What is Heli-Skiing?


“What is Heli-Skiing?”

Do you get the question, “What is heliskiing?” from co-workers?

Do you get the question, “What is heli-skiing?” from friends?

Do you get the question, from family?

Do you get the question, from strangers?

Wikipedia has a definition for What Is Heli-Skiing, but it fails in inspire.

What’s your answer?  Add a comment and share your answer!

What is Heli-Skiing





My answer to “What is heli-skiing?”

  • The most fun you can have with your clothes on
  • Nirvana Sharing what I love with my best friends

 heli-skiing with friends

  • The culmination of a life long pursuit of powder
  • The reward for becoming a good skier

heli-skiing the reward

  • The one week (or more!) that I look forward to all year
  • The best money I spend
  • Exciting
  • Connecting with nature
  • Exploring the far reaches of the earth
  • Skiing where no-one has skied before
  • Beautiful
  • Exhilarating

heli-skiing deep


  • Flying like you do in a dream

heliskiing flying like a dream

  • Easy
  • Fun
  • Great food and drink
  • Shot-Skis

the shot-skis

  • 7 of the best happy hours in a row

heliskiing socializing

  • Hot tub

hot tubbing




  • Massage
  • Challenging
  • The top of my bucket list, permanently
  • Awesome Lodges

Monashees Heli-Skiing Lodge

How about you?

What is heli-skiing to you?

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