Bighorn Lodge (Revelstoke), Luxury and Exclusivity


Bighorn Lodge may be the most exclusive and luxurious heliskiing accommodation.  Bighorn Lodge caters to groups of up to 10.  Bighorn is a an exclusive heli-skiing experience in Revelstoke, BC.   Your private group has access to one of three local helicopter skiing operators:  Eagle Pass Heliskiing and Heliboarding, Selkirk-Tangiers Heliskiing and CMH.    The CMH terrain includes these five CMH areas:  Revelstoke, CMH / K2 (Kootenay), Galena, Bugaboos and Bobbie Burns.

Bighorn Lodge Location

Revelstoke, BC Canada.   Bighorn has a private heli pad!


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Access to the heliskiing terrain offered by Revelstoke heli skiing operators:   Eagle Pass Heli Skiing & Heliboarding, Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) or Selkirk-Tangiers Heli Skiing;  including the Selkirks and Monashees!

Bighorn Lodge Standard Packages Offered

Private groups of up to 10,  for 4-day,  5-day and 7-day heli-skiing and heli-boarding trips.

Bighorn Lodge and Dining Description

Bighorn Lodge is Amazing!  Single rooms with balconies.  Every amenity and an award winning chef.

Additional Information

Guests per Lift: 4-10.
Lifts per Helicopter: 1-2.
Type of Helicopter: Varies depending on group size.
Airport for Travel: Calgary or Kelowna
Price of Extra Vertical:  Varies depending on operator.

What is Unique/Why Us?

Bighorn Lodge has been recognized as the best helicopter skiing lodge many times.  Fly into the wilderness from your private helipad with your choice of three local heliskiing operators.  Single rooms for every guest, gourmet cuisine and a team of staff dedicated to delivering an unforgettable experience.

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