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The Best Heliskiing in Revelstoke!

Revelstoke Heli Skiing is the second in our series on the best heliskiing trips. clients often ask us to put together the best short heli skiing trips.   This usually includes 3 or 4 days of heliskiing with minimal travel time and minimal risk.  For some, it is more about getting the best deal – Do you want the best heliskiing Revelstoke prices?.   Others want to combine heli skiing Revelstoke and resort skiing.  We offer four options to heliski Revelstoke.   We will also put together the best Revelstoke heli skiing trip for your group, free.

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Here we discuss the best short heli skiing Revelstoke trips.  We visited all three Revelstoke heli skiing operators last winter.    It is a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

In future posts, we will offer advice for the best heli skiing in Southeastern BC, the US and the best heliskiing combined with resort skiing and boarding.

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CMH Revelstoke Heli Skiing’s Iconic Big Apple

image: Topher Donahue/Canadian Mountain Holidays Revelstoke Heli Skiing

Revelstoke Heli Skiing Travel Time / Convenience

Revelstoke heli ski options are not the most convenient heli skiing destination to reach, but it’s not bad.  It is best to fly to Kelowna, then drive or take a shuttle two hours.  Kelowna has better reliability than many remote BC airports, thanks to weather and more sophisticated radar.

Heli Skiing Revelstoke Cost

The good news is that there are three Revelstoke heli skiing operators, and multiple packages from which to choose the best heliskiing.   Typically, the longer the trip to which clients are willing to commit, the better the rates.

Heliski Revelstoke Down Day Risk

The weather is about the same for all three.  Selkirk-Tangiers claims to have a slight advantage, claiming the best heli skiing geography and the longest tenured Revelstoke heli-skiing.

The Best Short Heliskiing Trips – Heli Skiing Revelstoke

It is possible to do a short heli skiing trip to the heart of BC helicopter skiing, aka the Epic Center of the Monashees – Revelstoke.   You can fly into Kelowna, which is just two hours by rental car or shuttle service.  Kelowna can be reached by direct flight from Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, as well as many other.  Check out the map of Revelstoke Heli Ski town.

Canadian airports, including Edmonton, Victoria, Kamloops, Prince George, Red Deer, Abbotsford, Cranbrook and Whitehorse.
International airport direct flights into Kelowna, BC include:  LA, Phoenix, Seattle, Las Vegas, Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.There are three Revelstoke Heli Ski options:  Eagle Pass Heliski / Heliboard (run by boarders), Selkirk-Tangiers Heli Ski (owned by the Revelstoke Mountain Resort), and CMH Revelstoke- one of two hotels out of their 12 heliski locations in Canada.

Eagle Pass Heliski and Heliboard offers both all-inclusive and single-day Revelstoke heli skiing small group heliskiing with unlimited vertical.  They have a new day-heliskiing lodge 6 km out of town.  The lodge is very nice.  And it only holds 12 guests, so book early.

Single Day Revelstoke Heli Skiing

There are three options for single day Revelstoke Heli Skiing:  Eagle Pass Day Program, – which books up fast, so reserve early.   Selkirk-Tangiers Heli Skiing Revelstoke usually has openings during the season.   And CMH Revelstoke Heli Skiing.   Be aware that CMH Revelstoke Heliski will only take singles within 7-10 days of the heliski date.

Heliskiing, Eagle Pass Best Heliskiing, Revelstoke Heli-Skiing Eagle Pass Heliskiing & Heliboarding is Small Groups Only

Selkirk-Tangiers Heli-Skiing runs both large and small group heliskiing from a hotel just outside of Revelstoke.  Selkirk-Tangiers Heli Skiing can offer great deals because of the hotel lodging and large helicopters.  Helicopters in the parking lot is cool!
Best Heliskiing, STH Revelstoke Heli Skiing

Selkirk-Tangiers Heliski Revelstoke Ranges:  The Selkirks and Adamants

CMH Revelstoke Heli Skiing offers 1, 3 and 4-day large group heliskiing, mostly booked in advance.   We can sometimes get space within a week of the start date for a CMH trip that is not sold out.  Lodging is a hotel in ‘downtown’ Revelstoke.  There are some cool amenities, including restaurants, night life and a lap pool.  CMH Heliski Revelstoke is in 4 groups of 11.

Mica Heli-Skiing deserves honorable mention among the Revelstoke heli skiing options.  It takes a little longer to reach, and it is not cheap.   But Mica’s new lodge is almost always sold out, which should tell you something! (Image by Keri Knapp)

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