Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek Lodge


Based in the historic gold mining town of Stewart, Ripley Creek is Last Frontier Heliskiing’s other BC Heli Skiing base.  Expect long glacier runs and an experience more like Alaska than BC Heli Skiing!  We have skied with Last Frontier and loved it!

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Last Frontier Location

Located 200 miles Northwest of Terrace, British Columbia in the historic gold mining town of Stewart, BC across the border from Hyder, Alaska.  Guests can take a pilgrimage to Alaska one night.  Been there, done that!

Also check out Last Frontier Heliskiing’s Bell 2 Lodge,  their original base and larger operation.


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Terrain Description

Incredible long glacier runs and ample tree skiing.  Heliskiing in the Northern Coastal Mountains and the Skeena Mountain Ranges.

Airport for Travel

Fly to Terrace, BC from Vancouver in the morning.  Coach ride to the lodge is about 5 hours.  You can also fly up the night before and stay in Terrace.

Standard Packages Offered

  • 7, 5, 4 day heli-skiing tours
  • 100,000 vertical feet for 7 days
  • 72,000 vertical feet for 5 days
  • 57,500 vertical feet for 4 days

Additional Information

Price of Extra Vertical:  $ 46 CAD per 1,000 vertical feet
Guests per Lift:  4 guests per 1 guide
Lifts per Helicopter:  3
Type of Helicopter:  A-Star B2 or B3
Resort and Cat Skiing Options:  N/A
Private Packages Offered:  Single group of up to 4 or Two groups of up to 10
Down Days per Season:  Average less than 1 per week

Ripley Creek Lodge and Dining Description

The Last Frontier Heli Skiing Ripley Creek lodging is actually an old hotel.  This is a historic mining town and has a real Alaskan feel.  One of the buildings on property actually used to be a brothel.  Ripley Creek has a private restaurant across the street from the hotel – the Bitter Creek Café.  Very homy and very casual.  The food is great.

What is Unique/Why Us?

  • Two heliski bases.
  • Small group heliskiing – 3 groups of 4 guests.
  • Frontier experience, on the border with Alaska.
  • Lots of snow!
  • Tree skiing and huge alpine terrain.

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