Bella Coola Skiing Pantheon Heli Ranch

Of the five Bella Coola Heli Skiing areas, Pantheon is the Western Frontier of Bella Coola Skiing.  The lodge caters to small groups, usually 4 or 8.  The vast area includes dramatic unexplored peaks and first descent opportunities.  The ranch-style hospitality welcome the adventurous heliskier.

Bella Coola Heli Skiing Pantheon Location

In the central coast of British Columbia, located within striking distance of Mount Waddington, British Columbia’s highest peak (13,186 ft · 4,019 m), this remote location offers access to some of the richest wilderness grounds in the world.  Pantheon Heli Ranch is located on Bluff Lake near Tatla Lake in Cariboo Chilcotin Region of British Columbia, Canada. Undiscovered until 1925, the area is heavily glaciated, with thick forests and deep valleys guarding the mountain flanks. To this day the area is extremely wild and inaccessible unless you have a trusty helicopter that is!

A number of prominent Hollywood films including: “K2”, “Kundun” and “Seven Years in Tibet” were shot here because of the Himalayan scale of the slopes and escarpments. With huge unexplored peaks as far as the eye can see, and genuine home-style ranch hospitality, this is where dreams are made. With a maximum capacity of 9 guests per week, this is the perfect place to escape to with your closest group of friends. Guests fly as 1 private group of 9 guests + 2 guides in a Bell 212 and have the entire facility and mountain range all to themselves.


Bella Coola Heli Skiing Pantheon Terrain Description

“The Canadian Himalayas.”  The size and scope of these mountains is unrivaled in Canada.  Many films were shot here for that reason, including Seven Years in Tibet, K2 and Kundun.

Additional Information

Location: Near Anahim Lake, British Columbia, Canada (2 hours by car from Anahim Lake)

Standard Packages Offered: Private, up to 9 guests, 7 day packages (7 nights, 14 hours of heli time for 2 loads, max group size 8)

Price of Extra Vertical: $5,780 p/hour extra flying time

Guests per Lift: 9

Lifts per Helicopter: 1

Type of Helicopter: Bell 212

Lodging and Dining Description: A maximum of 9 guests share the ranch-style lodge in private or semi-private packages.

Resort and Cat Skiing Options: None

Private Packages Offered: Max 9 persons, 1 heli load

Down Days per Season: 15

Airport for Travel: Direct flight from Vancouver International Airport South Terminal to Anahim
Lake Airport

What is Unique/Why Bella Coola Heli Skiing Pantheon Ranch?

The Pantheons are the peak of the Coast Range of British Columbia.  Huge peaks and long runs are the standard.  For groups of 4  up to 9 that want a truly unique Canadian heli skiing experience.

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