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The evolution of heliskiing continues.  Smaller operators are offering alternatives to CMH and Mike Wiegele Heli-Skiing.  This series will give a brief summary of the operators in the Coast Range of British Columbia Canada.

The Coast Range of British Columbia is home to some of the heliski industry innovators including Northern Escape Heliskiing..  Coastal weather patterns provide copious amounts of powder, and travel is usually MUCH easier than the more famous operators to the East.   How do they compete with the big boys and deal with the huge amounts of snowfall?

Glad you asked.

Each of these BC coast range heli-skis destination operators have a strategy, or two, to differentiate their offerings.  Today, we take a closer look at Northern Escape Heli-Skiing



Northern Escape says, “It’s Deeper Up Here”, which is true.  So to make sure you get the goods, they added a catskiing backup in 2011.   NEH also has a unique unlimited vertical option, including more vertical and a very generous credit if you do not make the minimum.  Great tree skiing, high alpine and steep.

I have been there a few times.   NEH has some great advantages.   I can leave out of SFO at lunchtime, and be starting my bar tab at 8PM.

british columbia heliskiing, heli-skiing bc canada


Don’t sweat the weather, cat backup means fresh tracks every day.  This is especially important if you are on a 3 or 4-day trip.  The lodge, staff, food, and skiing are all great.

GM John has been in the heliski business for over 20 years, including guiding for some of the major players.  He summarizes, “We stand out by offering huge terrain, easy access, Unlimited Vertical Option and snowcat backup.”

helicopter skiing bc canada, british columbia heliski


Call or email me or Jody (866-619-3184) to check availability for a trip to Northern Escape Heli-Skiing.  Tell her TJ sent you.

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