Our good friend John Forrest at Northern Escape Heli-Skiing has some great early season deals. Make sure to tell him TJ sent you.

Early Season Heli-Skiing Deals from Northern Escape
Northern Escape Heli-Skiing Canada

This year NEH is adding catskiing backup, so they will have zero down-days. To inaugurate the new service they offer:

  • Jan 7th to 10th, Inaugural Snow Cat Event, 3-day Snowcat, Unlimited Vertical, $1,690 Can.

Northern Escape Heli-Skiing has some other great early season deals, too:

  • Jan 10th to 14th, 4 days Heliskiing, Unlimited Vertical, Early Season Rate – $4,890
  • Jan 14th to 21st, 7 days Heliskiing, Unlimited Vertical, Early Season Rate – $8,790
  • Jan 21st to 23rd, 2 day Heliskiing Special, Unlimited Vertical, Early Season Rate – $2,460

And, Steep Camp returns:

  • March 28th to April 1st, Steep Camp, $6,990

Northern Escape Heli-Skiing is a great operation with fantastic skiing, DEEP snow, catskiing backup and easy travel. Cool people, nice place, fast chopper (Koala).



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