Half Price Heliskiing – Yes, 50% OFF 2024 Last Frontier Heli Skiing!

You read it correctly!   First-time guests can now book 2024 heli skiing trips with Last Frontier for half price.  But you must have heliskied before.
I have skied with Last Frontier three times and loved it!  Small groups, massive terrain and two lodges to choose from.  Check out my reviews on both locations, and my interviews.   I’m happy to help you choose, too.

Half Price 2024 Heli Skiing from Last Frontier Heli Skiing

1) This must be your first booking with Last Frontier Heliskiing2) You must have heli skied elsewhere prior to October 20223) You must bring a piece of clothing or memorabilia from your previous trip 🙂Why is Last Frontier Heliskiing doing this?Breaking Inertia.  A force exists making first time heli skiers think they have found true nirvana. It gravitates heliskiers back to the same place every year. This is an ever so gentle reminder that other options exist.Last Frontier Heliskiing has been at it for almost 3 decades. This is the (probably once in a lifetime) opportunity to see the difference and judge for yourself at such a huge saving.How does this impact me, as an existing Last Frontier customer?While criteria number one might sound like it excludes you, it does not. If you have skied with us previously, rally a group of friends that have heli skied elsewhere. How you arrange to split the discount amongst the group is up to you.What if I haven’t heliskied before?Well, share this offer with someone who has heliskied before and how you split the discount is up to you.

Is this subject to availability?

Yes. It’s strictly first come first served. They have a limited and varying number of seats allocated per tour (for which the formula is toplast frontier heli skiing map secret).  Check availability here.

When does this offer expire?

On December 24, 2022, or when all seats are booked.

Check out the two Last Frontier Heli Skiing Locations:  Bell 2 Lodge      Ripley Creek



last frontier heli skiing bell 2 cabins

Give me a call at 866-HELISKI +1 866-435-4754 or email TJ@heliski.com
Call Last Frontier directly and tell them TJ sent you +1 (888) 655 5566.


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