HELISKI.com Interview with Mica Heliski Guides

HELISKI.com Operator Interview: Mica Heliski Guides, 15 Questions with Mica Heli Skiing

Sep 12, 2011 07:33 am | Tom Jackson

We caught up with Darryn Schewchuck, GM of Mica HeliSki Guides (aka Mica Heliskiing and Mica Heli Skiing) as the summer is turning to fall in the Canadian Rockies.  He is still riding his dirt bikes, but looking forward to another great winter of light, deep snow.

Here are Mica Heli Skiing Guides 15 Questions with HELISKI.com.


1. Hey Darryn, Mica Heliskiing has been recognized in the press recently. Tell us about that, please.

Recently we were rated “Best Heliskiing” in BC Canada by the editors and writers of SKIING Magazine in their 2011 Resort Guide.  Ski Canada rated our powder “second to none” in their “best of” issue last fall, and Good Connoisseur Magazine rated Mica Heli Guides “the best once in a lifetime experience”.  These recognitions are based on several factors, 2 groups of 4 per heli, max 16 guests, dry champagne powder and incredible terrain found in the BC Rockies.

mica heli skiing british columbia canada, mica heliskiing BC Canada mica heli ski guides

Mica Heliskiing Blue Bird Day, Cold Smoke Anyone?


2. Mica Heli Skiing seems to have more options than most operators. The Classic is three groups of 4. The Premium is two groups of four and two helicopters?!?

Definitely the option to ski more vertical!  At MICA our standard program is called a Premium Tour – 4 groups of 4 guests serviced by 2 A-Star helicopters (2 groups of 4 per heli, similar to what is referred to as a semi-private with other operations).  30 of our 36 tours this season are Premium tours.  The other 6 tours are a combination of a Private Tour (4 guests with their own private A-Star) and our Classic Tour (3 groups of 4 sharing one A-Star). Maximum capacity at MICA is 16 only guests.


3. Some Mica Heli Skiing packages are unlimited vertical and others have extra vertical charges, right?

Correct, our December and early Jan tours are unlimited vertical (no extra vert charges) and we also offer some vertical incentives for April tours which cover most of our guests vertical.  All season we guarantee 4500 meters/day.  At MICA we have averaged only 1.5 no-fly days per season over the last 8 seasons, for the odd day we can’t fly we go Catskiing (Cat vert is not counted in the 4500m/day). [Nice!]

Mica Heli Skiing Canada Lodge View, mica heliskiing View, and this image, courtesy of Mica Heliski Guides


4. How did you come up with such a cool spot for the new Mica Heliski lodge?

The position of the lodge is very spectacular indeed!  Our hot-tubs have one of the best views in the world.  The main purpose of the lodge position was elevation.  We wanted to get above the low cloud, fog and freezing rain found lower in the valley which is what hinders flight for many other operators.  The other benefit is that we ski right down to the lodge at the end of the day, and can Catski right from the lodge.


5. Catskiing backup is getting more popular. How often do you use it at Mica Heliskiing?

MICA was the first to start using the Cat for backup four seasons ago.   We had the cat from our sister operation Island Lake Catskiing for snow removal around the lodges, so we put it to good use.  We typically take guests Catskiing one or two full days per year.  Additionally a few times each season we will do a cat run or two in the morning, the weather will break and we go heliskiing for most of the day.  The forest directly above MICA lodge has been gladed providing excellent 2500 vertical foot tree skiing right to the lodge.  So its quick and easy to rack up some pretty good vertical Catskiing at MICA.  We don’t count the Catskiing vert in the package and it is very rare for a guest to not make minimum vertical on a tour at MICA.


Mica Heli Skiing image Keri Knapp, Mica Heliski

Two Hot Tubs with this View!


6. Mica Heliskiing even has a backup outdoor hot tub!  Did you think of everything?!?

When you are a remote backcountry lodge you need to have a backup for everything.  For the last eight seasons, we’ve been compiling the guest comments and work hard to improve all aspects of our program dramatically each season. We have created something very special a MICA.


7. The Monashees have been made famous by CMH Heliskiing.  I have skied the Adamants, Selkirks and Cariboos, all somewhat nearby. How would you compare your terrain?

Mica’s terrain is the western slope of the BC Rockies across the lake from the Monashees and Selkirks.  We have a lot of steep tree skiing (similar to CMH Monashees) but the Rockies are visually more spectacular like the Alps.  We ski a lot of trees, have the world’s best pillow lines and have big alpine terrain. MICA’s terrain is very diverse; we have something for every taste.


8. Mica Heliski guests fly into Kelowna. Tell us about the trip to the lodge.

We pick up in Kelowna and drive to Revelstoke (2 hours).  At the office in Revelstoke we sign the waivers and get lunch for the trip north to Mica Creek (1.5 hours).  From there it’s a quick 10 minute flight up to the lodge.  We also have direct flight options from Kelowna (1.5 hours) or Revelstoke directly to Mica Lodge (45 mins).


9. Do you have many guests stopping in Revelstoke to ski/ride for a few days to warm up for heliskiing with Mica Heli Skiing?

Yes, we have quite a few guests who ski Revelstok Mountain Resort (RMR) for a pre-MICA warm up.  We will cover their lift tickets and usually I will ski with them to show them “the goods” at RMR.  It’s a tough part of the job but someone has to do it.


10. What are the biggest challenges of operating a boutique heliskiing lodge for only 16 guests?

The biggest challenge is getting new people seats in our high season, most sell out 10 months in advance!


11. You have a lot of ‘lifers’ coming back to Mica Heliski every season, right?

Yes, the majority of guests are regulars who bring groups each year and rebook their spot for the following year upon departure.


12. Love your old tagline. Is it really “Deeper at Mica?

The majority of our guests will tell you MICA has the deepest powder they have ever skied.  There are places on the coast with a deeper snowpack, but coastal snow is not the same as the interior’s cold smoke.  MICA tends to be slightly cooler in temperature than the Selkirks and Monashees, which is why we have the super dry “Champagne Powder” that everyone raves about.  Like Utah, but deeper!


13. Is it true Mica Heli Skiing is almost booked solid.

Jan 14 to April 3 is 95% sold, only a few seats left.  The good news is that Dec and early Jan are when we get some of our deepest skiing.  And April is fantastic. Longer days and more sun opens up a lot of the really big alpine runs that we don’t get to in early season.  Shoulder season is excellent skiing, and we have some great vertical incentives as well.


14. How will you fit in FAM trips for HELISKI.com to Mica Heliski?

I guess I will have to give you my seat…or not…we will talk.  [Damn!]


15. Do you ever abbreviate your title to Director of S&M?

Yes, but only on the last weekend of the month ;)


Thanks, Darryn.  I hope I can get up there to experience Mica Heli Guides soon.

Best Regards,
Tom Jackson
CPO (Chief Powder Officer)

HELISKI.com Interview with Skeena Heliskiing

HELISKI.com Heli-Skiing Operator Interview with Skeena Heliskiing
 | Tom Jackson

Skeena Heliskiing was one of the first visits for HELISKI.com many years ago.

So it is only fitting that owner/guide Giacum “Jake” Frei is the first Heliskiing Operator Interview with HELISKI.com Heliskiing Canada Series.   Thanks!

Skeena Heli-Skiing BC Canada, Helicopter Skiing BC Canada Skeena mountain range

Jake – Great Host, Amazing Skier

helicopeter skiing Canada, Skeena Heli-skiing Canada

1.  The Skeena Mountains may be new to some heliskiers and heliboarders.  Tell us about the Skeena Mountains of BC Canada.

The Skeena Mountains have been on the heliskiing scene for about 15 years. It is a newer area for sure. What makes the Skeena’s special is the combination you get between Coastal precipitation, interior dryness and a northern cooler climate. Depending on where you fly in the Skeena’s you can have a bit more of one of these options. This allows for an operation with a larger area to switch skiing zones if the conditions vary.  Some parts of the Skeena’s have a lot of precipitation, you have a lot of natural glades, which makes for very enjoyable skiing.

2.  What made you decide to start your own heliskiing operation?

I guess what really started the idea was that I grew up just a few hours drive south of the current lodge and I always had the goal of bringing guests here to see and experience this part of B.C. The area was not new to me, it was my back yard. I have explored the Skeena Mountains since I was old enough to. In 2003 I was per chance in the government office and out of curiosity had a talk to the officials in charge of tenure leases. From that talk it never stopped. Through government I met Norman Winter, who was also looking for an area and we teamed up. Later Norm went on to develop another area near Revelstoke, BC.

skeena heli-skiing bc canada, heli-skiing bc skeena mountains

3.  You may be the best skier with whom I have heliskiied.  How did you get to be so damn good?

Thanks Tom, nice of you to say that. Hmm, I guess I can say, I devoted my entire teens and early 20 to skiing. I opted to complete my high school through correspondence and moved to Switzerland at age 15. I skied every chance I got. I also completed any course I could take and was lucky enough to ski with some amazing skiers and mountain guides from different fields. I landed my first sponsors [freeskiing] at 16, and sure did not want to let them down. I was pretty ambitious and devoted to improving my ski level to the highest I could take it. I would also say being in front of the camera really helped me improve, you see yourself all the time, see your position, your posture. You also want to get it right on the first try, hit the right spot.

4.  What is different about Skeena Heliskiing in BC Canada?

A few things that make Skeena Helisking different are:

canadian heli-skiing, heliskiing heli-boarding bc Canada Skeena Lodge

The Lodge and the Skiing are Exceptional

A.  The lodge!

B. Large area and large selection of terrain

C. Close proximity to an airport, easy access

D. Low number of down days

Heliskiing Canada, Heli Ski Canada Skeena Lodge interior

Skeena Lodge Interior, Does Not Suck

5.  You are known for European guests who like to ski fast.  Is that a fair reputation?

I would say so, yes. Even adding a bit of a straight line in there somewhere ;)   Skeena Heliskiing is also known for providing the clients with a wide variety of runs.  Not so much for lapping the same run; but trying to find runs that challenge the keen skiers, giving them a good selection, and trying to motivate them to improve as well. I love to see that someone is really stoked that he or she skied something very well. Love helping them out.

6.  What is your average vertical in a week?

Our average vertical varies per year from 118,000 feet to 151,000 feet over the last 6 years. We do ski more from late Feb onwards, due to the longer days. In January the days are shorter and we ski more technical runs in the trees.  Sometimes the big powder days are slower, as every wipe out cost lots of energy and time if the snow is really deep.  [That’s why Jake fills his choppers with good skiers…]

7.  Skeena may have the best small heliski lodge in the business.  How did you pull that off?

I also have to thank “luck” for that. During the exploration days prior to heliskiing we noticed that there was a lot of new traffic on the main road, we went to see what was going on and we drove to the lodge site just as the building was being started. Original plans were for a primarily summer-use fishing lodge. Original plans for Skeena Heliskiing were to start 2 years later, after completion of a small lodge structure in the skiing area.  Needless to say we were pretty happy when the owner said, he would rent out the lodge to us for the winters.

8.  How big is a group / lift?

A group consists of 5 skiers and 1 guide. 

9.  How many groups / lifts per helicopter

Our standard is 2 groups of 5 per heli [Awesome!].  On occasion when a party wishes it, we also run 3 groups of 5. Starting this season, if we use this program, we use our second helicopter to shuttle the groups out to reduce shuttle time.

10.  How many guests can you accommodate at any one time?

Max 15.

heli-skiing bc canada, bc heli-skiing heli-boarding Skeena Heliskiing Room

Shame to have this room all by yourself…….or not

11.  How many down days do you average per season?

The average is 7 down days per season over the last 7 years. [Surprisingly good]

12.  How far is the ride from the Smithers airport?

Depending on the road conditions, between 1.5hrs to 2 hrs.

13.  What do you do to accommodate helisnowboarders?

We actually have almost 20% snowboarders. We work with the heli-skiing booking agents, like HELISKI.com, and clients to try to organize snowboard groups, to get them together. We have a small fleet of K2 snowboards to use for snowboarders.  We have enough boards and bindings that work well for the current conditions. So the heli-boarders always have the most current, well maintained gear and no luggage hassle.  [I didn’t even beg for that plug]

14.  Are there any disadvantages to being a small operation?

      A.  You have to be more careful that the groups fit together, that every one in the group has the same level

      B.  As a business, having a small operation and a short season, it is really important that the weeks are full, or else it really hurts us.

15.  Have you ever considered extending your season?

We have, but for us the best time of the winter is from January to the start of April. Running later is a higher risk of down days since the tree skiing can be finished if it gets warm.  During November and December we are fully focused on sales in Europe for the next years winter season.

Bonus Question:   You have such a large area and you are booked solid.  Do you have any plans for expansion?

Yes, we do. We will have Cat Skiing in our area for this coming winter. We have contracted out a section of our southern tenure to Skeena Cat Skiing  www.skeenacatskiing.ca who are hard at working getting things going for this winter.  We are also looking at various different locations to start another small operation.  We have something very interesting planned for that, but cannot tell you any more right now.  I will keep you updated, but I can tell you it is a very cool concept.

Thanks, Jake.  I hope to make some turns with you again sometime soon.


Tom Jackson
CPO (Chief Powder Officer)


Best Heli-Skiing: Best Short Heliskiing Trips Coast Range

Best Heli-Skiing Series:

The Best Short Heli-Skiing Trips – Coast Range

Heliski.com clients often ask us to put together the best short heli-skiing trips.  This usually includes 3 or 4 days of heli-skiing with minimal travel time and minimal risk.  For some, it is more about getting the best deal.   Others want to combine heli-skiing and resort skiing.

Here we discuss the best short heli-skiing trips to destination lodges.  Here we discuss the best short heli-skiing trips to destination lodges in the Coast Range.  In future posts, we will offer advice for the best heli-skiing in and around Revelstoke, Southeastern BC, and the best heli-skiing combined with resort skiing and boarding.


Travel Time

Travel time is often paramount.   Many clients need to minimize their time away from the office and the family.  So our list includes options with the most convenient travel, as well as the most reliable.  Not all airports are created equally when it comes to flight cancellations.


If convenience is very important, we recommend operators that pick up clients at the airport.    Renting a car and driving on unfamiliar roads introduces hassle and risk that some clients would rather avoid.  And some clients hate buses.

Heli Skiing Cost

Cost is also a factor for some.   Unfortunately, the price-quantity curve dictates that the best deals are for the longer trips.  But we have some alternatives for clients looking to stretch their dollars.  There are also trade-offs between unlimited vertical options and fixed-price plus extra vertical.

Down Day Risk

A down day on a 7-day trip is not the end of the world.   Re-group, rest, recuperate and enjoy some other activity.  But a down day on a 3 day trip is a disaster.   So our recommendations include operators with very few down days, as well as those with catskiing and resort backup.


The Best Short Heli-Skiing Trips – Coast Range

northern escape heli-skiing lodge and helicopter Northern Escape Heli-Skiing – One of the Best for Easy Access

Northern Escape Heli-Skiing is an excellent choice for short trips.  NEH is located just 20 minutes from the Terrace BC airport.   Guests can leave San Francisco at noon and easily make dinner at the lodge!   Another great feature at NEH is cat backup.    NEH guests ski even when the chopper cannot fly.

Northern Escape also offers a unique Vertical Option.  For a few hundred dollars per day, committed in advance, clients can add unlimited vertical to any package.  One catch – guests must decide in advance to add the unlimited vertical option.

bella coola best heli-skiing logistics Bella Coola Heli-Skiing Guests Make Turns on Arrival and Departure Days



Bella Coola Heli-Skiing has a unique travel set-up that works great for short heliski trips. Guests can heli-ski on BOTH Arrival and Departure Days!  This is how it works: after staying the night in Vancouver, guests take a 70 minute, mid-morning flight to Bella Coola. On arrival, lodge staff provide a picnic lunch, followed by a safety briefing from the guiding team. Once this is completed, guests heliski their way from the airport to the lodge.  Departure Day is just as cool.  Guests heliski their way to the airport, arriving about lunch time. Since the flight arrives back in Vancouver around 2pm, guests are able to fly home that evening!

And airfare is included in their prices.  On a 3-night trip, guests ski two full days and two half days.  4-night trips include three full days and two half days of heli-skiing.  Cool, eh?

Bella Coola Heli-Skiing also has two packages for short trips.  Tweedsmuir Lodge is their classic remote lodge experience.  Big Mountain is hotel lodging, no frills and attractive pricing.  By the way, BCHS uses the same approach on their longer heli-skiing trips, too.

Let me know and I will put together the best options for your short (or long) heliskiing trip.



Interview Selkirk Tangiers Revelstoke Heli Skiing

Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke

Revelstoke Heli Skiing

Selkirk Tangiers Revelstoke Heli Skiing Interview

Interview by Tom Jackson, HELISKI.com

1. How long has Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke been flying out of Revelstoke, BC, and how many skiers and riders have had their best day ever with Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing and Heliboarding?

This is our 40th year of operation at Selkirk Tangiers Revelstoke Heli Skiing!

Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? We’ve got a huge client base from all over the world.

revelstoke heli skiing, selkirk tangiers heli skiing revelstoke

2. A few years ago you joined forces with Revelstoke Mountain Resort. How have things changed?

It has created lots of opportunities for us to create new packages and offerings for our guests (heliski out of Nelsen Lodge, Lift & Heli Combo incl. 3 days of heliskiing and 2 days at RMR…). We still offer our guests the same amazing heliskiing products we always have but with a lot more options.

3. Your 500,000-acre tenure includes the Monashees and the Selkirk Mountains. Compare and contrast the two, please.

A lot of the same goods! Both ranges run North-South through and around Revelstoke, BC. The Selkirk mountain range lies to the East of Revelstoke and the Monashee mountain range lies to the West of town. The bulk of our tenure is located in the Selkirk mountains so we tend to spend a lot of the time there, but we do like to check out the Monashee side of STHS as often as possible as well! They both include plenty of treeskiing, alpine bowls and glaciers for our guests to enjoy.

4. I get ‘Selkirk’ (the mountain range), but what the heck is Tangiers in Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke?

It’s Tangiers is the name of a zone river in our northern Selkirk terrain, named after the Tangiers river. It is where the company’s original founder and owner, Peter Schlunegger, took his first heliski guests to heliskiing with STHS 35 years ago!

5. What percentage of your clients do a single day heli skiing Revelstoke?

40-60%. Since we are ‘turning over’ guests daily rather than weekly, this allows us to accommodate many more people each week in our Day Heli programs than our multiday programs. However, we find that many single day clients end up adding at least a 2nd day to their experience and a lot will come back the following year for multiday packages!

6. Can you please summarize the three single day heli skiing Revelstoke packages?

Day Heli Experience – a great introduction to heliskiing including 3 runs

Day Heli Advanced – for skiers/boarders with previous heliski and/or extensive backcountry experience. Includes 3,000 vertical meters rather than the 3 runs incl. in the Experience package.

Private DayStar – our premiere day heliskiing experience. You and up to 3 friends in your own helicopter with your own guide experiencing all our terrain has to offer! Includes 5,000 vertical meters of skiing.

ALL these packages also include breakfast, lunch, and après-ski snack, ski/board rentals, ACMG certified ski guide, safety equipment and training. Extra runs/meters available for a fixed rate (based on weather, time and group consensus).

Small choppers are also an option from Selkirk-Tangiers

7. What is the most popular multi-day Revelstoke heli skiing package?

We see lots of guests booking our 3 Day Classic packages because it is a great fit for busy schedules. The 6 and 7 day Classic packages still tend to be very popular however, lots of people are still looking for that traditional week-long heliski experience!

8. Tell us about lodging for multi-day guests with Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing?

We are based out of the Coast Hillcrest Hotel, located 5-min from downtown Revelstoke. A beautiful rustic log themed hotel, there are plenty of amenities (spa, hot tubs, fantastic dining room, lounge, work out facility, STHS retail shop etc.) for our guests to enjoy.

Best Day Ever Groundhog Day

9. What other multi-day Revelstoke heli skiing packages are available?

We have Private AStar packages for groups of 4 or 8, flying from the Hillcrest Hotel, Nelsen Lodge or Bighorn Lodge (at the base of RMR).

New this season we have a special 3 day Women’s Retreat (Jan.7-10 and Mar.10-13) just for the ladies, a 3 day AStar Steep Camp (Mar.3-6 and Mar.17-20) for clients looking to explore some of our more aggressive terrain and get more vertical, and our new Lift and Heliski combo incl. transfers from Kelowna airport, 6 nights accommodation, 2 ski days at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, plus 3 heliski days with STHS.

10. What is the average vertical for a day at Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke?

Depends on a number of factors – what the weather is doing, time of year, what package the guests are booked for. Typically we will see a range of 1,500-3,000 vertical meters per day for our day packages and 3,000-5,000 for our mult-iday packages. However, if we have plenty of light, great weather and keen skiers/boarders, we can see groups skiing up to 8,000+vertical meters some days!!

Tree Skiing from Revelstoke

11. Tell us about your Selkirk Tangiers Revelstoke Heli Skiing Only packages.

These packages offer a little more flexibility for our guests. They can still ski with STHS but are free to arrange accommodations for elsewhere in Revelstoke. Available for certain 1, 2 and 3 day packages.

12. What are the options for Private Heli Skiing at Selkirk Tangiers Revelstoke?

Our private packages can be 1-7 days in length, with our 3,,4,5 and 7 day AStar packages including lodging at the Hillcrest hotel. Shorter private AStar packages can be arranged without accommodation for clients who already have somewhere to stay in Revelstoke.
Revelstoke Heli Skiing

13. If the weather grounds the helicopter, can guests go catskiing or make it to the Revelstoke Mountain Resort in time to get a full day?

Multi-day packages: if there is a down day during your multi-day package, guests have the option to go to the ski resort. The group’s guide will drive the group there/back and ski with them; lunch and lift ticket will be provided. If at the end of the package, guests haven’t reached their guaranteed heliski vertical for weather reasons, we will refund at a set rate for the unskied meters.

Day Heli packages: Guests will get a full refund plus have the opportunity to get a ride to the ski resort if their heli day is cancelled first thing in the morning. If they do go out and at the end of the package guests haven’t reached their guaranteed heliski vertical, we will refund at a set rate for the unskied meters/runs.

2 Edges or 4…

14. What percentage of Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing guests are heliboarding?

Hard to say, but it seems to be around 30-40%. It’s definitely not just for skiers, we’re happy taking skiers and boarders out and have a great fleet of rental powder skis & boards to choose from.

15. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke?

There’s a reason we’re still offering up heliskiing and boarding for our guests after being around for 40 years – we know what we’re doing and our guests love it, coming back winter after winter! Revelstoke is a world-renowned destination for heli skiing for good reason and we’ve done our best to provide just that for thousands of our guests from all over the world.

Thanks. I hope to get back up there to Revelstoke to make some turns with you soon!



Tom Jackson
CPO (Chief Powder Officer)

TLH Heli Skiing – Tyax Lodge and Heli Skiing – Tyax Heli Ski

Tyax Lodge and Heli-Skiing

(TLH Heli-Skiing &


TLH Heli-Skiing Interview with HELISKI.com

We recently got re-acquainted with TLH Heli-Skiing & Heli-Snowboarding aka Tyax Lodge and Heli Skiing

(1 Group, Unlimited Vertical Helicopter Skiing.)

Hope you enjoy our operator heli-skiing interview series on Canadian Heli-Skiing!  TLH Heli-skiing BC Canada, HELI-SNOWBOARDING CANADA

I have heard you say “TLH Heli-Skiing is the best deal in the Canadian heli-skiing industry.”  Explain, please your helicopter skiing offerings.


At Tyax Lodge and Heli Skiing, aka TLH Heli-Skiing, offer a unique helicopter skiing combination of program features that offer the best VALUE in Canadian Heli Skiing. While some heli-ski operators have a couple of the features that make us stand out, we are the only ones with this particular blend that makes our product perfect for so many heliskiers – location, accessibility, heli-skiing program, lodging, price, guides and safety. Our rates align with many other operators, yet we include unlimited vertical (which we back up with vertical guarantees), Single Group heli-skiing, transfers from Vancouver (no additional flights or transfer charges), and incredible lodging. All of our programs are semi-private at the cost of a regular program.

How can TLH Heli-Skiing  afford to do just one heli-ski group per helicopter at ‘Standard’ Canadian helicopter skiing rates?

Once you have offered this program, and you have clients see how good the single group program is, you can’t really afford not to. Return clients who can’t see going back to any other way of heli-skiing will keep coming back, and then start bring their friends. Guest retention is a great testimonial. Smaller margins with better guest experiences.

You also like to extol the advantages of heli-skiing in just one heli ski group.
The Single Group heli-skiing program has so many advantages; sometimes people don’t realize how many benefits come with it!

  • You are the first to head out in the morning and the last one to come back at the end of the day which means more ski time, which of course means more skiing. You are never waiting on other groups, virtually never waiting on the machine, so you can keep on skiing.
  • If you want to ski different areas in the further areas of the tenure, you can fly out there first thing in the morning and stay out there all day instead of taking half the day to get out there and half the day to get back; with large tenures and 2-4 groups in a machine, you have to slowly make your way, taxiing groups, with one group it’s a direct flight in and back.
  • The flexibility in variable weather is greatly increased – obviously you need a longer lead time in changing weather if you need to bring in 2 or 3 more groups, so you have to head in sooner. With one group, you can stay out longer. All of these things mean more skiing, less wait times, more access, and a better experience.

How does TLH Heli-Skiing snow differ from Whistler and the Coast Range operators like Bella Coola, Northern Escape Heli-Skiing and Last Frontier Heli-skiing (LFH Heli-Skiing and TLH Heli-Skiing used to be the same heli-skiing company)?

While our close proximity to Whistler is a great selling feature for us for obvious reasons (accessibility, Whistler Combos), our location is actually in another mountain range, taking us away from the sometimes wet Coastal snow conditions. Located in the South Chilcotin Mountains, the lodge sits in a colder range where we benefit from a higher and drier environment, which often gives us better snow quality. At the same time, our 830,000 acre tenure runs from the Chilcotins into the Coast Mountains, so when the Coast gets the deep, dry dumps, we can get to that too.

TLH heli-skiing trees, Tyax Lodge and Heli-Skiing TLH heli-skiing tree area, helicopter skiing trees   TLH heli-skiing into trees, TLH helicopter skiing

TLH Heli-Skiing is known for high alpine Canadian Heli-Skiing.  Got trees to heli ski?


We are certainly known for our alpine accessibility and do try to ski the big long alpine lines, but we have great tree skiing as well. There is the opportunity to access varied terrain within our large tenure; our guides will go where the best skiing is, dependent on the current weather and snow conditions. We definitely had some great tree skiing while this last storm rolled through!

tlh heliskiing, canadian heli skiingtlh heli skiing trees, tyax lodge and heli skiing tlh helicoopter skiing, tlh Canadian heli skiing

Travel to the heli-skiing lodge by ski plane is also unique.  Walk us through the process, please.

The ski plane is a Beaver Dehavilland and it is indeed a very unique way to get into the lodge. It flies from Vancouver or Pemberton into the lodge, landing on the frozen lake in front of the resort. The ski plane is generally only used for charters but we encourage guests to utilize this option rather than driving whenever possible. We use helicopters for almost all of our air transfers.

Our regular transfers include transportation from Vancouver to the lodge, a combination of air and land travel. We pick-up in Vancouver and drive to Pemberton, 35 km’s north of Whistler – guests fly in and out of there by helicopter, weather permitting.

We can offer charters directly from Vancouver to the lodge as well, by helicopter or ski plane, a flight of only 1 hour and 10 minutes.

tlh heliskiing pad vancouver
Heli Transfers To/From Vancouver for some TLH Heli-Skiing Trips

Mostly you offer helicopter skiing in heli-skiing groups of 10 in a Bell 212, right?

Our Signature Program is 10 guests and 2 guides in a single group Bell 212, so only 10 total in the machine all day. We also run a Small Group Program with 4 guests and 2 guides in a single group Bell 407. Both of these programs are also available in our Platinum Private Package with private chalet and service team.

Are the smaller helicopter skiing groups for Heli-Skiing Privates, only?

No, they are available in the main lodge as well. You can have a small group, semi-private vacation, flying solo in your own machine, and coming back to the lodge to share in the festivities with the rest of the guests. We generally only run one 407 at a time so it is important to book this program early to secure dates.  [Private 407 for Standard Prices.  That’s awesome!]

Tell us about the Tyax Canadian Helicopter Skiing Lodge and food, please.

TLH Heli-Skiing Lodge, Canadian Helicopter Skiing Lodge

Tyax Lodge and Heli Skiing Resort & Spa, home of TLH Heli-Skiing, is a boutique Wilderness lodge perfectly suited to the overall heli-skiing experience. Fully renovated in 2010 with ongoing improvements annually, the lodge offers comfortable guest rooms, a beautiful Lakeview dining room, a full lounge and bar, a den, a ski shop, a gift shop and an incredible spa with Eucalyptus steam room, infrared sauna, wood sauna, yoga studio, three treatment rooms, and a 20-person outdoor hot tub. It is the perfect balance between an authentic backcountry heliski lodge and a contemporary resort for the modern traveler.

The dining is, of course, one of the most important elements. We always strive to make sure our culinary offerings are top-notch, and we have received particularly rave reviews so far this season. Comments this last week included “Chef Liam, Whatever you are paying him, raise it!”, “Outstanding dining”, “Food has always been very good, but it was exceptional this time.” Heli Belly is part of the overall experience and we intend to fulfill that! Our 30 ft ceiling, fireside, Lake view dining room is no hindrance to the experience.

tlh heliskiing rooms, tlh helicopter skiing bedroom tlh heli skiing, heli-ski king room apres heli-skiing, tlh heli skiing

In the summer you don’t go heli-skiing, but you do heli mountain biking.  That sounds awesome!

It is awesome!! Its actually by float plane rather than heli. We use the same ski plane from our winter charters, put floats on it and utilize it for flightseeing and mountain bike drops. The region is home to some of the world’s best mountain biking, with day drops to multiple lakes with 25-60km rides back to the lodge on single track, or backcountry hut-to-hut trips. If you are into the outdoors, we are worth visiting every season.  You can also check out www.tyax.com and www.tyaxadventures.com for summer adventures.




Why Heliski in January? Heliskiing Operator Series: Bella Coola Heliskiing

Heliskiing Canada in January

We asked Tim Wilkinson, Sales & Marketing Director for Bella Coola Heli Sports & Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, about heliskiing in January.  Check out his answer!


heli-ski bella coola canada


January is a great time to go heli-skiing in Canada, as it usually dumps a lot! And it’s good quality, light, fluffy snow. Days are shorter and blue skies are not as common as later in the season. To offer heli-skiers something different than the norm, Bella Coola Heliskiing Sports has launched 2 new and unique programs to maximize the number of “best days ever” guests can have.


The Heli Sampler allows guests to “cherry pick” only the best days to go heli-skiing. If it is overcast and snowing heavily and guests prefer not to heli-ski, they can choose not to go! At other locations, guests have to heli-ski if the helicopters can fly (or at least surrender their vertical if they sit out). On days where people prefer not to heli-ski, there’s plenty to do. We have a 60 acre property in BC’S largest provincial park so there’s plenty of cross country ski trails…or guests can try fly-fishing, as we are located on the world famous (in fishing circles) Atnarko river! When the skies clear, skiers experience the longest runs and the best alpine skiing in the country! With the Heli Sampler, guests buy a basic package that includes private chalet accommodation (double occupancy), meals, guide service, flights to/from Vancouver and Bella Coola but not heli-skiing. Only when people choose to heli-ski do they need to pay, thus making this a relatively economical program. Only pay to heli-ski on blue bird days! This is perfect for those new to heli-skiing, have families or for busy business people who want epic days heli-skiing but also have office work to do!


The other program for January/Early February is the Heli Lite. This is like a traditional heli-skiing package but we give guests an extra FREE night of accommodation and meals. This allows guests more time in which to use up their vertical, at no extra cost. For more information email HELISKI.com or call 866-HELI-SKI.


Bella Coola Heli-skiing Availability for January:



January 20-25 (5 nights)
January 25-30 (5 nights)
January 31 – Feb 4 (5 nights)
January 31 – Feb 6 (7 nights)
February 4 – February 11 (7 nights)
February 6 – February 11 (5 nights)


BC heli-skiing bedroombc heli-ski lodgeOnsite heli-ski pads Bella Coola Heli Sports

HELISKI.com Interviews Last Frontier Heliskiing Founder about the Bell 2 Lodge

Last Frontier Heliskiing Bell 2 Lodge

last frontier heliskiing, heli skiing canada blog

I sat down with George Rossett, Last Frontier Heliskiing and TLH Heliskiing Founder.

We met at a restaurant overlooking my old Silicon Valley windsurfing home, Coyote Point.


1. George, you are somewhat of an industry icon. How did you get into the heliskiing business?

In my twenties, I had been in Canada to play professional football (soccer). The league never got off the ground, but I loved Canada and set a goal to return by age 45. I spent 20 years in a real job and saved enough money to make it a year early. I founded my first heliskiing operation, TLH, in 1993.


Last Frontier heliskiing, Last Frontier Heliskiing Bell 2 Lodge backcountry

George Rossett – A Man with a Mission


2. You recently sold your interest in TLH Heliskiing. Why did you divest?

My wife and I found ourselves skiing more and more at Last Frontier; and less at TLH. We decided to focus on Last Frontier Heliskiing. Also, another partner wanted control of TLH, so it made sense for everyone.


3. How many days a year do you helicopter ski Canada?

It depends on the season, but usually 20-25.


4. Are you nuts?! You own two lodges (Bell 2 and Ripley Creek)

It might seem that way, but there are many aspects to managing the business. And, the guests come first.


5. I heliskied at the Last Frontier Heliskiing Bell 2 Lodge before. What’s new?

Now our 7-day packages are 7 full days of skiing. You stayed in one of our new luxury cabins. We now have five cabins with four units each.
The facilities have all been upgraded, and we know the terrain very well.


last frontier heliskiing canada, british columbia bc heli-skiing

Last Frontier Heli-Skiing, eh?


6. The way guests travel to Bell 2 Lodge has changed, too, eh?

Yes, we now fly to Smithers and take the bus 4.5 hours to avoid weather delays.


7. Last Frontier Heli-Skiing is almost in Alaska. How does your weather compare to the other locations in British Columbia?

Good question. My partner was working up in Northern BC and discovered the terrain and weather that is perfect for heliskiing. We ski the Coastal and Skeena ranges. It is colder, the snow is lighter, and we have fewer down days than some operators to the South.


8. What is the average vertical for a week at Last Frontier Heliskiing’s Bell 2 Lodge?

130-140K vertical feet (well above average)

last frontier heli-skiing bc canada, helicopter skiing canada,

20K Feet/Day…..Lather, Rinse, Repeat


9. How does Bell 2 compare to your other location, Ripley Creek?

[See our recent HELISKI.com Interview with Last Frontier Ripley Creek Lodge]

Ripley Creek is more hard corps. Steeper and more trees. Groups that like fast to turn around. It appeals to more aggressive skiers. Lodging is a hotel and the prices are lower.

10. What is the best feature of a week at Last Frontier Heliskiing?

The terrain. Great slopes, variety, trees and easy pickups. The lodge is situated right in the center of the tenure, so we can go in whatever direction offers the best skiing / riding.


11. What would you change if you could?

Nothing, really. But I would like to add another lodge…

heliskiing llast frontier, heli skiing bell 2 lodge


12. You fly the A-Star B2, in three groups of 5, correct?


14. How many down days do you average in a season?

Only 5


15. What packages are you offering at Last Frontier Heliskiing?

4, 5 and 7-day

16. How does Last Frontier Heli-Skiing cater to heli-boarders, too?

Yes. We are able to mix skiers and riders with no problems. Our terrain does not require long run outs (aka death by flatness). 20-25% of our guests are heli-snowboarders.


Is there anything else you would like to add about Last Frontier Heliskiing at Bell 2?

I like to say that if God created terrain and climate for heliskiing, this is it.


Thanks, George. I hope to get up there to make some turns with you this winter and take advantage of the Lodge 2 Lodge Safari package, 2 group of 5 skiing from both lodges in one week!

And thanks for lunch!

Tom Jackson
CPO (Chief Powder Officer)

heliski canada, helicopter skiing canada heli ski canada, heli-skiing canada

heli-skiing canada, helicopter skiing bc canada

Expert Advice – Knowledge is Powder

heli ski canada, last frontier heliskiing canada

Later, George


HELISKI.com Interviews Last Frontier Heliskiing – Ripley Creek Lodge

Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek Lodge

Steeper, Deeper, Cheap(er) Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Lodge

Last Frontier Heliskiing has two lodges. Today I spoke with Mike Watling, Director, Sales and Marketing, about the Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek Lodge.

Look for our upcoming interview with owner George Rosett about his other operation, Last Frontier Heliskiing Bell 2 Lodge.

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1. Mike, Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek is known for more aggressive skiing, right?

Yes it is TJ. Some steep tree skiing and some monster alpine runs – some over 6000 vertical feet.

last frontier heliskiing bc canada, last frontier heliskiing canada

2. It’s also more aggressive on pricing, eh?

Right again. We can keep the prices lower at Last Frontier Ripley Creek because we are operating from a town.  At our other lodge, Bell 2, we are totally self-sufficient which comes at price.

last frontier heliskiing bc canada, helicopter skiing canada

This Ain’t the Holiday Inn, But it is Cool!

3. The lodging at Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek is actually a hotel. How does that work?

It’s a hotel but not quite like anything you have seen before. Erase any images of Holiday Inns or Best Western. This is a historic mining town and has a real Alaskan feel. The Ripley Creek Inn has quirkiness to it that our guests love. One of the buildings on property actually used to be a brothel. [Perfect for anyone who thinks they got screwed at another heliski outfit, eh?]

4. Your guests have their own dining setup, too, right?

You’ve done your homework haven’t you TJ…Yes we have the private use of a little restaurant just across the street from the hotel. Good food but nothing overly fancy. You are not paying for white linen at Ripley Creek, so it’s all about the skiing!

last frontier heliskiing, last frontier helicopter skiing

5. How does the terrain compare to Last Frontier Heliskiing Bell 2 Lodge?

That’s a tough one but we get asked a lot. In short the terrain is very similar, but if I were to have to give you something concrete – probably more variety of tree terrain at Ripley Creek.

6. Describe the travel to Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek.

1.  Fly Vancouver to Terrace (2hrs)
2.  Ground transfer Terrace to Stewart (4hrs)

It’s called the “Last Frontier Heliskiing” for a reason. Just as the best surf locations are not found in downtown LA…. You need to travel to get the goods.
[Well said, and I hope I sit next to you on the bus!]

7. What is the average vertical for a week at Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek Lodge?

Around 160,000 feet [WOW!], but if there’s a keen group of skiers who want more – no problem – we can have shortened lunches. And in the spring ski much later. If you want to go home with jello legs – no problem bring it on….

last frontier heliskiing bc, last frontier heliski canada

Looks like Alaska, eh? It might be…

8. What is the best feature of  Last Frontier Hels Ripley Creek?

I’m gonna enter the world of politics and say that there isn’t just one thing – it the whole thing. There’s a certain raw feel about being at Ripley Creek which you just don’t find at other locations…and it’s probably the small town that gives it the edge.

9. How does the weather compare to other parts of British Columbia?

Weather – everybody loves to compare weather, statistics etc. I think all skiers and heliskiers appreciate that it’s something we cannot control. There is always the chance of a down day. We only have the one helicopter operating from Ripley Creek most weeks so it’s not like we need the space in poorer weather to fly multiple machines. That’s definitely an advantage.

10. You ski in three groups of five, right?

Yup – total 15 pax. Sometimes we will run a private ship too. [Ship, that sounds cooler than chopper, I may have to start using it more]

canadian heliskiing, last frontier heliskiing

Oooooh Yeaaaah!

11. How many down days do you average in a season at Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek?

About 1 a week.

12. What packages are you offering at Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek?

4, 5 and 7 days trips. A Safari which runs 4 days at Bell 2 Lodge followed by 3 days at Ripley Creek or vice versa; as well as what we call the Rippin’ at Ripley trip – kina like a steep camp for advanced skiers only.

last frontier heliskiing heliboarding BC, last frontier heliskiing heli-boarding canada

Lunch in the Field Always Tastes Great!

13. Anything special offered [steep, safari, etc.]

Looks like a jumped the gun in Q 12! [just like a Ripley Creek Heliskiing dude. I bet he laps slow groups in a heartbeat]

14. Does Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek cater to heli-boarders, too?

Yes sireee. One plank or two – we don’t discriminate.

15. Is there anything else you would like to add about Last Frontier Heliskiing at Ripley Creek?

Hmmm. You can walk across the border into Alaska to get Hyderised. [Hyder Alaska is walking distance and famous for down-day debauchery]

Thanks, Mike. That seems like a good place to call it.

I hope to get up there to try the Safari this season!

Tom Jackson
CPO (Chief Powder Officer)


heli-skiing canada, helicopter skiing bc canada

Expert Advice – Knowledge is Powder

Helicopter Skiing Canada Operator Interview – TLH Heli Skiing Canada — HELISKI.com

TLH Heicopter Skiing Canada

Helicopter Skiing Canada in One Group with Unlimited Vertical, and Easy Travel from Whistler

1. TLH Helicopter Skiing Canada is the only Canadian heliskiing operator offering just one group per helicopter in a standard, Classic package.  Every group heli skis with their own helicopter.  How did you decide to offer what amounts to an inexpensive Private Helicopter Skiing Canada package?

“At TLH Helicopter Skiing Canada we separate ourselves from the pack by offering Canadian heliskiing and heliboarding packages that are more boutique and exclusive. A single group per helicopter offers the guest an unrivaled experience in the mountains as there is no waiting for additional groups. This also allows us greater bad weather tolerance as we do not have to extract multiple groups from the field with one helicopter.  Every group heli skis on its own.

After a big snowfall when the sky opens up to that endless bluebird day we are out into our big terrain skiing within 10 minutes. Packages that offer three groups per heli will have the third group waiting at least 30+ minutes to fly out after the first group, even when the first run is close to home. The first group out will also have that 30 minute wait to get onto their second run. The single group helicopter eliminates this wait time.

Single groups also give our Canadian helicopter skiing program more flexibility in marginal snow conditions. We can move our program in and out of different drainages quickly and efficiently as we don’t have to ferry 3 loads in and out of zones.”
[I love that!]

helicopter skiing, heliskiing canada

TLH Heli-Skiing Canada High Alpine Terrain?   Check


2. On top of just one group per machine, you offer unlimited vertical! Other Canada heliskiing operators tell me that it reminds them of the rancher who won the lottery, who plans to ‘keep on ranchin til it’s gone.’

How can you make money offering one group and unlimited vertical?!?

“Over the last 20 years of operating, TLH Heli-Skiing Canada has gained an intimate understanding of how much the average Canadian heli-skiing client is capable of skiing. With this in mind, we ran a pilot project to see if our vertical numbers reflected what guests would ski on an unlimited basis and budgeted accordingly. The pilot was a success, and we decided to carry it forward into our regular program. When guests can eliminate the need to balance their budget while they earn their turns, everyone “just heli skis.” . The experience is greatly enhanced because they will ski morning to night and never concern themselves with the add-ons to their bill. No one gets left in the lodge after reaching their guarantee to save money, and the skiing becomes an unlimited possibility. The skiers that have seen our 200,000 vertical weeks, with no additional charges, would ask “how we can afford not to?” as they re-book.

helicopter skiing, heliskiing Canada chopper liftoff

One Group per Group!  Like a Limo vs. a Taxi

3. Critics of the unlimited vertical heli skiing Canada offerings point out that the guests and operators are not goal congruent (high tech marketing jargon, sorry I couldn’t resist).

What do you say to skeptics who contend you may quit early or otherwise slow the pace to save money?

“Our answer to this is that the ‘proof is in the pudding’ so to speak.
Our average daily vertical for 2011 was 8700m or 27,710 ft per day.
Over 7 days that’s 200,970 ft. [WOW!]

Most Canada heli skiing packages that the competitors offer give you 100,000 vertical feet before you start paying for every additional 1000 ft. The last 4 weeks of 2011 saw us skiing over 200,000 ft. weekly, with one week at 250,000. As far as quitting early goes, our daily program runs from 0830 to 1630 in the field, and the only time we come home early is due to tired legs or bad weather.”


helicopter skiing, heli skiing Canada

Got Tree Skiing? Check


4. What is the average vertical for a week at TLH Helicopter Skiing Canada?

See above [That is one hellacious average!]


5. Flying a 212 helicopter must be much less expensive. Comparing to 407’s or A-Stars, what’s the difference in operating costs?

“Each aircraft has different operating costs based on the type of helicopter and the required maintenance on them. Generally smaller helicopters cost less to operate than a Bell 212. ” [Sorry, I was thinking per person]


TLH helicopter skiing, heli skiing canadian

Keep it running, we’ll be right down!


6. The group is only as fast as the slowest heliskier. What happens if the one group has a “lagging gaper” who can’t hang?

“At TLH Heli-Skiing Canada, all of our groups in the single group program run with 2 guides. When we have a dramatic split, one guide will take the faster skiers and lap the slower guys or pick a different line to cater to ability levels.” [Good answer!]


7. TLH Heli-Skiing Canada is probably the most convenient to Whistler-Blackcomb of any destination Canadian heli skiing operator. Describe the travel from Whistler.

“The transfer to TLH Heliskiing Canada is part of the adventure and experience, and a perfect start to your heliskiing holiday.

A 20 minute land transfer from Whsitler to Pemberton brings you to the airport, where you will board a DE Havilland Beaver ski plane. A 30 minute beautiful scenic flight over the mountains brings you to Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa, where you will land on the frozen lake in front of the lodge. [Very cool!]

All of our packages include this air transfer. When traveling by land, a pretty drive along a classic mountain highway offers views of frozen rivers, deep valleys, and diverse peaks. The Duffy from Pemberton to Lillooet is well-known for its incredible ski touring access and terrain.

Our proximity to Whistler allows us to build custom combo tours for guests who would also like to visit the world-renowned resort while on vacation.”


8. How about travel from, and return to Vancouver?

“Guests coming from Vancouver will travel up the Sea to Sky corridor through Whistler to Pemberton then connect with our air transfer to Tyax. The Sea to Sky is a famous, scenic drive through some of the best recreational playgrounds in Canada, including North Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler. With views over the Pacific Ocean, you move through some of the most ideal terrain for outdoor activity in all of British Columbia, while being captivated by the view of the white-capped Tantalus Mountain range towering in the background.”


helicopter skiing, tlh heli skiing canada room

The Lodge and Guests Rooms were Completely Remodeled Last Year

9. Your lodge has been upgraded recently. What’s new?

“Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa, the home of TLH Heliskiing Canada, underwent a massive renovation last summer and fall. We opened the 2011 heliskiing season with a completely revamped property. The space has been elegantly updated to modern standards to meet the expectations of the contemporary traveler while the ambiance of the lodge has been maintained; the goal of our renovations was to upgrade and enhance the level of luxury while maintaining the rustic feel of the lodge, representing our wilderness setting.

All guest rooms were completely renovated while the main areas saw complete upgrades and re-decorating, including the bar and lounge, the dining room, outdoor patio, and the den. The furniture in this Canadian heli-ski lodge has been replaced on all levels.  That includes easy chairs and leather sofas in the bar, warm inviting sofas in the lobby and bedding of the highest quality in all guest rooms.

The exterior of the lodge has seen all the balconies and decking replaced, giving the exterior of the lodge a modern and clean look. Our newly renovated kitchen is now producing a dining experience far beyond what was available historically. And very importantly for our heliskiing guests, we now offer a brand new spa with three treatment rooms, an infrared sauna, a wood sauna, a steam room, yoga studio and well-designed change rooms guaranteed to relax our guests. We will continue to improve our product and services as we move forward to winter 2012, including a new outdoor Jacuzzi in the fall renovations and an even greater emphasis of guest satisfaction and service.”


10. What’s the best thing about working with Canadian helicopter skiing agents like HELISKI.com?   Bonus Question: What do you think about shameless plugs by interviewers?

“They help connect us to clients on a broader spectrum; they are specializing in the product which in itself is very specialized.” [Yeah, it’s a niche of a niche, eh?]


11. Some clients are concerned about heliskiing so close to Whistler, where some storms dump heavy snow aka Sierra Cement. How does your snowfall amount and quality compare with other heliskiing destinations?

“Luckily TLH is on the East side of the Coast Mountains. The storms have to rise over the high peaks of the mountain range and then drop their snow on us. This means we avoid the warm temperatures on the West side of the Coast Mountains, where TLH heli skis!   That combined with the influence of the cold interior plateaus to the east of us we receive deep, dry snowpacks, quite different than that of Whistler.”

tlh heli-skiing bc canada

This Ain’t Whistler…


12. How many down days do you average in a season?

“1/2 day per week.

So pack your sunscreen! ” (My daughter makes me use sunscreen to limit the damage!)


13. What percentage of your guests is heliboarders, and what do you do to accommodate knuckle draggers?

“The heliboarding numbers vary from week to week but on average I would say 40% of our guests are on boards. When we have boarders in the group we simply alter our terrain choices to eliminate long traverses or flat sections.” [SWEET!]


helisnowboarding bc canada

How do snowboarders introduce themselves?

14. Do you know how snowboarders introduce themselves?

“OH! Sorry, Dude!”

[I’m not hating, I do both]

canadian heli-skiing


15. Is there anything else you would like to add about TLH Helicopter Skiing Canada?

“We offer a boutique product in an amazing lodge with a ski program that is suited to people that really want to ski.  Canadian Heli-skiing needs a shot in the arm and we are attempting to do it. Products and programs have been stagnating, and I think you will find most heli operators following our lead (once again) over the next few years! My comments are based on 13 years of heliskiing as a mountain guide, working actively in the guiding and the management of the heliskiing industry. We will be launching a new website this winter to bring our online presence up to the quality of our operation.”


Thanks, Cliff!  Looking forward to seeing the new lodge upgrades and skiing some deep untracked!

Tom Jackson
CPO (Chief Powder Officer)


heliski canada, helicopter skiing canada heli ski canada, heli-skiing canada

heli-skiing canada, helicopter skiing bc canada

Expert Advice – Knowledge is Powder