How early can you Heliski in Canada?

How early can you Heliski in Canada?

We are working with a couple who want to go helicopter skiing in early December. Most heliski operators start the season after Christmas or New Years. (In fact some have great deals on heli skiing around New Years and early January.

As it turns out, we found some great options with both Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing and Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH). 3, 4 and 7 day heliskiing trips are available starting the last week of November!

The resort-based heli-skiing operators start around mid December. These include Helitrax Heliskiing Telluride, Whistler Heliskiing and Wasatch Powderbird Guides heli-skiing in Snowbird, UT (say that three times fast).

Resort + heliski options are available early season from Great Canadian Heliskiing, Snowwater Heli Skiing, Eagle Pass Heli-Skiing to name a few.  Snowwater and Great Canadian also offer catskiing combined with heliskiing.

So, it’s never too early to heliski!