Mammut Heli-Skiing Gear for the most extreme Gipfelgrat

1. So what’s the story with your wooly mammoth logo?


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In 1943, The Mammut brand is introduced to sell Mammut ropes. The Mammut was

chosen to symbolize power and strength.


2. Which heli operators use Mammut heli-skiing gear?

Chugach Powder Guides
Valdez Heli Ski Guides
Tordrillo Mountain Lodge
Canadian Mountain Holidays
Bella Coola HeliSkiing


3. What gear do they use?

A mix. It’s ranges from Apparel, Beacons, Airbags.


4. Who gets to do your field testing?

Mammut Proteam Athletes (Swiss based)

5. You have a very cool site , but with

product names like Gipfelgrat, Nordpfeiler, Nordwand and Gasherbrum, I found myself

looking for the “English” version of the site…..can you translate for an ugly American?



Generally many of the names are Swiss/ German names that have English

translations – Nordpfeiler (North Buttress) and Nordwand- Is the north wall of the Eiger. Also

known as the Eiger Nordwand (does that sound anything similar to a product category J.

Check out Eiger

Gipfelgrat- translates from gipfel grat (two words) to summit ridge. We also

commonly use European Peaks or famous places- Gasherbrum–mountain range in the


But then you’ll also have names like the Steph Top named for the US climber Steph

6.So what has the company been making for 150 years?

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On their site, dude throws in 3D

Ropes. Kaspar Tanner starts making ropes in 1862.



7. What’s the best heliskiing jacket Mammut makes?
(Love the 3D Eiger Extreme Outfit model!)


Our two highest end ski jackets would be the

Nordwand (Gore-Tex Pro Shell) and the Alyeska (Gore-Tex Soft Shell).

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8. Which pockets will accommodate goggles?


Neither jacket has specifically designed goggle pockets.

The Alyeska has a small inside, right pocket with a goggle wipe but it’s not specifically

designed for goggles (you might be able to fit a pair in though- it would be tight). The

Nordwand has an internal oversized, water-bottle type stuff pocket. And both jackets do

have some large outside pockets that could hold goggles if needed (more for when the

goggles are fogged beyond use and they are just being dumped.


9. What are the best Mammut pants/bibs for heliskiing and



Again super subjective. But I would say Nordwand

(Nordwand Pro) Pants and the Alyeska Pant.

best heliskiing pants, mammut heli-ski gear


11. I did not know you made shovels, probes and Barryvox



We do! We offer 3 probes, 2 shovels and 2 different




12. Mammut also has an integrated Snowpulse air bag in

your RAS backpack?


Mammut purchased Snowpulse in 2011 and now offers 13

different models of the RAS (Removeable Airbag System) for the 2012-13



heliski RAS, snowpulse heliskiing air bag

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Great head rest for the trip home


13. Tell us about your Alpine School,



This is Mammut’s guide service currently only offered in

Switz, Germany and Austria. Based out of our home office in Switzerland, the school helps

people recognize their summit dreams. From beginner to expert, the Mammut Alpine

School will challenge you to the next level.


14. Can we buy any Mammut gear online?


Yes. and a

variety of retailers.


15. What else would you like our heliskiers and heliboarders

to know about Mammut?


We offer the full gambit of products from apparel to full avy

safety. And especially let’s hit on the fact that airbags are quickly becoming required gear

for backcountry travel because they are saving lives. AND they should still be used with

beacons, probes, shovels and proper training.


TJ Bonus: Check out the world’s first climbing skirt (great

holiday gift idea!)

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Makes a great gift!

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