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TJ, as he is known in the heli skiing world, or Tom Jackson, had a “real job” career in high tech over four decades.  An engineer with an MBA, he pioneered industries including online, portable computing, wireless, VR/immersive 3D, GPS and cannabis.  He is a serial entrepreneur,  having served as CEO of six high-tech startups, as well as a public Canadian company.   He has held senior marketing and sales positions at Intel, Fujitsu, the American Medical Association and CompuServe.  But in between real jobs, he ski bummed in Colorado and Utah.

TJ grew up water skiing, actually teaching it.  He could run a slalom course, trick ski and barefoot.  During school, he and his buddies drove cross country to ski Colorado on christmas and spring breaks.   Moving to Colorado in the 80’s, he skied and snowboarded every weekend from thanksgiving to memorial day.  And for 25 years made a pilgrimage to Alta.

An avid windsurfer, he moved to The Gorge in the 90’s when Intel asked him to start their wireless group in Portland, Oregon.  Now I’m playing a lot of bad golf, cycling and swimming.


How did TJ become CPO (Chief Powder Officer)?

On his first week-long heliskiing trip in the late 90’s, commenting on the converted gas station “lodge”on the road to Alaska; TJ said, “I don’t care that it’s a gas station, I’m here for the powder.  But….wouldn’t it be nice to know that before you came?…….wouldn’t it be nice to talk with someone who has been to these locations before choose one?  mMaking sure you are finding the best possible trip before you spend this kind of money?”

That was the genesis of heliski.com.  I built a web site, heli-review.com and hired an agent to deal with clients, (let’s call her Nina).  The business did well for a few years.  The, one Fall when sales were flagging, I tried contacting some of our promising prospects.  Many said ‘we booked with you!”, so I became suspicious.  I called my 800 number, and Nina answered with a new company name.   Since then I have handled client relationships.

I do it for fun, and sometimes make money.  But mostly to get free heli skiing!

I’ve skied with most of the operators we recommend.  And we represent them all.  And they all pay me, so I can be objective.  I’m passionate about powder, and want you to find the best possible trip for your group! 

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