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I get this question a lot.  Heli Skiing Canada is very different from heliskiing Alaska.   There are stark contrasts in terrain, snow, lodging, runs, pricing, travel and amenities between Alaska heliskiing and Canadian heliskiing.  The big differences are……..

heli skiing canada lodge

              BC Lodges, Food and Amenities are Deluxe

  • Alaska heliskiing is almost all above tree line.  Most heli-skiing in Canada has a variety of high alpine and tree skiing.
  • Alaska heliskiing weather is more problematic, both for travel and for skiing (I was once down for 6 days in a row in Valdez Alaska).  You may have to drive from Anchorage (5 hrs.) because the flights in and out of Valdez are canceled, often.
  • Heli Skiing Canada is more travel-friendly
  • Alaska heliskiing is serious steep.  They can get as extreme as you can handle.  I’m an accomplished powder skier and former ski bum. There are places that will scare the hell out of me in Alaska.  They claim to have terrain similar to Canadian heliskiing, but that is not where you heliski in Alaska.
  • Alaska heliskiing is beautiful and wild.  It is hard to relate the vastness of heliskiing Alaska vs heliskiing Canada.   But it is striking!
  • We work with some great heli-skiing operators in both Canada and Alaska.
  • Alaska heliskiing is a later season than heli skiing Canada, because of the temps and the daylight. March is the early season for Alaska heliskiing.  April is prime time.
  • Alaska heliskiing accommodations are not luxurious.  Nothing like Canadian heli skiing lodges.  Sometimes you commute from a Valdez hotel or even stay in a motor home.
  • There is an operator out of Mt. Alyeska that would allow you to ‘warm up’ before you heliski/boarding.  And you can ski the resort or go catskiing on down days.  Let me know if you want me to research.
Alaska heliskiing TJ shot

TJ Heli-Skiing Alaska – Heliskiing & Scenery are Amazing and Dramatic.

I would NOT try Alaska heliskiing for my first heliski trip, have a tight schedule or want the classic heliski lodge experience.  Heli Skiing Canada is the place to start.

I WOULD heliski Alaska if I was craving steep, easy on time, patient and looking for bucket list check marks.


Let us know if you want recommendations for heli skiing Canada or Alaska, or both.


alaska heli-sking vs heli sking canada

Alaska is Awesome!


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