Just got the most amazing email from a single woman.

“Most likely I’d be skiing and traveling as a single. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet dated anyone with the time and/or financial resources I have. Therefore, I haven’t been doing the types of trips that I like and can afford.

Rather than wait around for a travel/ski partner, I’m ready to go it alone.” SWF Heliski.com Client


In a sport famous for man soup in the hot tub, this is the equivalent of a mirage. She couldn’t pick a better way to meet someone, as heliskiers are all athletic men with money. Reminds me of windsurfing in the San Francisco Bay back in the day. 95% men.

Heli-skiing Canada, bc helicopter skiing canada
The Hot Hot Tub at Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing…….aka Tuffy’s Angels

Heliskiing for single women is like booking yourself on Millionaire Matchmaker with the bonus of heliskiing untracked all day! Of course I recommended a trip that I’m on, but like any mirage, it will go up in smoke. At least it’s Canadian Cold Smoke.


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