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What is the best heli-skiing?  It depends on:

  • How many days you want to heliski?
  • When you can go?
  • How many in your group(s)?
  • Where you are originating travel?
  • If you want to combine heliskiing with resort skiing?
  • The terrain you like?  Trees, high alpine, bowls or a mix?
  • The snow conditions you prefer?  Deep and dumping or sunny and stable?

Over the years, has published a The Best Heli-Skiing blog series.  Check it out and let us know if we can put together the best heli-skiing options for your group.

Heli-Skiing – Top 10 Criteria, or How to Pick the Best Heli-Skiing

Can you guess what the 10 criteria are for finding the best trip for your group?


Best Heli-Skiing –  Resort + Short Heliski Trip

“Warming up” before your heliski trip has become more popular.  Travel convenience is, of course a premium. reviews the best.


Revelstoke’s Best Short Heli-Skiing Trips

“Revi” is becoming heliski mecca.  Three operators compete for your heliskiing dollars.


Best Short Heli-Skiing Trips – Coast Range

These BC heliskiing trips are popular with those of us on the Left Coast.  Get there in one day, even after work!  On the last day, heliski and get all the way home!


Best BC Heli-Skiing:  Southeast BC’s Best Short Heli-Skiing Trips

Southeast British Columbia has the highest concentration of heliskiing options.  We review the best short heliskiing trips in SE BC, Canada.


What is the Best Deal in Heliskiing?

This is a questions we get often.   Here are some to consider for stretching your heli-skiing dollars.


What’s Best Heli-Skiing: January or March?

January gets tons of snow.  March gets tons of sun.  Stability dictates terrain options.  Here are some guidelines for picking the best time of year for you best helicopter skiing experience.


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