Crescent Spur Heli Skiing

What is the best place to helicopter ski in British Columbia?  Many say Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing.  Why?  Great heli ski terrain and snow.   It is a good heli ski value.    And to heli ski with Crescent Spur is to become one of the family.   Crescent Spur Heli Skiing offers 5 and 6 day trips accessing the Rockies and Cariboos in central East British Columbia. Excellent and varied terrain, atmosphere, lodge, staff, snow and overall experience.  Relatively easy and reasonably priced travel.  And a very good value, too. It’s unique, in that they ski in big machines, but only two groups.  So it’s fast and economical.  The lodge is nice and holds 20 guests. has been there many times!  And check out our Interview with Crescent Spur Heli Skiing

Crescent Spur Heli Skiing Gallery

Crescent Spur Heliskiing Canada Location

Crescent Spur is located in the Rocky Mountain trench between the Northern Cariboos and Rocky Mountains.   Approximately 1.5 hours from Prince George, BC airport.  Their tenure encompasses large sections of both the Rockies and Cariboos.  So the guides have many options, allowing them to select the best snow, exposure, terrain and weather on any day and throughout the day and the season.  Trees, high alpine and steeps are all in abundance.  Crescent Spur is one of the Northern most heli ski operations in Eastern British Columbia, offering dry light snow and practically no down days.

Crescent Spur Heli Skiing Terrain

Crescent Spur is some of the best heliskiing Canada has to offer – immense open bowls, spectacular glaciers, and gladed tree skiing. Runs vary in length from 1500 to 4000 vertical feet. Over 1500 square miles, in two mountain ranges, with over 300 runs, with new ones being added each year! 

Crescent Spur Heli Skiing Standard Packages Offered

5 day/6 night and 6 day/7 night Semi-Private Packages. Small groups or individuals book into Semi-Private package. Maximum of 20 skiers, heli-skiing in two groups of ten. Each group skis with 2 guides, giving a ratio of 5 guests per guide.5 Day/ 6 Night packages include 80,000 vertical feet 6 Day/7 Night packages include 100,000 vertical feet. All packages include meals, use of specialized powders skis and poles, unlimited satellite internet, and airport transfers to and from Prince George. Accommodation is based on double occupancy. 5 Day/6 Night packages begin Sunday night with dinner. 6 day packages begin one day earlier with Saturday dinner. Both packages finish the following Saturday morning after breakfast.

Crescent Spur Heli Skiing Lodging and Dining Description

The lodge is cozy and casual. It has the feel of home.  Most get a private room with en suite bath. With only 20 guests, the groups quickly make friends. The lodge is in the valley between the Cariboos and the Rockies, allowing for lots of variety and flexibility. This intimate atmosphere is a welcome contrast to many British Columbia heli ski veterans. And for many, it is the only place they will heli ski or heliboard. The staff and guides treat their guests like family.  

Down Days per Season

Crescent Spur averages only 2 days per season where they cannot ski!  On these days, they  can go into the nearest town (McBride – 35 miles) for curling, or guests may decide to stay in the lodge and relax, play pool, air hockey, ping pong, or enjoy a movie. Other lodge amenities include an open air hot tub, sauna, Satellite TV, Wireless Internet throughout the lodge, and massage therapist on staff.

Airport for Travel

Guests fly to the Prince George Airport (YXS) via Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Guests are picked up in Prince George and transferred to the lodge – it’s about a 1.5 to 2-hour drive.  And “PG” is served by multiple airlines, with many flights per day, and has advanced radar – so the can usually land…..

Additional Information

Groups per Helicopter:  Guests heliski in 2 groups 10 (2 lifts per helicopter). Private packages allow a group of up to 10  exclusive use of the helicopter.
Guests per Group:  10 guests per lift, each with 2 guides. A maximum of 20 guests.
Type of Helicopter:  Bell 212
Resort and Cat Skiing Options:  Not really.
Private Packages Offered:  Up to 10 guests for  5 Day/6 Night packages or 6 Day/7 Night packages.
Down Days:  2 per Season
Extra Vertical:  $50/100 ft. Canadian

What is Unique/Why Us?

The experience at Crescent Spur is one that is “Way Beyond Skiing”. Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing owners and operators, Mark and Regina Aubrey have been founded the operation in 1992. Their success revolves around a lot of hard work, but also an amazing ski tenure that covers 1500 square miles and reaches into two mountain ranges – the famous Rocky and Cariboo Mountains. Only a 1-hour flight from Vancouver to the Prince George Airport, followed by a 1.5-hour coach ride to the lodge. Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing is one of the most accessible heli-ski British Columbia operations. Their program is a favorite with heli-skiers as it is limited to only 20 skiers per week, two groups of ten with two guides per group. With as many staff as skiers, the level of service is hard to match – their 70% return rate proves their efforts do not go unnoticed!

In the big group vs. small group heliskiing debate, Crescent Spur is an anomaly. The skiing is in big groups, shuttled by their modified Bell 205 helicopter. But they heliski in just two groups. This makes for fast turns and practically no waiting.