Bad golf is off to a good start this season.  I joined The Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon.  They offer an old guys special – all you can eat Monday through Friday for $270/mo.  You have to commit to 12 months.

The Bridges is a bitch of a course.  Johnny Miller designed in a canyon that was unsuitable for housing….which is saying something in the Bay Area.    My handicap took an immediate hit.


I had been playing a short, par 63 course called Dublin Ranch.   Like my old girlfriend, it’s close and cheap.  Lots of par 3’s.   So I got my handicap down into single digits, for the second time.   January in Norcal has been great golf weather.  I have played almost every weekday.   Many times I play solo and play two balls.  So, I’m getting over 5 rounds a week.


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