Women: “Going in the Backcoutry” and other Heliskiing tips for Women from CMH Heliskiing

What Women Need to Know About Heli-Skiing by Candadian Mountain Holidays (CMH Heliskiing)

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, alaska heli-skiing helicopter“Going” on the Slopes:

We asked some of our ski sisters to share their best tips for a comfortable day of skiing.

Backcountry Relief (How to Go on the Slopes)

Anatomically speaking, men have it easy in the backcountry. And not just because they tend to have larger bladders! A few hints to ease the situation:
Resist temptation! If you can live without coffee or tea on ski mornings, do so. This will help keep you better hydrated.

Go before you go. Make sure you take one last bathroom break before leaving the lodge.

Keep hydrated. Don’t let any shyness prevent you from drinking water and electrolytes between runs. Hydration is critical and will help keep your legs strong ‘til the end of the day.

Your guide can help! When you feel the urge, ask your guide to orchestrate a group look-away: they’re happy to assist.

Go with the flow. Try to ‘hold it’ until there is a natural break in the flow of skiing (snacks, lunch, heli-refueling, etc.).

Dress for it!  This is one time when pants and a jacket are far superior to the one-piece or bibs. However, if that’s what you have, just make sure that your under layers are easy to maneouver in a way that will allow you to ‘assume the position’ without having to take off more than one layer. And be particularly careful where you aim…

Bring a baggie. Keep your t-paper and any other supplies you need in a baggie that can double as an airtight garbage bag.

Skiing with the Guys

Women tend to be better skiers than they realize. In general, women under-rate their skiing ability and fitness level. Don’t be intimidated! Relax, fall in with your group and hold your own. If you feel that your group is too fast or too slow for your liking, talk to your guide about opportunities to switch it up during the week.

Help Out

All CMH guests ski with a backpack provided by CMH, which includes a probe and shovel. Make sure you ALSO take your turn carrying the special radio packs, but don’t be surprised if one or two skiers hang onto them for the day. Some people just prefer to be at the back of the group.

Also, common heli-ski courtesy is to take turns going first behind the guide. But be warned: there are no friends on a powder day!

Cozy in the ‘Copter

It’s warm and cozy in the heli. And be warned: you will get to know your fellow skiers rather well during the heli lifts. Tight quarters means rubbing shoulders and interlocking legs.

Women Rock!

There are many exceptional women skiers among our guests, staff and guides. If you have questions that men just won’t relate to, ask one of them!

An Intrepid Host

“Hi! I’m Ellen Slaughter, CMH’s Calgary Community Connection. I’ve made a career of planning and hosting women’s adventure trips, and several of these have been Heli-Skiing adventures. Women who ski with us at CMH are thoroughly pampered in one of our luxurious and remote lodges. We fly to mountain tops to ski the best powder in the world with highly trained guides. We are inspired and left speechless by the incredible beauty that surrounds us. We laugh out loud and chat like only a group of women can! Whether we’re from Calgary, Buenos Aires, Kentucky, Colorado, Toronto or NYC, we share an experience of a lifetime and become forever friends. I invite you to join me in the mountains…come alone or gather a group of friends.”

Ellen Slaughter, CMH Calgary Community Connection


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