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Heli Skiing Revelstoke Reviews

Heliski Revelstoke is the second in our series on the best heliskiing trips.  Best Revelstoke heli-skiing?  Heliski.com clients often ask us to put together the best short heli-skiing Revelstoke  trips.   This usually includes 3 or 4 days of heli skiing Revelstoke with minimal travel time and minimal risk.  For some, it is more about getting the best deal –  want the best heliskiing Revelstoke prices?.   Others want to combine heli-skiing Revelstoke and resort skiing.  We offer four options to heliski Revelstoke.   We will also put together the best Revelstoke heli-skiing trip for your group, free.

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Heliski Revelstoke

Here we discuss the best short heli skiing Revelstoke trips.  We visited all three Revelstoke heli-skiing operators last winter.    It is a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

In future posts, we will offer advice for the best heli skiing in Southeastern BC, the US and the best heliskiing combined with resort skiing and boarding.

Heli-skiing Revelstoke, Best Revelstoke Heli-skiing

CMH Revelstoke Heli-Skiing Iconic Big Apple

image: Topher Donahue/Canadian Mountain Holidays Heli Skiing Revelstoke 

Heli-Skiing Revelstoke:  Travel Time / Convenience

Revelstoke heliski options are not the most convenient heli skiing destination to reach, but it’s not bad.  It is best to fly to Kelowna, then drive or take a shuttle two hours.  Kelowna has better reliability than many remote BC airports, thanks to weather and more sophisticated radar.

Revelstoke Heli-Skiing Price

The good news is that there are three Revelstoke heli-skiing operators, and multiple packages from which to choose the best heliskiing heli skiing in Revelstoke.   Typically, the longer the trip to which clients are willing to commit, the better the rates.

Heliski Revelstoke Down Day Risk

The weather is about the same for all three.  Selkirk-Tangiers claims to have a slight advantage, claiming the best heli skiing geography and the longest tenured Revelstoke heli-skiing.

The Best Short Heliskiing Trips – Heli Skiing Revelstoke

It is possible to do a short heli skiing trip to the heart of BC helicopter skiing, aka the Epic Center of the Monashees – Revelstoke.   You can fly into Kelowna, which is just two hours by rental car or shuttle service.  Kelowna can be reached by direct flight from Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, as well as many other.  Check out the map of Revelstoke Heli-Skiing town.

Canadian airports, including Edmonton, Victoria, Kamloops, Prince George, Red Deer, Abbotsford, Cranbrook and Whitehorse.
International airport direct flights into Kelowna, BC include:  LA, Phoenix, Seattle, Las Vegas, Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.There are three Revelstoke Heli Ski options:  Eagle Pass Heli Skiing and Heliboarding (run by boarders), Selkirk-Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke (owned by the Revelstoke Mountain Resort), and CMH Revelstoke Heli-Skiing- one of two hotels out of their 12 heliski locations in Canada.

Eagle Pass Heliskiing and Heliboarding offers both all-inclusive and single-day Revelstoke heli-skiing small group heliskiing with unlimited vertical.  The new heliski lodge is very nice.  And it only holds 12 guests, so book early.  Eagle Pass Heli Skiing also has a day-heliskiing lodge 6 km out of town.  It books up way in advance, too!

Single Day Revelstoke Heli-Skiing

There are three options for single day Revelstoke Heli-Skiing:  Eagle Pass Day Program, – which books up fast, so reserve early.   Selkirk-Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke usually has openings during the season.   And CMH Revelstoke Heli-Skiing.   Be aware that CMH Revelstoke Heli-Skiing will only take singles within 7-10 days of the Revelstoke heliski date.

Eagle Pass Heli-skiing Revelstoke, Heliski Revelstoke Eagle Pass Heliskiing & Heliboarding is Small Groups Only

Selkirk-Tangiers Heliski Revelstoke Ranges:  The Selkirks and Adamants

Selkirk-Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke runs both large and small group heliskiing from a hotel just outside of Revelstoke.  Selkirk-Tangiers Heli Skiing can offer great deals because of the hotel lodging and large helicopters.  Helicopters in the parking lot is cool!   Selkirk Tangiers offers Revelstoke heli skiing in Single Day and Multi Day.   A small number of runs is included, but extra runs are relatively inexpensive.  1 and 2 day heli skiing with Selkirk Tangiers is heli only.  3 days and more are all-inclusive.

Heli-Skiing Revelstoke Selkirk-Tangiers, heliski Revelstoke


CMH Revelstoke Heli-Skiing

CMH Revelstoke Heli Skiing offers 4, 5 and 7-day large group heliskiing, mostly booked in advance.  We can sometimes get space within a week of the start date for a CMH trip that is not sold out or had a cancellation.  Lodging is a hotel in ‘downtown’ Revelstoke.  There are some cool amenities, including restaurants, night life and a lap pool.  CMH Heliski Revelstoke is in 4 groups of 11.

Mica Heli Skiing Revelstoke

Mica Heli-Skiing Revelstoke deserves honorable mention among the Revelstoke heli skiing options.  It takes a little longer to reach, and it is not cheap.   But Mica’s new lodge is almost always sold out, which should tell you something!  Three grouips share two helicopters, which is unique in the heli skiing world.  No single day Revelstoke heli skiing trips at Mica Heli Ski, however.

heli-skiing revelstoke , mica heliski revelstoke chopper and skier Mica Heliski Revelstoke, Best Heli-Skiing in Revelstoke Apres Ski View from Mica Heliski Revelstoke

View by Mica Heliski Revelstoke Guides.

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For Longer Trips and Full Reviews of Revelstoke Heli skiing options, click the operator ling below:

Interview Selkirk Tangiers Revelstoke Heli Skiing

Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke

Revelstoke Heli Skiing

Selkirk Tangiers Revelstoke Heli Skiing Interview

Interview by Tom Jackson, HELISKI.com

1. How long has Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke been flying out of Revelstoke, BC, and how many skiers and riders have had their best day ever with Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing and Heliboarding?

This is our 40th year of operation at Selkirk Tangiers Revelstoke Heli Skiing!

Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? We’ve got a huge client base from all over the world.

revelstoke heli skiing, selkirk tangiers heli skiing revelstoke

2. A few years ago you joined forces with Revelstoke Mountain Resort. How have things changed?

It has created lots of opportunities for us to create new packages and offerings for our guests (heliski out of Nelsen Lodge, Lift & Heli Combo incl. 3 days of heliskiing and 2 days at RMR…). We still offer our guests the same amazing heliskiing products we always have but with a lot more options.

3. Your 500,000-acre tenure includes the Monashees and the Selkirk Mountains. Compare and contrast the two, please.

A lot of the same goods! Both ranges run North-South through and around Revelstoke, BC. The Selkirk mountain range lies to the East of Revelstoke and the Monashee mountain range lies to the West of town. The bulk of our tenure is located in the Selkirk mountains so we tend to spend a lot of the time there, but we do like to check out the Monashee side of STHS as often as possible as well! They both include plenty of treeskiing, alpine bowls and glaciers for our guests to enjoy.

4. I get ‘Selkirk’ (the mountain range), but what the heck is Tangiers in Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke?

It’s Tangiers is the name of a zone river in our northern Selkirk terrain, named after the Tangiers river. It is where the company’s original founder and owner, Peter Schlunegger, took his first heliski guests to heliskiing with STHS 35 years ago!

5. What percentage of your clients do a single day heli skiing Revelstoke?

40-60%. Since we are ‘turning over’ guests daily rather than weekly, this allows us to accommodate many more people each week in our Day Heli programs than our multiday programs. However, we find that many single day clients end up adding at least a 2nd day to their experience and a lot will come back the following year for multiday packages!

6. Can you please summarize the three single day heli skiing Revelstoke packages?

Day Heli Experience – a great introduction to heliskiing including 3 runs

Day Heli Advanced – for skiers/boarders with previous heliski and/or extensive backcountry experience. Includes 3,000 vertical meters rather than the 3 runs incl. in the Experience package.

Private DayStar – our premiere day heliskiing experience. You and up to 3 friends in your own helicopter with your own guide experiencing all our terrain has to offer! Includes 5,000 vertical meters of skiing.

ALL these packages also include breakfast, lunch, and après-ski snack, ski/board rentals, ACMG certified ski guide, safety equipment and training. Extra runs/meters available for a fixed rate (based on weather, time and group consensus).

Small choppers are also an option from Selkirk-Tangiers

7. What is the most popular multi-day Revelstoke heli skiing package?

We see lots of guests booking our 3 Day Classic packages because it is a great fit for busy schedules. The 6 and 7 day Classic packages still tend to be very popular however, lots of people are still looking for that traditional week-long heliski experience!

8. Tell us about lodging for multi-day guests with Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing?

We are based out of the Coast Hillcrest Hotel, located 5-min from downtown Revelstoke. A beautiful rustic log themed hotel, there are plenty of amenities (spa, hot tubs, fantastic dining room, lounge, work out facility, STHS retail shop etc.) for our guests to enjoy.

Best Day Ever Groundhog Day

9. What other multi-day Revelstoke heli skiing packages are available?

We have Private AStar packages for groups of 4 or 8, flying from the Hillcrest Hotel, Nelsen Lodge or Bighorn Lodge (at the base of RMR).

New this season we have a special 3 day Women’s Retreat (Jan.7-10 and Mar.10-13) just for the ladies, a 3 day AStar Steep Camp (Mar.3-6 and Mar.17-20) for clients looking to explore some of our more aggressive terrain and get more vertical, and our new Lift and Heliski combo incl. transfers from Kelowna airport, 6 nights accommodation, 2 ski days at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, plus 3 heliski days with STHS.

10. What is the average vertical for a day at Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke?

Depends on a number of factors – what the weather is doing, time of year, what package the guests are booked for. Typically we will see a range of 1,500-3,000 vertical meters per day for our day packages and 3,000-5,000 for our mult-iday packages. However, if we have plenty of light, great weather and keen skiers/boarders, we can see groups skiing up to 8,000+vertical meters some days!!

Tree Skiing from Revelstoke

11. Tell us about your Selkirk Tangiers Revelstoke Heli Skiing Only packages.

These packages offer a little more flexibility for our guests. They can still ski with STHS but are free to arrange accommodations for elsewhere in Revelstoke. Available for certain 1, 2 and 3 day packages.

12. What are the options for Private Heli Skiing at Selkirk Tangiers Revelstoke?

Our private packages can be 1-7 days in length, with our 3,,4,5 and 7 day AStar packages including lodging at the Hillcrest hotel. Shorter private AStar packages can be arranged without accommodation for clients who already have somewhere to stay in Revelstoke.
Revelstoke Heli Skiing

13. If the weather grounds the helicopter, can guests go catskiing or make it to the Revelstoke Mountain Resort in time to get a full day?

Multi-day packages: if there is a down day during your multi-day package, guests have the option to go to the ski resort. The group’s guide will drive the group there/back and ski with them; lunch and lift ticket will be provided. If at the end of the package, guests haven’t reached their guaranteed heliski vertical for weather reasons, we will refund at a set rate for the unskied meters.

Day Heli packages: Guests will get a full refund plus have the opportunity to get a ride to the ski resort if their heli day is cancelled first thing in the morning. If they do go out and at the end of the package guests haven’t reached their guaranteed heliski vertical, we will refund at a set rate for the unskied meters/runs.

2 Edges or 4…

14. What percentage of Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing guests are heliboarding?

Hard to say, but it seems to be around 30-40%. It’s definitely not just for skiers, we’re happy taking skiers and boarders out and have a great fleet of rental powder skis & boards to choose from.

15. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke?

There’s a reason we’re still offering up heliskiing and boarding for our guests after being around for 40 years – we know what we’re doing and our guests love it, coming back winter after winter! Revelstoke is a world-renowned destination for heli skiing for good reason and we’ve done our best to provide just that for thousands of our guests from all over the world.

Thanks. I hope to get back up there to Revelstoke to make some turns with you soon!



Tom Jackson
CPO (Chief Powder Officer)

What is the Best Deal in Heliskiing? Heli Skiing Deals

Heli Skiing Deals

The Best Heliskiing Deals – Warning, these prices are OLD!  Call us.

Heliskiing pricing and offerings vary tremendously (that’s why HELISKI.com is here).   Early season and late season deals can be found for around $1K/day, some with unlimited vertical.

Here are a few of the best deals we have found for our clients recently.

Early Season

Next January, you can get some amazing heliskiing at even more amazing prices.   Consider these.

Selkirk-Tangiers Heliskiing offers $1000 per day and Unlimited Vertical!   STH operates out of The Hillcrest Hotel, just outside of Revelstoke.   And these weeks don’t usually sell out, so you may be sharing the chopper with only one other group.  One more thing, it DUMPS in Revelstoke.

selkirk tangiers heliskiing revelstoke





Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing
is usually sold out.  This small family-owned operator has been around for over twenty years.  They usually sell out to veteran heliskiers.  However, there are some early season deals to be had. cs 12




Last Frontier Heliskiing
has a 20th Anniversary New Year’s Package that includes 10 days for $10K.  (Even though it’s January,  you can expect to ski for than the 100K vertical feet included..)    They also have a deal for kids to ski 1/2 price.last frontier heliskiing







CMH Heli-Skiing has some gems in early season, for short trips at some of the best areas.

CMH Revelstoke – Lodging in a hotel in this cool, up and coming ski town has its advantages.canadian mountain holidays cmh revelstoke heliskiing







CMH Bugaboos – Where heliskiing began!   And one of the shorter CMH commutes makes it perfect for a short trip.cmh bugaboos lodge from the air

Jan. 2, 2015 – Jan. 6, 2015 – 4 days $4,825



TLH Heliskiing – at $1300/day, it is not an obvious deal.  But that is unlimited vertical, and only one group per helicopter!tlh heliskiing canada

Jan 9-16 or Jan 16-23 – 7 days  $9520



Late Season Heli Skiing Deals

CMH Bugaboos

Apr. 18-25  – 7 days   $7240


CMH Gothics – Newly remodeled lodge offers a single room for every guest and an easy commute.

Apr. 3 – Apr. 7  – 4 days  $4175


Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing

Any week in April,  6 days,  $7200


If you see something you like, give us a call or email.

If you don’t, let us know what you are looking for, and we will send the best options.





Don’t Book 2015 Heli-Skiing Until We Talk! Consider the “Epic Center” – Monashees Mountains.

I’m just back from a tour of the most famous heli-skiing mountain range, the Monashees.   Along with perfectly spaced trees and some great high alpine, the Monashees offer a steady snowfall that practically guarantees new snow every day.


And the Epic Center of the Monashees and some argue heliskiing in BC Canada, is Revelstoke, BC.   It’s home to


And if you want to warm up before you heliski, Revelstoke Mountain is great!  The longest vertical in North America and tons of terrain.  Rumor has it another lift is on the way soon.

Revelstoke Heli-skiing, Monashee Mountains,Revelstoke is the Epic Center of the Monashees Mountains

It’s getting easier to reach Revelstoke, the Epic Center of  Monashees heliskiing.  “Revi”, pronounced REV-e, is a 2-hour drive or shuttle ride from Kelowna.  Now there are direct

International flights into Kelowna, BC, including LA, Phoenix, Seattle, Las Vegas, Cancun, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta.


Within Canada:  Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria, Kamloops, Prince George, Red Deer, Abbotsford, Cranbrook, and Whitehorse.


All of these operators have great qualities.  I would be happy to help you with the nuances and my recommendations…free.

Give me a call or drop an email, and I will be happy to give you the best options based on your group.

Or call me at 866-HELISKI (866-435-4754)




Women’s Heliskiing 4-day Trip at CMH Revelstoke

Jane Carswell of CMH tells us, “I guess our women’s trip is a little bit unofficial, but we are putting together a group for women at Revelstoke for 4 days – March 24 – 28. Price is $3820. It is being hosted by our very own Ellen Slaughter who runs our Bodacious in the Bugaboos Women’s heli-hiking adventures. We’re hoping for a group of 10 women and they will ski together. The guide could be male or female. They will lunch with the rest of the CMH Revelstoke guests, and hang out with them in the evenings. Sort of a group within a group.” Email if you are interested.


revelstoke heliskiing canada, heli-skiing revelstoke


CMH Revelstoke
The best of both worlds. Great terrain, excellent operator, and the nightlife and resort of Revelstoke. In case of bad weather, ski the longest vertical of any resort in North America. Packages from a day to a week. Keep in mind that it is harder to get to than most. Check it out.

Revelstoke – where the snow is deep, terrain is big, varied, and ideal for all skier-levels. A little different from a remote setting, it is based out of the Regent Inn in Revelstoke. More post-skiing opportunities like swimming in the local 25 m pool, running trails, a movie theatre, coffee shops and restaurants, and a solid internet connection.

Access to both the Monashees and the Selkirks, Revelstoke is defined by deep snow, big, open alpine and glacier terrain, and tree skiing equal to the best of any other CMH area. Its great size and quick accessibility by vans and helicopters allow CMH Revelstoke to find good skiing even in inclement weather.

In 2008, the newly expanded Revelstoke Mountain Resort opened: this once small-town ski area is now a world-class mountain resort, boasting over 5,000 vertical feet of skiing and an historical annual snowfall of 40 – 60 feet (that’s 1200 – 1800 cm). CMH guests are guaranteed skiing, even on those rare days when the helicopter cannot fly.

CMH Revelstoke, by Topher Donahue
CMH Revelstoke Heli-Skiing

A few other reasons why CMH guests love Revelstoke:
• Out-the-door proximity to quaint mountain boutiques, coffee spots, and a variety of fine cuisine restaurants and night clubs
• Access to the neighboring health club.
• Complimentary admission to the new Revelstoke Aquatic Centre — one of B.C.’s finest, offering an indoor hot tub with a ‘lazy river’, a 25 metre lane pool, a waterslide, a sauna and steam room, and an over-the-pool climbing wall
• Business Center with Full business connection for those who require it: phone, fax, email and internet access with wireless throughout the hotel; cell phone/iPhone/Blackberry coverage; and great selection of other ‘down day’ activities (is that an oxymoron?? including Nordic (x-country) skiing; snowmobiling; and the nearby Halcyon Hot Springs.

Revelstoke, Big Apple, by Topher Donahue
The only way to bite the “Big Apple” near Revelstoke is Heliskiing with CMH Revelstoke

What’s New at Eagle Pass Heliskiing? Everything!

Eagle Pass Heliskiing is under new management. If you are unfamiliar, Eagle Pass Heli is a boutique heliskiing / heliboarding operator near Revelstoke. They ski in three groups of four. All rooms are singles. Nice experience.

Answer 4 quick questions and we will curate the best heli skiing options for your group!

Here is what’s new at Eagle Pass Heli.


The Eagle Pass Heliskiing Newsletter

Third Edge Heli Skiing Alaska breakfast

Welcome to the NEW Eagle Pass Heliskiing and Heliboarding Experience
Our guides have been out in the Monashees prepping landing zones and doing snow profiles. Our snow pack is shaping up for an epic year.  This is a very exciting time for Eagle Pass as we are getting out into the mountains, shredding some powder, and preparing for the season. This season welcomes NEW ownership, NEW snowboard guides, NEW lodge and NEW private ski and spa packages, unrivaled in the heliski industry.

WHAT’S NEW at Eagle Pass Heli Skiing?

Michael Wood of Calgary Alberta, Canada has partnered with the original founder of Eagle Pass, Andy Freeland. Andy and Michael met many years ago at CAT Powder catskiing in Revelstoke, BC. Eagle Pass is now the first heliski operation in Canada with a combined snowboarder and skier ownership team. Eagle Pass Heliskiing is 100% Canadian, employing local and first nation guides.  Michael is a passionate, enthusiastic heliboarder, and has spent many days riding in Canada, the United States, South America and Europe. In recognizing the world class product and untapped possibilities at EPH, Michael is super stoked to get involved. EPH will maintain itself as a true small group heliskiing provider. Eagle Pass Heli offers a product and atmosphere unrivaled in the industry. 

Eagle Pass Heli Skiing New Management Team

Our NEW executive management team includes Matt Pinto as Eagle Pass’s Director of Ski Operations and the very well known Scott Newsome as Eagle Pass’s Director of Snowboard Operations and Media. The team has plans to improve and expand existing heliskiing and heliboarding packages. Together, this group is comprised of more than 70 years of ski industry experience, 20 years of management experience and a few million vertical feet of powder.

New Guides at Eagle Pass Heli

NEW Guides Eagle Pass is pleased, and VERY excited to announce some new faces to our guiding team and Eagle Pass’s direction as a heliboarding friendly operator. Matt Pinto brings years of experience from across the heliski industry. Matt Pinto has guided for Eagle Pass in the past, and holds many years within the heliski industry. He has worked for Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing and has guided for a variety of other British Columbia based small-group helicopter skiing operations.Scott Newsome brings a lifetime of snowboarding and pro-rider experience. Scott Newsome grew up within a family that was heavily involved in the mechanized ski industry. In the early part of Scott’s career, he guided for his uncle’s snow-cat skiing operation right here in Revelstoke, BC. Scott is better known for his early endeavors as a sponsored snowboarder on the ‘pro’ circuit. Later, Scott was the first Canadian to get certification as a ski guide while doing so on a snowboard. Scott has worked with adventure film crews in Alaska and BC, and has guided with a small group heliskiing operation within the Columbia region.

NEW Eagle Pass Heli Skiing Lodge

This season at EPH we have made the move in facilities in order to give everyone the ability to have their own room. We are sure that guests will enjoy a sound nights rest for the following days filled with deep, powder skiing.Also new this season, is the addition of a lead stretch class, which will be scheduled before breakfast. This is a great opportunity for those who want to limber up prior to heliskiing. Katherine Weed and Kim Nichols, our massage therapists will take turns leading the morning sessions.Guests can look forward to having a fun wrap up night to sum up the exciting week. Our Friday night, end of the week party will be held in an authentic 1800’s “Saloon” located on the grounds of Three Valley Lake Chateau. Guests, guides and staff will celebrate the week’s memories of camaraderie and adventure in the mountains, spectacular scenery, entertaining carnage and of course DEEP POWDER.

NEW Staff at Eagle Pass Heli Skiing

Director of Lodge operations – 
New on the EPH team this year is Laura, our Director of Lodge operations. Laura will be catering to our guests needs at the lodge, ensuring that all are taken care of in our Eagle Pass brand of excellent and friendly service. Laura brings with her a wealth of industry experience and a youthful enthusiasm.Head Chef -EPH has been able to scoop up Neil Dias as our new head chef. An avid skier, Neil has worked his trade in a variety of high end ski resorts and heliskiing lodges. Aiming to please the palate and provide some panache, guests will be sure to enjoy his cuisine.

Availability Prime season packages are quite tight for availability; single seats and a few select group seats are still available. Please email or call for details on availability, dates and prices. 866-HELISKI

A Note from the Owners

As a young NEW company, Eagle Pass Heliskiing has undergone some changes over the first few years. Eagle Pass has always strove to improve both the product and level of service. Owners and guides take note of suggestions from previous guests. Eagle Pass is about you, our guests, having the best heliski or heliboard experience of a lifetime. Future developments include becoming Canada’s most friendly heliboarding brand offering world class snowboard guides, heliski packages from affordable to high end “Private” heliskiing, beginner heliskiing, steep camp as well as an easily accessible day skiing program, offered from Silverstar Resort as well as Revelstoke. Eagle Pass has recently developed an agreement for offering private and semi-private heliskiing out of Sparkling Hill Wellness Resort. This resort is one of only 4 European spas of this nature in the world. Keep an eye out for upcoming news early in the New year.

Best Wishes for the New Year!
~From the team at Eagle Pass Heliskiing~

Quote of the Day
Powder snow skiing is not fun. its life, fully lived, life lived in a blaze of reality. (Delores LaChapelle)