How to Pick the Best Heliskiing – #9 Length of Trip

How to Pick the Best Heliskiing:  Trip Length

– Length of Your Heliski Trip –

Heliskiing packages are available for 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or more days.  Most ‘week’ trips are 7 nights with 6 full days of skiing.  Some will offer heli-skiing on the morning of departure.  Some can get up on the afternoon of the arrival day. Several companies now offer a full seven days.  It works for lodges / heliski operators with easier access.  So guests ski a full day on the last day, instead of using it as a change-over time and lengthy transfer to an airport. But those are the exception.

Resort-based operators cater to shorter trips, especially one-day trips.  More remote operators justify longer trips.  Some resort-based operations will call off the day in time to get out on the lift-served resort.  Small consolation, eh?

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Destination heliski lodges may require a travel day on each end.  But as mentioned in #4 Criteria, Travel, access is the key if you want to ski more and travel less.  Longer trips usually make the best use of time and money.  And they are the most fun!

Down days, unfortunately, do happen.  If the helicopter cannot fly, due to weather or mechanical issues, the heliskiing lodge barbummer is magnified if it is shorter trip.  On the  other hand, if you are not in great shape, a well-timed down day may be a welcome respite during a week long trip.


Catskiing backup is catskiing back for heliskiing canadaoffered by a handful of operators.It can save the day and is worth considering, especially for shorter trips.

Let us know if we can help put together the ideal trip for your group.



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