HELISKIS – Helicopter Skis – Heli Skis – Review of Heliskiing Operators Heli Skis

HELI SKIS – Helicopter Skis – Heli Skis

Review of Heliskiing Operators’ Heli Skis

Heliskis are important for heliskiing.   But what Heli Skis to popular operators ski?

HELISKI.com asked some of our popular heliski operators what heli skis they use, how they choose heli skis, and what assortment of helicopter skis they have in their quiver.   Below are the heli skiing operators discussions of heli skis.

Tyax Lodge and Heli Skiing / TLH Heli Skis

Anne Haight of Tyax Lodge and Heli Skiing (TLH) wrote this about their heliskis:

Hi Tom,
In terms of powder skis, we offer a combination of Rossignol Super 7 and Soul 7, and new for this season, K2 Mindbender 108ti and 116c, all in various lengths.
I use the Rossi Soul 7 when I go.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing Heliskis

John Forrest, GM Northern Escape Heli Skiing replied about their heli skis:

Morning Tom,

We’re right I. The middle of guides training and everyone is pretty busy. I can help quickly though.
We always choose a variety of skis. Most companies have gone away from the completely up-side-down skis (reverse camber) and opted for what I call bent tip and tail skis (early rise). We’ve always felt our skis require camber for the average skier in our deep snow conditions so we seek out skis that still have a reasonable camber and minimal early rise.
I know that goes against all the Marketing from the ski companies that want to sell you skis, but after nearly 4 decades of Heli Skiing I’ve seen a lot of marketing selling gimmicks…😎 (some of you will remember sending skis in for warranty when you bent the tip cause it skied like shit…)
With our deep powder we also look for the Fatest skis we can find. You need/want the widest skis possible up here.
We chose the Blizzard Spur and the K2 Mindbender as a good selection for our guests. I really like the Spur personally.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing Heli skis

Martin Wehan of Skeena Heli Skiing added this about their heli skis:

 heli skis, northern escape heli skis
Why? Because it works and guests have fun. Great quality, we can keep the skis in our line up for 3 seasons no problem.

Tim Wilkinson, heliski industry veteran and also from Skeena Heliskiing offered this on their Kastle heli skis?:

Funny the timing of this Tom.

I’m about to share an IG Reel that includes an interview with Sascha Schmid, a Swiss freeskier (ex world cup, Freeride World Tour, tons of movies etc) who skis and works with Kästle, and heliskis with us every winter. In the interview we ask him about Kästle and Skeena, and here’s what he said:
Skeena Heliskiing: You work very closely with Kästle as an athlete and on product development. Why do you think Kästle skis are a good fit for Skeena?
Sascha Schmid: Because we are producing high-quality skis and that’s what Skeena has in terms of a high-quality heliski experience. That’s the main point, we have really good, high quality products for passionate skiers. Kästle is not the biggest company, that means we do not change every year the direction of marketing and the whole ski range.

Dave M, Ski Expert, Curated.com

For heli skis, I like rocker in both tip and tail, and ski width 110 plus.  I prefer very close to center mount on the ski, and a decent amount of rocker in the tail – a must have feature for my powder skis.  More side cut for added floatation and added width is expected.

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing Heli Skis

Ryan Bush gave us this funny summary from Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing about the MWHS stable of heli skis:
Short and fat is where it’s at! The days of 210 straight skis are long behind us. It’s a well-known story around Blue River that Mike Wiegele sat down in a bar with his good friend Rupert, from Atomic skis, and drew up the design of the first powder ski on a napkin. His concept and inspiration were taken from the snowboards of the day, later evolving into the Atomic Powder Plus, and the Atomic Powder Cruise. This still remains true to this day; a fat ski provides more floatation bringing the skier out of the snow making it easier for them to pivot the ski! Our most popular ski and what we refer to as a day saver, is the K2 Pon2oon. The Pon2oon is offered in 10cm increments from 159cm through to 189cm. This ski has been a part of K2’s fleet for years and MWHS guides have been working alongside the K2 R&D team in hopes of building the next best thing in years to come. A new addition to our fleet this season is the K2 Dispatch, 120 mm underfoot and this ski’s light weight construction will surely be a guest favorite this season!
Our long history with Atomic should not be understated, and in fact the majority of our fleet is made up of the Atomic Backland 117mm and 107mm waist.
Our Backlands are complete with custom Mike Wiegele top sheets to highlight the long-lasting relationship with the brand.
The other ski that has been in our fleet for years has been the Atomic Bent Chetler. This ski has seen many alterations since its conception some 12 -15 years ago but has been a staple ski at MWHS ever since.
I’ve attached our full list of skis but in the text above I’ve highlighted our favorites.
Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing Heli skis, Heli Skis
mike wiegele heli skis, wiegele heli skis
Mike Wiegele heli skis, heli skis mike wiegele helicopter skis
heli skis used by mike wiegele helicopter skiing in 2023, heli skis
Wiegele heli skis, mike wiegele heli skis mike wiegele helicopter skiing heli skis, heli skis wiegele Wiglie helicopter sks, wiegly heli skis

Ryan Bush

Bella Coola Heli Sports Heli Skis

Ben Duthie of Bella Coola Heli Sports offers the following on their heli skis:

For our heli skis, we have brought in a new line-up of Salomon, Armada, and Blizzards. All three of these brands represent the best of the best when it comes to performance skis and it is important to us that we offer a wide variety of lengths, widths, and stiffness options for our clients.
At 112 underfoot, the Salomon QST Blank is made for Bella Coola. It is an extremely light and playful powder ski, yet still incredibly stable at speed. It also guarantees the required floatation to get the most out of the deep conditions Bella Coola routinely offers.
The Armada ARV and JJ line-up has been a core offering for Bella Coola for many years and is a crowd favourite amongst our guides. With a poplar-ash core, these skis are incredibly responsive and offer tremendous pop in playful terrain. They offer tremendous floatation without compromising stability from tip to tail.
Heli Skis Bella Coola Heli Skiing, heli skis
For our snowboards, we have partnered exclusively with Burton Snowboards. Their length of tenure in the industry and unsurpassed commitment to quality made it a no-brainer for us. We have opted for a traditional twin in the Flight Attendant and a more surf-oriented directional powder board in the Fish 3D for our 2023 offering.
The Flight Attendant gives those riders who are more familiar with a traditional camber board the opportunity to experiment with a tight turning board that performs as well on hardpack as it does in powder. Riding in Bella Coola presents riders with a full bouquet of line selection choices as well as the opportunity to explore massive amounts of terrain. We wanted to choose a board that can handle it all. From deep powder slashes to moraines and wind lips, to mixed conditions in transition zones in the high alpine. This board does it all.
The Fish 3D is just fun! It builds on years of product design prototypes and the integration of the 3D nose makes it unbelievably responsive and playful in the deepest conditions. This board is an all-time favorite for many of our team members and our guests are quickly learning why. This increased width allows guests to ride a shorter board than they are used to which also increased maneuverability and playfulness right out of the helicopter.
Bella Coola Heli Skiing Heli skis, Heli skis

Heli Skis and Heli Snowboards at Silvertip Heli Skiing

Silvertip Heli Skiing did not comment, but sent us a list of the Heli skis they like.

Heli Skis

K2 Pon2oon 132
Shane McConkey arguably single-handedly changed the direction of the sport of skiing and ski design with his devil-may-care attitude and out-of-the-box thinking about what a ski can do. His legend lives on in the K2 Pon2oon, a full-on power powder ski that is designed to do one thing—rip deep snow on THE pow day of the year.
Available in 189, 179, 169, and 159cm

K2 Mindbender 116
The Mindbender is a powder ski built for those epic days everyone dreams of. A generous 116mm waist floats through powder and powers through chop. Featuring Spectral Braid technology, and Power Rocker profile, this surprisingly lightweight ski lets you take on the burliest of lines and the reality of getting to the stash and back again. A favorite amongst team riders like Max Hitzig and Taylor Pratt.
Available in 193, 186, 179, 172, 165cm

Dynastar M-FREE 108
This progressive freeride ski is an ode to freedom and a very lightweight toy for forays between the trees or fast-paced descents in the middle of beautiful virgin slopes. Its Hybrid Core technology combines Poplar, a natural and high-performance material offering an excellent balance of rigidity and responsiveness, with P.U. for suppleness and ideal dampening.
Available in 189, 180cm

Salomon QST 118
QST 118 is the widest ski in the range, with full twin rocker to help you float in the deepest powder. You can also charge with confidence with the C/FX layer, a unique reinforcement that delivers all the power of metal at a fraction of the weight.
Available in 192, 185, 181, 178, 174 and 171cm.

Salomon Rocker 122
A playful deep powder ski. The super-wide platform, TWIN Rocker profile and very lightweight tip and tail construction let you surf in deep powder.
Even the sidecut helps reduce tip and tail hang up especially in mixed snow.
Available in 192, 184, 180 and 172cm.

Salomon Rocker 108
Twin Rocker – Long, low rocker shape at the tip and tail enables more playful, easy pivoting in powder and excellent flotation. Retains long contact zone on edge with camber in the middle of the ski for stability in all-mountain skiing.
Available in 174 cm.

Salomon QST Stella 108
Go beyond the trails with QST STELLA 106. The Spaceframe has an inverted 3D Woodcore for power and floatation in varied snow conditions. And the C/FX reinforcement provides a smooth ride with minimal weight.
Available in 158 and 167 cm.

Heli Snowboards

Salomon Takaharu Nakai
Designed and built from start to finish by snowboard icons Wolfgang Nyvelt and Takaharu Nakai. This board brings a unique tapered directional profile featuring Powder Camber profile and tons of rocker on the nose making this masterpiece extremely nimble and smooth.
Available in 161cm

Salomon Wolle Nyvelt Fish
The HPS Wolle Nyvelt Fish is a celebration of Wolle’s profound expertise in shaping powder snowboards. Focused on craftsmanship using the finest materials, the tapered directional HPS Fish features Powder Camber and a precise torsional flex for a playful board with superior control, float, and maneuverability. Wolle’s crystal magnifying device.
Available in 161cm

Salomon Snowboard First Call
The First Call introduces a shaped powder board focused on the freestyle rider. Take it from wind lips to cat tracks, park to pow; the First Call offers a unique look at freestyle riding while bringing all the technical goods to the table.
Available in 151, 157 and 162 cm.

Salomon Snowboard Super 8
The Super 8 Snowboard is designed with Backseat Camber that puts the power and control under your back foot, whether you’re ripping pow or laying down turns on groomers. Featuring Rocket Science—a wider design for loose and wild maneuverability, this board has power, speed, control, and belongs in every quiver.
Available in 160 and 163cm.

Salomon Snowboard Pillow Talk
This tapered twin is tailored specifically for women featuring a wider design for maneuverability and floatation in deep snow. Powder focused shape providing 10-12mm of taper keeping you on top of fresh snow.
Available in 151 cm.

Salomon Snowboard SickStick
A Directional Twin with taper and Rock Out Camber for pop and float in any condition.
Available in 157, 161cm


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