Cheap Heli Skiing Canada

Cheap Heli Skiing Canada

Affordable Heli Skiing

Cheap Heli Skiing Alaska

Cheap heli skiing, as you might guess, is relative.  It depends on what cheap heli skiing means to you.  Is cheap heli skiing the lowest price, aka affordable heli skiing, or the best value.

To find the cheapest heli skiing for your group, email TJ or call 866-HELISKI (435-4754)

Cheap Heli Skiing Canada – Lowest Price

The lowest price heli skiing is going to be a resort – based operator.  These heli skiing operators cater to first-timers.  The number of runs and the vertical feet are very low, compared with destination heli skiing operators.   These bucket-lister offerings require safety briefings every day.  The first run is usually very mellow, to make sure everyone can hang.  This is often combined with a long lunch, and quitting early.  Here are some of the cheapest heli skiing options in 2023 (as in lowest price).

OperatorPrice ($US)Runs$/RunExtra Runs
RK Heliski$7203$240$69
Whistler Heliskiing$1,1124$278$100
Eagle Pass DAY Program$1,4007$200$92
Silverton Mtn. Colorado, US$2831$283 
Phantom Heli (Whistler)$1,473Unlimited (8-12)$147$0

Cheap Heli Skiing Canada – Best Value

Calculating the cheapest heli skiing based on the amount of skiing, or value, is more challenging.

There are two pricing models in Canada:  Unlimited Vertical and Base Price Plus Extra Vertical.  So the more vertical you get, the less expensive the former and the more expensive the latter becomes.  And the price of extra vertical, and the vertical feet included also vary. 

Further, the relative value requires considering all of the other important factors in choosing a heli skiing operator and trip.   Those include location, terrain, snow quality and quantity, number of groups per helicopter, the size of the groups, lodging, food and amenities, travel, guides and safety.  Read our blog for more.

Here is an example of the analysis I did for a client who was trying to determine which pricing model fit them best: 

 BaseFeet IncludedExtra Vert / K080,00090,000100,000110,000120,000130,000
CMH Monashees$6,76271,438$47$6,762$7,164$7,634$8,104$8,574$9,044$9,514
Crescent Spur$6,18480,000$38$6,184$6,184$6,564$6,944$7,324$7,704$8,084
Northern Escape$7,50072,000$35$7,500$7,780$8,130$8,480$8,830$9,180$9,530
Northern Esc. Unlimited$8,819Unlimited$-  $8,819$8,819$8,819$8,819$8,819$8,819$8,819

I hope it’s obvious that the calculations can get complex.  But, I love doing it.  Let me know if I can help you choose your next heli skiing adventure.



Shots of some of the operators mentioned:

Phantom Heli Skiing

cheap heli skiing, phantom affordable heli skiing

Whistler Heli Skiing

cheap heli skiing whistler,  cheap heli skiing

Eagle Pass Heli Skiing

cheap heli skiing, RK HELISKIING

Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke

cheap heli skiing, selkirk tangiers cheap heli boarding revelstoke

whistler blackcomb heli skiing, heliskiing whistler

Whistler Heli Skiing Operator Interview. 15 Questions with Heli Skiing Whistler Blackcomb –

Whistler Heliskiing Interview with

Whistler Heliskiing is one of two operators offering Whistler Blackcomb heli skiing.  We recently visited with Whistler Heliskiing, the original Whistler helicopter skiing operator and heliskiing Whistler pioneer.  Enjoy!

1. Whistler Heliskiing has been completing bucket lists since 1983. You must lead the world in bucket list fulfillment. How often does a guest say “Best Day Ever?”

Every time we go Heliskiing Whistler guests are ecstatic and pumped from the day they had. Whether it be their first time or their 20th time we have the terrain and the snow to keep guests having “the best day ever!”

2. Whistler Heliskiing offers 3, 4 and 5 run packages. What do most clients choose?

We actually offer 3, 4 and 6 run packages. We recommend picking a package that suits your ability, pace of skiing and or your goals for the day. Most first timers start with a 3 or 4 run package depending on their ski experience especially in powder.

whistler blackcomb heli skiing, heliskiing whistler

3. Can guests buy extra runs? How much?

Yes we typically offer extra runs depending on the day (conditions, weather, timing).  $120-140 Can.

4. What is your average vertical per run?

  • 4 runs (approx. 6,000 – 10,000 vertical feet, or 1,800 – 3,500 vertical meters of skiing)
  • 6 runs (approx. 9,000 – 15,000 vertical feet. or 2,700 – 4,600 vertical meters of skiing).

whistler heliskiing, heliskiing whistler

5. Does Whistler Heliskiing recommend lodging for your guests?

Most guests are in the resort of Whistler for a couple of days skiing on Whistler Blackcomb or doing other activities as well as heli-skiing. That’s one of the best things about heliskiing Whistler is that there numerous options for places to stay in Whistler based on your budget, or other requirements. We typically recommend staying in Whistler the night before to check in and get ready for your Heli-day. We always make the final call on whether we can go heliskiing or have to cancel due to weather the morning of.

whistler blackcomb heli skiing, whistler heliskiing glacier

6. How many guests are in each lift when heliskiing Whistler?

It depends on the package you purchase. The 3 and 4 run packages are in the Bell 205 Helicopter which typically holds between 7-10 guests. The 6 run package is in the Bell 407 which holds up to a maximum of 5 guests.

7. How many lifts per helicopter?

Depending on the time of year and volume of guests we have up to 3 groups per helicopter.

whistler heliskiing, heliskiing whistler chopper

8. What happens if the weather does not cooperate?

If Whistler Heliskiing has to cancel due to poor weather we offer guests a FULL Refund and or the ability to move to the next available day or try to get them out on the next they want to go.

9. So you have a photographer / videographer?

Yes it is included in the 3 and 4 run packages. A photographer will work with each group to take some photos and a video of one run of each group.

whistler heliskiing heliboarding, heliskiing whistler

10. How many of your guests are heli-boarding?

I’d think 30-40% of our guests are heli-boarders.

11. Do you have powder snowboards for your guests?

Yes Whistler Heliskiing (WHS) has many great powder boards to rent. We highly recommend boarders use them as it makes the day so much easier and fun to really float on the fresh snow.

12. When does the Whistler Heliskiing season open?

Season dates for 2011-12 are Dec 3rd 2011- April 22nd 2011

whistler heliskiing, heliskiing whistler side by side

13. Can guests get a deal if they book multiple heliskiing Whistler days?

Yes we offer $100 off and free rentals for subsequent days within the season.

whistler heliskiing deep powder, heliskiing whistler

14. Do you offer heliskiing Whistler deals to groups?

Depending on the time of year and availability WHS does offer some incentive for groups of 10 or more people to pre-book Heli-skiing.

15. Anything else you would like to add about Whistler Heliskiing?

Just beyond the ski lifts of Whistler and Blackcomb, minutes from North America’s #1-ranked Ski Resort, awaits the ultimate high-alpine experience. Imagine carving through untracked powder, endless terrain and breath-taking scenery. With hundreds of ski runs, there is a tremendous variety of slopes to accommodate all levels of skiers and boarders from intermediate to expert. The skiing varies from wide-open glaciers to beautiful gladed tree runs. The heli-ski area is made up of several zones and is approximately 50 miles north/south by 30 miles east/west (80km by 50km). Your guide will select terrain within a zone according to snowfall, the weather, and your group’s ability.

whistler heliskiing, heliskiing whistler tracks

Thanks. See you in Whistler!



Tom Jackson
CPO (Chief Powder Officer)

Expert Advice – Knowledge is Powder

whistler heliskiing helicopter, heliskiing whistler

Escape from the Lift Lines!

New Lodge at Northern Escape Heliskiing

UPDATE:   Images of the New Lodge:

northern escape heliskiing lodge exterior, elite northern escape heliskiing helicopter

northern escape heliskiing lodge dinner, elite northern escape heliskiing helicopter northern escape heliskiing lodge fire, elite northern escape heliskiing helicopter northern escape heliskiing lodge fireplace, elite northern escape heliskiing helicopter northern escape heliskiing lodge chef, elite northern escape heliskiing helicopter northern escape heliskiing lodge living room, elite northern escape heliskiing helicopter Northern Escape Heliskiing Mountain Lodge exterior, Elite Package Northern Escape Heliskiing Mountain Lodge Hot Tub, Elite Package

For Immediate release May 8th, 2019

Northern Escape Heli Skiing
Terrace BC, Canada
Contact: John Forrest, General Manager,

Northern Escape Heli Skiing Announces $4.2 million investment in

New Remote Mountain Lodge


Northern Escape Heli Skiing, in its 16th year of operations, is please to announce the construction of its new remote lodge opening for the upcoming 2020 season. Construction began in the spring of 2018 and the completion date is scheduled for fall of 2019.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing offers a variety of exclusive packages to choose from, including the Classic, Elite and Private, with guest accommodation currently at both Yellow Cedar Lodge and Pioneer Lodge. The company has seen steady growth due in part to their immense terrain, huge alpine and incredible tree-skiing, as well as their renowned deep, reliable snowpack. Guests also very much appreciate their easy access, saving travel time and expense, as well as their industry leading snowcat backup, which will keep everyone skiing/riding in all but the most extreme weather.

With their $4.2 million investment, the new lodge will become home to the Elite Package, replacing Pioneer Lodge currently in use. The Elite package is a Semi Private package that can be booked individually or by groups. It offers the exclusivity of only two groups of 5 guests, each accompanied by a certified guide in a Bell 407 helicopter. With a maximum of 10 guests at the lodge, it is the perfect opportunity for groups or families to book the full lodge, providing a highly sought-after Private Lodge and Helicopter experience exclusively for their group.

The Northern Escape Lodge is situated on a remote 50-acre waterfront wilderness estate nestled deep in the Skeena mountains. The new lodge will offer 10 single rooms for its guests along with accommodations for an additional 12 staff. There are 3 helipads and a Helishack to service the helicopters as well as a Catshack and maintenance area for their fleet of snowcats.

northern escape heliskiing lodge east plan

With its towering windows overlooking Treston Lake, the lodge offers spectacular views into the surrounding snow-covered peaks and nearby skiing/riding terrain. The remoteness of the lodge is only enhanced by the fly in/out access with their guests departing and returning directly to/from the Terrace Airport via a 15-minute helicopter flight. While completely off-grid, the new lodge still provides all the amenities you would expect from a first-class wilderness resort including high speed internet for those who want to stay connected.

The new Lodge will also offer all weather access to the company’s Catskiing Backup area with the snowcats being able to depart directly from the lodge if the helicopters are unable to fly, thus ensuring their guests will be able to ski and ride every day of their vacation with Northern Escape. The Catskiing Backup is comprised of over 50 km’s of snow roads in an area of 29 square km’s and offers access to all weather tree skiing when its snowing too hard or the weather is too poor to fly a helicopter safely.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing has developed a reputation for deep powder, incredible terrain and friendly customer service. With the investment in their new lodge their guests will also be assured of a great lodging experience.

While the winter season is the primary focus at this time, with access for its guests by helicopter only, summer plans are under way as well. With the lodge’s location at the head of the Kalum River, guided fishing opportunities for both land based and heli assisted abound. Other activities being considered include Eco Tourism and Indigenous Tourism.

Summer access would include the option to fly in, with helicopters departing the Terrace Airport directly to the lodge in a 15 min flight along the lush Kalum valley. Road access along the Westside Kalum FSR is also proposed with plans to grade the FSR road more often making it a quick drive into Terrace and the various river boat launches.

“We’re looking for existing companies to work with in providing these summer activities. Fishing would be an ideal compliment to our winter activities. We don’t want to create more competition, we want to support the existing operators with the opportunity for high end accommodations and service for their clientele” say’s John Forrest, President. “I think it’s a great opportunity for local businesses to expand” adds John.

IDL Projects was awarded the contract as General Contractor. Construction of the lodge will be completed for Opening December 5th, 2019. For more information please contact Northern Escape Heli Skiing or check out their website at

silvertip heliskiing

Silvertip Heliskiing is First Class – Trip Review Silvertip Heliskiing

Silvertip Heliskiing is First Class – Trip Review

I had the good fortune to visit Silvertip Heliskiing in March 2019 with a couple of ski buddies.  I’m happy to report that it is First Class!

Silvertip sets the tone with the helicopter flight into the lodge from Williams Lake, BC ( a short flight from Vancouver.)   The former hunting and fishing lodge was upgraded by CMH when it was one of their operations.  Now Silver Tip reaps the benefits.   One of the guides, Rupert is a 20 year CMH veteran.  Seen here with my buddies Steve and Harry, famous for shreddin’ the gnar.

silvertip heliskiing
Silvertip Heliskiing Lodge Pickup on the Lake

The heliskiing terrain is awesome.   It includes great tree skiing, beautiful alpine runs and a memorable burnt forest with great visibility for high speed turns…..   And the variety of terrain in close proximity to the lodges is especially great.

silvertip helicopter skiing turns

Most notably, Silvertip skis in just two groups and offers unlimited vertical.   No waiting on the machine, and no shock at checkout – except for my bar tab…

silvertip heliskiing two groups

The hospitality is first class!  Everyone from the chef to the housekeeping staff is eager to please, and attentive but casual and friendly.  We happened to be there for Saint Patrick’s Day, which included crazy outfits, decorations and glacier ice for our cocktails from an ice cave we visited.

The food is great and the wine and scotch selections are respectable.  

We were joined by a fun loving group of ladies, Caroline, Julie & Len, aka Dutchies Do Ski.  Here is their Instagram Story / Video

The facilities include an outdoor hot tub, sauna, steam and massage room. 

silvertip heliskiing lodge hot tub

If you are interested, email or call me 866-HELISKI (435-4754)

Tell Carrie that you were referred by TJ at, and everyone in your group gets a free massage!



white wilderness heliskiing canada banner

New Luxury Heliski Operator – White Wilderness Heliskiing Canada

white wilderness heliskiing canada banner

White Wilderness Heliskiing Canada

Unlimited vertical.  Small groups.  Small helicopter.  Big experience.


White Wilderness Heliskiing asked us to invite our members to join them for the 2017 season.   Offering a first class experience, including unlimited vertical and truly all-inclusive (Wine and Massages Included!)

The mission of Swiss Nationals Marcel Schneider and Martin Jaeger, is to Swiss attention to detail, precision and efficiency with Canadian hospitality.   And we love their slogan – Just you, a flying Ferrari and three Friends.

They may be new, with a limited opening in 2016, but White Wilderness Heliskiing is familiar.   Located just 20 minutes from the Terrace airport, they share the convenience enjoyed by Northern Escape Heli-Skiing (not surprising, having purchased their tenure from John Forrest’s team).   The new Operations Manager is long-time guide from Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing Adam DeVita, with whom we have skied many times.  We know him to be professional, friendly, fun-loving and dedicated to a great skier experience.

If you want to explore some virgin territory and name some first runs, drop us an email with the dates that work and how many are in your group.  But don’t wait, they only options are March or mid January.   A week is $13,889 Can., $10,744 US, 10,529 CHF, 9,637 EUR.

3-Day $6,236 Can., 4-Day $8,314 and 7 -Day $13,889 taxes included.  4,000m daily vertical metre guarantee

Here are the weeks still available and the prices in Canadian $:

  • January 6 – 13 (12 spots)
  • January 16 – 20 (12 spots)
  • March 3 – 10 (4 spots)
  • March 10 – 17 (12 spots)
  • March 17 -24 (12 spots)
  • March 24 – 31 (12 spots)

White Wilderness Heliskiing has two main custom-built log buildings for guest amenities including spa, massage rooms, exercise room, boot room, retail shop, dining area and bar.   A sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi are just steps away from the cozy guest log chalets.  Each chalet is tastefully appointed, with two  beds, writing desk, private bathroom and a small wood-burning stove.  Check out their home at the Skeena Salmon Lodge.

White Wilderness Heliskiing is offering 3, 4 and 7 day packages, including:

  • Unlimited vertical
  • Accommodation, food and guiding service
  • Avalanche safety equipment & personal radio
  • Medical & evacuation insurance
  • Elan powder skis / snowboard
  • Wine with dinner service
  • Massage therapy
  • Wifi

White Wilderness also offers Private, Custom trips and combinations.

Check out the Elan / White Wilderness Heliskiing promotional video, including Glen Plake.

How’s the terrain?  1,500 square kilometers of  with glaciers, bowls, gladed terrain and good poor weather skiing as well.    The closest run (Super Like – 750m vertical descent) is just under 3 minutes from the lodge, the closest poor weather skiing area (Cabin Run – 650m vertical) is 5 minutes; and it’s a 9 minute flight to the highest glaciated alpine terrain with descents of up to 1,000m.

If you want to be one of the first to experience heliskiing luxury at White Wilderness , email now with the dates that work and how many are in your group.   Or Call 866-HELISKI  (866-435-4754)

I like this slow motion video of their ‘Ferrari’, the A-Star B2 nailing the landing.

Heliskiing from Downtown Vancouver!

Jan 05, 2012 08:24 am | Tom Jackson

Phantom Heli-skiing and Heli-boarding is one of the three operators heliskiing Whistler-Blackcomb.

Phantom Heli-Skiing just announced that you can Heli Ski from down town Vancouver B.C.!   They did their first recon trip last week, and the first run is 12 minutes from the harbour heli port.

If you live in Vancouver and want to go HeliSkiing but don’t want to fight the traffic to Whistler, there is now an option.

Or, you can heliski your way to Whistler.  Your bags will go by ground and meet you at your hotel!

powder mtn tree flight 12 Minutes to First Tracks Heliskiing from Downtown Vancouver! Or, Heliski your way to Whistler!

Fly In….from Vancouver!

Call if you want to learn more or book your trip!  866-HELISKI


Tom Jackson

CPO (Chief Powder Officer)



cant heilski, resort ski

How to Pick the Best Heliskiing – #9 Length of Trip

How to Pick the Best Heliskiing:  Trip Length

– Length of Your Heliski Trip –

Heliskiing packages are available for 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or more days.  Most ‘week’ trips are 7 nights with 6 full days of skiing.  Some will offer heli-skiing on the morning of departure.  Some can get up on the afternoon of the arrival day. Several companies now offer a full seven days.  It works for lodges / heliski operators with easier access.  So guests ski a full day on the last day, instead of using it as a change-over time and lengthy transfer to an airport. But those are the exception.

Resort-based operators cater to shorter trips, especially one-day trips.  More remote operators justify longer trips.  Some resort-based operations will call off the day in time to get out on the lift-served resort.  Small consolation, eh?

cant heilski, resort ski


Destination heliski lodges may require a travel day on each end.  But as mentioned in #4 Criteria, Travel, access is the key if you want to ski more and travel less.  Longer trips usually make the best use of time and money.  And they are the most fun!

Down days, unfortunately, do happen.  If the helicopter cannot fly, due to weather or mechanical issues, the heliskiing lodge barbummer is magnified if it is shorter trip.  On the  other hand, if you are not in great shape, a well-timed down day may be a welcome respite during a week long trip.


Catskiing backup is catskiing back for heliskiing canadaoffered by a handful of operators.It can save the day and is worth considering, especially for shorter trips.

Let us know if we can help put together the ideal trip for your group.


canada helicat heliski members

Series – How to Pick the Best Heliskiing – Heliski Safety and Guides

Heliski Safety and Guides

Canadian Heli Skiing Safety and Guides

The heliski industry is primarily self-governed. There are industry associations that develop and encourage standards for the heliskiing industry. In Canada it is HeliCat Canada Association. This trade association “promotes the continual improvement of the industry through research, education, advocacy and overseeing a trade accreditation program.”  HeliCat Canada sets strict standards for its members and ensures that they meet them through audits of their operating procedures. To date they have been very successful at self regulation and have a very good safety record.

HeliCat Canada Heliski Members:

canada helicat heliski members


Canada and US are the gold standard.  Hopefully, others will follow.  In other countries, exercise extreme caution.   Ask lots of questions.

Guide Qualifications

One of the critical points to consider is Guide Qualifications.  HeliCat Canada recognizes ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) and the IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guide’s Associations) of which the ACMG is the Canadian member.  John Forrest, GM and Lead Guide at Northern Escape Heliskiing, explains that ACMG requires many years of training and experience, “Most heli ski guides have spent a lifetime advancing their skills and the trade of guiding mechanized skiing. In heli skiing, specifically, the pace at which you move through what may be vast and differing terrain and snowpacks leads to a very challenging decision making matrix. This requires a vast amount of mountain experience to do well.  The more the better.”

HeliCat Canada also recently recognized the Canadian Ski Guide Association – CSGA.


On the first day of a heliskiing trip, clients receive detailed safety briefing and training.  Some include video and/or slides, as well as field training.  Among the most important topics are backcountry risks and how to ameliorate them.   This includes how to recognize and reduce avalanche threats.  Avalanche procedures are explained and practiced.  This includes training and practice with avalanche beacons.

Clients learn how to wear, operate and maintain avalanche beacons.   Guides will check to make sure all beacons are set to ‘send.’  In the event of an avalanche, everyone in the group turns their beacon from send to receive, which is extremely important.  Then the systematic search protocol is explained and practiced.  Guides bury a beacon and the group practices search and recovery in a controlled outdoor setting.   Most importantly, make sure the others in your group pay attention, as they will be the ones digging you out….

Many operators now provide or rent avalanche airbag systems.  In the event of an avalanche these devices significantly decrease the chances of being buried.

helicopter skiing pack, heli-skiing canada

Use of probes, shovels and radios is part of the training as well.   Typically all of these will be carried in the backpack of every client.  That is a good place for an extra pair of gloves, goggles, neck gator and maybe a thin vest.

Finally, guests learn how to act around and in the helicopter.  In addition, loading and unloading procedures are explained.  Listen to the do’s and don’ts for the safety and enjoyment over everyone.  Every guest needs to know the  location of emergency equipment and how to use it.

Guides begin their day with safety review and forecasts.  Heliski operators share data on snow conditions and stability.  Guides combine assimilate this information and detailed weather  and avalanche forecasts.   This information is used to formulate plans for the day, including what  aspects and slopes offer the  safest and best skiing, and which to avoid.  Throughout the day, guides continuously monitor snow conditions, including  digging pits to check for depth and stability of snow layers.   They may seem relaxed and casual, but the guides are constantly evaluating risks, and how to minimize them.

heli-skiing safety

United States

Many operators in the US belong to Heli-Ski US Association.  These members “work cooperatively to help establish the highest safety and operating standards in the helicopter skiing industry.”

Members of Heli-Ski US:

Alaska Snowboard Guides

Chugach Powder Guides

High Mountain Heli Skiing

Majestic Heli Ski

North Cascade Heli

Points North Heli-Adventures, Inc.

Ruby Mountain Heli-Skiing

Sun Valley Heli Skiing

Telluride Helitrax

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Valdez Heli Ski Guides

Wasatch Powderbird Guides



Series – How to Pick the Best Heliskiing #7 – Helicopters – Size Matters

How to Pick the Best Heliskiing #7 – Helicopters

There are several helicopters common in the heliskiing industry.  Most popular with the boutique operators is the A-Star.  It typically carries four guests across a bench-like seat in the back; the pilot and guide sit in front. Some get five guests in each lift.  It also comes in variety of models: A, B, B2, B3, BA and D.  Operators may run two, three or four groups of this size.  Most will run three small groups per helicopter.

AStar NE Heliskiing

The Bell 407 typically seats five in the rear; the pilot and guide are up front (With the exception of the last ride home – don’t be shy about asking!)

Bell 407 coming in for landing


RK Heliski Bell 204 helicopter


Bell 204 shuttles up to 7 guests to the powder at RK Heliski.

Bell 205 and 212 carry up to eleven guests, a guide and a pilot.  CMH, Wiegele and TLH primarily run Bell 212 helicopters, seating up to 11 guests.

tj HeliPanaorama cmh adamants

Here I am saying, “I brought 9 buddies.  Today, Bigger is Better at CMH!”


There are trade-offs.  Bigger helicopters have somewhat longer load and unload time.  But the biggest difference is skiing in lager groups.  Some terrain does not lend itself to 12-52 sets of tracks.   Operators with smaller helicopters, and thus smaller groups, have more flexibility in arranging groups, reaching terrain, etc.

The big advantage of the big helicopters is cost.   It is significantly less expensive to lift one group of 12 than three groups of 4.   Whether or not the savings are passed on to the guests in the form of lower prices depends on the operator….

Northern Escape Heli Skiing uniquely offers the Koala helicopter, seating 6 guests, and running three groups per helicopter.

NEH Lodge and chopper 500

The number of groups served is also a very important consideration.   TLH offers just one group of 10 per Bell 212, which rocks.

Private packages are offered by most operators, with just one group having exclusive use of the machine.   With 7 or more in a group, a private may be the best deal. is happy to help find the best arrangement for your group.

Tell us how many in your group, and we will give you the best options.

heli-skiing Canada la nina, deep heliskiing powder

Global Warming Takes the Season Off!

The earth’s climate is changing at an alarming rate, causing long-term shifts in our weather and seasons. Unfortunately, many winter sports enthusiasts are bearing the brunt of these changes, as ski seasons are getting shorter and snowfall is becoming less reliable. But there’s a silver lining to that cloud – heliskiing BC Canada. Read on to find out more about why global warming is affecting ski seasons and why heliskiing is the perfect solution.

The strongest La Nina since 1955.
No need to panic, as long as you will be putting on your snorkel the next time this happens – 2065

heli-skiing Canada la nina, deep heliskiing powder










The reason for the decline in snowfall is a direct result of global warming and climate change. The rising temperature is leading to a decrease in snowfall, and what snow there is, is melting earlier each season. This affects the ski resorts negatively, as the snow coverage becomes thinner and they struggle to maintain the snow base. Ski resorts around the world have experienced this and have had to resort to artificial snowmaking to remain open. But even then, they are often forced to close much earlier than before.

However, heliskiing BC Canada remains unscathed by global warming. As the mountains in Canada’s British Columbia region are colder due to their high altitude, there is more snowfall, making it one of the few places where you’re still guaranteed the powder. The high altitude and lower temperatures ensure that the snow stays fresh for longer periods and that the ski season is longer, typically running till late April.

In addition to the reliability of the snow, heliskiing offers a unique and exciting way to experience powder skiing. Heliskiing enables you to access parts of the mountain that would otherwise be inaccessible. The vast terrain, untouched snow, and no crowds make the heliskiing experience one you’ll never forget. Heliskiing BC Canada is also perfect for people looking for more challenges than a typical ski resort can offer. You’ll be skiing on a variety of surfaces, including powder, ice, and crust, which requires absolute focus and skill.

Moreover, heliskiing is the perfect pandemic activity. With social distancing measures being strictly practised, the safety of guests and staff is the number one priority of any heliskiing experience. Plus, heliskiing offers the ability to control who is on the run with you, which eliminates any interactions with strangers that may put people at risk of getting infected.

Conclusion: In conclusion, heliskiing BC Canada is an excellent solution for those looking for a ski experience that is unaffected by global warming. With colder temperatures, reliable snowfall and a unique skiing experience, heliskiing is perfect for those looking for adventure and challenges. Additionally, during a pandemic, it offers a safe and controlled environment, with the added benefit of social distancing. Come to heliskiing BC Canada, and experience the rush and beauty of untouched, fresh powder in the middle of winter in the Rockies.