Heli-Skiing mid-April, Bugaboos or Cariboos?

You can heliski Canada at CMH Bugaboos or CMH Cariboos through April!

I know, you think Alaska is the best heliskiing in April.   They are very different.  If you are only happy when your heart in in your throat – go to Alaska.

The classic heliskiing is still in Canada, and still going on in April.

Both are very good. Great varied terrain and late season skiing.
Both are $6400 Can. for a week, which is a great deal.  Space available for either April 16-23.
BTW, I just got back from a week at CMH Adamants on Sunday. It was epic!  More on that in another post.

Heliskiing Bugaboos Canadian Mountain Holidays
Bugaboo Lodge – Where Heli-Skiing was Invented!

Heli-skiing Bugaboos CMH

Bugaboos Heliskiing (CMH) – Backcountry Lodge – birthplace of heliskiing. Fly to lodge by helicopter. For CMH, relatively fast access from Calgary – 4 hours. You ski the day you arrive, but not the day you depart. You can still make 6PM flights out of Calgary, which is cool.

Heliskiing Bugaboos CMH, Canadian Mountain Holidays
Heliskiing Bugaboos Tracks

Fantastic iconic mountains in the Purcell Range, which are visible from the lodge. Great access to both glaciers and trees. Lodge/guides have the ability to cater to all levels of skiers. Use a 212 with 4 groups of 11 skiers. That time of year, chances are you will have fewer guests = more skiing. And, that week they offer a ski touring option, so you will have a maximum of 3 groups sharing the helicopter, and probably only 2!

Two groups sharing a Bell 212 means fast laps and tons of vertical.

Cariboos Heliskiing Lodge, CMH

Cariboos Heliskiing (CMH) – Cozy historic lodge, legendary heli-skiing. Skiing the Cariboos, offering great access to both glaciers and trees. Longer commute – 7 hours by coach (bus) from Calgary. Here you ski the last day of your trip, but not the first. Caters to all levels of skiers. Recommended for 7-day trips. Fly to lodge by helicopter. Consistently high levels of snowfall ensures the Cariboos enjoy prime heli-skiing conditions until very late in the season.  And, that week they offer a Steep Week, so you will have a maximum of 3 groups sharing the helicopter, and probably only 2!


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