Heli-Snowboarding vs. Heli-Skiing, Heliboarding / Helisnowboarding vs Heliskiing

Heli-Snowboarding vs. Heli-Skiing

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Helisnowboarding vs. Heliskiing

The great debate:  heli skiing or heli-snowboarding –  I do both, heli-boarding and heli-skiing, so I think I can be unbiased comparing and contrasting heliboarding and heliskiing.  So here are my advantages and disadvantages, helicopter skiing or heli snowboarding?  In order to help settle the debate (or perhaps ignite the fire, I’ll let you be the judge), here is a list of advantages and disadvantages to both heli-snowboarding and heli-skiing.

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Advantages to Heli-Skiing over Heli-Snowboarding

In a word: powder. Yes, it is the same for helisnowboarding and heliskiing, but it is the reason both are awesome.
Feel the rush of falling into deep powder, as you cut new tracks across the mountain. Skiers tend to sink, offering a unique experience that most helisnowboarders do not achieve.  Heliskiing deep powder can me losing your vision on the ‘down stroke.’

heli-skiing deep powder, heliskiing deep 

But it can happen on every other turn when heli-snowboarding….

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Stepping into your bindings is much easier than sitting down to strap on a snowboard, and having to stand back up.  No benches in the backcountry for heliboarders.
Skis are arguably easier to handle and maneuver in voluminous amounts of powder.  Stopping and starting is easier than snowboarding, and a pair of poles is a big advantage.  I know, helisnowboarders, you can carry poles, too.  Picking a safe place to stop out of any obvious avalanche danger, is most important. Heli-snowboarders must be able to get started again on your own, which is a bigger challenge.

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Advantages of Heli-Snowboarding / Heliboarding / Heli-Boarding vs. Helicopter Skiing

Powder (yes, again). The smooth, untracked snow surface offers the sensation of surfing that most heliskiers do not achieve.

Speed. Let’s face it, helisnowboarding is faster, especially on big wide-open terrain.

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If anything, the biggest challenge for heli-snowboarding may be finding a way to stop.  Speaking of stopping, be sure that you are up for the task of stopping when helisnowboarding.
Heli snowboarding can be the ultimate thrill for expert snowboarders.
When helisnowboarding you never cross your skies, catch an edge or lose a ski, issues to be handled when heliskiing. Those are huge advantages over heliskiing.
Helisnowboarding in variable conditions can be easier than heliskiing.  As the group descends, the snow can change consistency. A snowboard handles light and heavy snow better than skis.

Advantages to Both Helisnowboarding and Heli Skiing

Heli skiing and helisnowboarding both offer a chance to become one with the mountain.
You don’t have to stand in lift lines or ride chairlifts or snow machines….or hike!
Fresh powder doesn’t disappear by 9:30 – 10:00 AM when heli-skiing or heli-boarding, like it does at resorts.
The speed of the helicopter allows for many more runs and much more vertical than resort or backcountry skiing.
Accredited guides reduce the risks associated with backcountry or off piste skiing and riding.

And riding a chopper, moving in 3-day is very cool!

One more thing, apologies to Tom Petty, but neither are good to meet girls…..

Check out my interview with Ramp Snowboards and Skis about the best snowboards for helisnowboarding

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Heli-Skiing vs. Heli-Snowboarding: A Comprehensive Comparison

Are you torn between the thrill of heli-skiing and the excitement of heli-snowboarding? Let’s explore the key differences between these two adrenaline-packed winter activities.

Heli-Skiing: Carving Peaks with Precision

Heli-skiing is the classic choice for powder enthusiasts seeking the ultimate downhill experience. Imagine being whisked away by a helicopter to untouched mountain peaks, surrounded by vast expanses of pristine snow. Skiers can carve precise lines down the slopes, navigating challenging terrain with the precision and control that skiing offers. It’s an adventure perfectly tailored for those who relish the artistry of downhill skiing and the freedom to explore diverse landscapes.

Heli-Snowboarding: Riding the Powder Wave

On the flip side, heli-snowboarding offers a unique twist to the traditional downhill experience. Strap on your snowboard and get ready to ride the powder wave! Heli-snowboarding combines the exhilarating descent of heli-skiing with the style and flow of snowboarding. Picture yourself gliding down untouched slopes, making wide turns and jumps, all while enjoying the freedom of movement that a snowboard provides.

Key Distinctions: Heli-Skiing vs. Heli-Snowboarding

  1. Equipment: In heli-skiing, skiers use specialized ski equipment with two separate skis for each foot. On the other hand, heli-snowboarders ride a single snowboard, secured with bindings, allowing for a unique riding style.

  2. Technique: Heli-skiing emphasizes precise turns and control, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy the technical aspects of skiing. Heli-snowboarding, on the contrary, focuses on fluid movements, jumps, and carving, showcasing the more freestyle-oriented aspects of snowboarding.

  3. Experience: Both activities offer an unparalleled experience of riding down untouched powder in breathtaking mountain landscapes. The choice between heli-skiing and heli-snowboarding ultimately depends on individual preferences and the desired style of adventure.

Whether you’re searching for the thrill of heli-snowboarding, helisnowboarding, or heli snowboarding, our expert guides and pristine locations ensure an unforgettable winter experience. Book your adventure now and discover the perfect blend of excitement and freedom, whether you’re carving peaks with precision or riding the powder wave on a snowboard. Your ultimate winter adventure awaits!


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