Why Heliski in January? Heliskiing Operator Series: Great Canadian Heli-skiing

Heli-Skiing in January may be the heliski industry’s best kept secret.   It is often overlooked, as February has always been the most popular month for heliskiing.  HELISKI.com is asking the heliskiing operators and owners what they like about January, and how it differs from the other months for heliskiing.   First up, Great Canadian Heli-skiing.  See our summary of GCH here.




The holiday season has fast become the best know secret at Great Canadian Heli-skiing. Snow has been falling since October, and when the maddening crowds rush to join the other maddening crowds at the resorts, our terrain sits quietly, in its cold blanket of deep light snow for those who have chosen to escape the lifts. Cold Smoke would be a good way to describe the conditions, one because temperatures tend to be colder (a daily average of -9°C) and two because the snow is so light it leaves effervescent wisps in your trails. It also tends to snow a lot at this time of year, a monthly average of 262 cm and 273 cm for both December (snowfall 22 of 31 days) and January (snowfall 21 of 31 days) respectively, that is addition to the 392 cm the total average snowfall for September, October, November combined. In sum, winter may have just begun at your local resort, however we are in the middle of it here at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing.


Great Canadian Heli-skiing


Many guests come at this time of year because they like skiing gladed trees. There are higher odds of tree skiing at this time of year due to the number of snowy days we have.


Greg Porter
Great Canadian Heli-Skiing


heliskiing facial


PS  Here at Great Canadian we have the flexibility of starting on any day of the week. We are happy to suit their schedules.


Available dates include January 3-5 or 4-6.  3 days of heli-skiing over a weekend!  Availability for a group of 4.


Or 4 day trip arriving Monday January 13 and ski January 14-17 also for a group of 4.



GCH heliskiing lodge interior ACAD6




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