Interview with Robson Helimagic: One of the best Kept Secrets in the Industry




Interview by Tom Jackson,

We recently had a chance to catch up with Christine (Chris) Dolbec of Robson HeliMagic, a little-known heliskiing operator in eastern British Columbia, Canada. Here is what she had to say.


1. Chris, isn’t Heli-Magic redundant?

Valid point!


2. Robson HeliMagic is in the neighborhood of some very famous heliskiing (Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, Crescent Spur Heli-SkiingCanadian Mountain HolidaysCMH Valemount, CMH Cariboos and CMH McBride.

How did you get such prime real estate?


We do keep pretty famous company out here! We are certainly not as “famous” however we have been one of the best kept secrets in the heli world, until now! [We at are flattered]

We have been heli adventuring for over 20 years, there is no shortage of stellar terrain where we are, everything is prime.


3. What are the details of a single-day heliskiing or heliboarding package?


This year we introduced a new way of skiing. We no longer count vertical, guests can ski as much or as little as they want with their 2 ACMG certified guides and private Bell 407 or Bell 205. [Schwing!] Ski a day, or a package. Your choice.


4. OK, how much for a single day?


1-day, up to 4 passengers, Bell 407. Two guides, lunch, avi bags and all safety gear $3914 Can., plus tax. Includes 1 hr of flight

[This is a screamin’ deal compared to most single-day rates, assuming you have a group of 4]


5. How about the multi-day packages?


We will custom create a package for you. Traditionally we offer 3, 5, and 7-day packages. Enjoy an all-inclusive, or ski a la carte. We are without a doubt the most affordable heli adventure company out there. Guaranteed.


6. OK, how much for a 3-day package?


3-day all-inclusive, Private Bell 407

4 guests $17,680

1.5 hours of flight time per day

[Plenty. Notice it is about the same as 3X the single day rate, but 50% more flight time.]


7. What if there are only two of us?


2 guests $16,490 Can., 1.5 hours of flight time per day


heliski bc, heli-skiing

Your Own Ship….That IS HeliMagic

8. What are the lodging options?


For guests who like to be a bit more central the Best Western [oxymoron?] Inn and Suites is the way to go. For folks wanting a bit more privacy, room to stretch out, then our 4 bedroom ski chalet is for you. Vaulted ceilings, stone fireplace, hot tub, full kitchen and BBQ this is the perfect place to chill out. Concierge service is available for groceries, beverages, housekeeping etc.

Too tired to cook? No worries our chef is standing by. For those very rare days where the weather is an issue, snowmobiling, dog sledding, cat and resort skiing are all a short drive from Valemount.

heli ski canada, heliskiing
This Ain’t the Best Western


9. Skiing in only two groups is great, and rare. What’s your philosophy?


Actually skiing with two groups is even rare for us. At Robson HeliMagic weusually ski in one group. [Epic!] We believe it should always be about the skiing or boarding. We never want our guests to feel rushed and uncomfortable in large groups of people. It is important to me that the smile on their face when I see them at the end of the day is only surpassed by that feeling on the inside….when you have had a moment to just be, and to really take in your surroundings and exhale. No pressure.

heli-ski canada, robson helimagic bc canada heliskiing
Just Say No to Sharing a Chopper!


10. You offer large groups in a 205, and small groups in a 407. Do you keep both on hand?


Yep, we do! And remember, we never mix and match unless you tell us too. So it is just you and your family and friends in the machine! When we say private, we mean it. [For me, that’s a 407 with room to spare]


11. What percentage of your clients are heli-boarding?


We have a pretty good blend of shredders and skiers. The terrain works well for both actually.


12. Robson HeliMagic (RHM) is a member of HeliCat Canada. Why is this important to potential clients?


HC has the highest industry standards. It is important to us that we meet and excel these guidelines .

heli ski canada, helicopter skiing canada
No Hiking…..All Hail the Magic Ship!


13. You also offer summer-time heli hiking tours and adventures. Tell us about that.


RHM is definitely an all around heli adventure company. We are the only heli company with landing privileges at Berg Lake. Mt. Robson is a world UNESCO heritage site, RHM is honored to be able to fly people up to the amazing high country where they can explore endless hiking, glaciers, waterfalls galore and great camping. Perfect trip for individuals, families. Fly in, hike out!

[I’d rather have all my teeth pulled, but Dad used to say “To each his own”]

heli skiing canada, heliskiing


Question 14: Where the hell is our CHOPPER?!?!


heliclopter skiing canada, heli ski canada
OK, Chris, I’m convinced! Summer rocks on Robson.


15. Is there anything else you would like to say about Robson HeliMagic heli-skiing and heli-boarding?


I love this company. Valemount, is an amazing place to live, the mountains are my home. One of our guests summed it up beautifully last winter. “You guys showed us the best, warmest little adventure I’ve had in years. Thoroughly enjoyed place, people and experience”


Thanks, Chris!


Tom Jackson
CPO (Chief Powder Officer)

heliski canada, helicopter skiing canada heli ski canada, heli-skiing canada heli-ski, heli-skiing bc canada

Knowledge is Powder!


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