Don’t Go Postal, Go Coastal: Heliskiing BC Operators with Unique Offerings, like Bella Coola Heli-Skiing

The evolution of BC heliskiing continues.  Smaller operators are offering alternatives to CMH and Mike Wiegele Heli-Skiing.  This series will give a brief summary of the operators in the Coast Range of British Columbia Canada, and what they do to earn your business.

The Coast Range of British Columbia is home to some of the heliski industry innovators:  Bella Coola Heliskiing, Northern Escape Heliskiing, TLH Heliskiing, Last Frontier Heliskiing and Skeena Heliskiing.  Coastal weather patterns provide copious amounts of powder, and travel is usually MUCH easier than the more famous operators to the East.   How do the Coast Range BC heliskiing operations compete with the big boys and deal with the huge amounts of snowfall?

Glad you asked.

Each of these BC heliskiing coast range  destination operators have a strategy, or two, to differentiate their offerings.  Today, we take a closer look at Bella Coola Heli-Skiing, and their three locations.


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Coast Range British Columbia Heliskiing – Bella Coola Heli-Skiing


Bella Coola Heliskiing bookends your trip with TWO half days.   They fly you up from Vancouver in the morning (literally, your round trip flight is included in the price), feed you lunch, conduct your safety briefing, then take you heliskiing, right from the airport hangar!

The same is true on your departure day; heliski your way back to the airport, land next to the plane, then fly back to Vancouver in the early afternoon.  Tim, BC Heliskiing marketing dude, says that people on a 7 night trip actually get the opportunity to ski on 8 days, 6 full days and 2 half days (same format with other durations e.g. 5 nights, has 6 ski days etc). This reduces the damage from a down day. Even if it is dumping pow and there’s 2 down days, guests would still be able to ski on 6 days.  It is also a nice way to warm up, with a half day on arrival.  Getting to Vancouver the night before has some travel advantages, too.

Bella Coola has three different programs, depending on your group size and your budget, including an EXPERTS ONLY tour for true advanced skiers, a Heli-Assist Ski Touring program as well as a Private BC heliskiing lodge (and helicopter) which can be exclusively for you and 7 friends.  All this in the biggest tenure in the Coast Range at 2.64 million acres!

To find out what dates remain for your BC heliskiing Coast Range powder trip,

Call or email or Tim at BCHS (604.932.3000, tell him tj sent you).  866-HELISKI

Check out this video to get stoked.


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