coola Valley is a short flight North of Vancouver, BC.  The Tweedsmuir Lodge is on the Eastern end of the Bella Coola Valley, offering the driest and lightest snow in the Coast Mountain Range of British Columbia.

Terrain Description

Bella Coola Heli-Skiing Canada is famous for high alpine terrain and long runs. Heli-skiing and heliboarding includes glaciers, bowls and steep coloirs. The terrain is a big part of what makes Bella Coola Heliski great. Some liken the mountains to the Alps, featuring extreme peaks and lots of steep. They offer a Steep Skiing Challenge, for expert heliskiers only.

Standard Packages Offered

3 to 7 day packages
All trips include bookends of two half days. BCHS will fly you up from Vancouver in the morning (your round trip flight is included in the price), feed you lunch, conduct your safety briefing, then take you heliskiing, right from the airport hangar.  On your departure day; heliski your way back to the airport, land next to the plane, then fly back to Vancouver in the early afternoon.

Bella Coola offers two other programs as well.   Bella Coola Heli-Skiing Big Mountain is no-frills heli-skiing and heli-boarding. The emphasis is on getting the most vertical, not après ski pampering. It is plenty nice, but Big Mountain is all about the heli-skiing and heliboarding.

Price of Extra Vertical:

$50/1000 vertical feet

Guests per Lift:


Lifts per Helicopter:


Type of Helicopter:

A Star B2

Lodging and Dining Description

Guests stay in chalets.  The lodge offers dining, guest office, game room and bar.  The spa building houses the hot tub, massage rooms and exercise equipment.

Resort and Cat Skiing BC Options

Cross Country skiing, fishing

Private Packages Offered

Private packages allow one group of 4 or 5 to have exclusive use of the A-Star; or two groups can share it for a semi-private.    The machine is billed by flight time, and the experience is customized to the group.

Down Days per Season:


Airport for Travel:

Pacific Coastal Airlines, South Terminal Vancouver Int. Airport. Fly to Bella Coola from Vancouver South Terminal. 1.25 hour flight. Heli skiing Canada your way to the lodge on the first-day weather permitting. (45 min drive from Bella Coola Airport to Lodge)

What is Unique in Bella Coola Heli-Skiing / Why Us?

2.5 million acres of amazing terrain (10,700 sq/km), Skiable area stretches from the scenic fjords of Bella Coola, all the way to stunning Mt Waddington, the highest peak in BC.

Bella Coola Heliski Canada Lodges

Bella Coola Heli-Skiing Pantheon is one of the best BC heliski lodges. Catering to week-long trips for up to eight guests. It is a one-of-a-kind BC heliski experience. Guests explore the far reaches of their massive tenure.

And all Bella Coola Heli-Skiing trips are small group only.  Four guests per A-Star allows for maximum flexibility, comfort and heli-skiing speed.  Check it out.

Big Mountain Bella Coola Heli-Skiing.  No frills, Big thrills.  Big Mountain offers great value for great heli-skiing.

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