Am I Good Enough to Go Heliskiing? First Time Heliskiing.

Lots of clients worried about being good enough to heliski; particularly if it’s their first time heli-skiing.

But the truth is that heliskiers are predominantly 45-60 year-olds. It’s more about creature comforts and guaranteed untracked than it is about busting your ass.  Of course some places are more hard corps.  That is a subject for another blog.

As long as you get in reasonable shape, the answer is probably yes, you can hang.  The advent of fat, shaped skis, provided by all operators, has been a real game changer.  I think that also explains why resorts are tracked out by 11AM on powder days……but I digress.

Most of us ramp up our conditioning, and we should. You don’t want to miss out on vertical, slow your group or get hurt. So you owe it to yourself to get in shape – good shape. Especially quads and core. Cardio is important, especially for recovery. Altitude, although nothing like Colorado or Utah, can make it more challenging to get oxygen and recover from a long run…or long day.

At most places there will be three or four groups, so the operator will group skiers of like ability, speed and thirst for vertical.  If you bring your own group, you can set your own pace, too.  We can recommend operators who offer groups of 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11.

What about jumping out of the helicopter or hucking cliffs?  Not to worry.  Guides will make sure you don’t get pushed beyond your comfort level.

Is a heliskiing trip like the day trip I tried it at a resort?  Probably not.  Resort-based trips are designed to give you a taste.   Some are only 3 runs.  (If you want to try a one-day trip, we can recommend some good ones.)

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