What’s Best: January or March?

February is sold out with many heliskiing operators. Although we represent 95% of all available seats, so we can still find some spaces – drop us an email.

But if you can’t get a reservation at your favorite location, and you have to ‘compromise’, which is better: January or March? It depends on what is most important to your group.



heli-skiing canada in Janaury heliboarding


  • The best secret in the industry. Most guides and operators will tell you this is their favorite skiing of the season.
  • Colder – So you may have to bundle up, but you may get drier, lighter powder
  • Short days – This can limit your vertical; which is especially bad if you are paying for unlimited vertical. It’s also worse the farther you go North. Alaska gets twice as much light at the end of their ‘season’ as they do in the beginning.
  • Snowpack /Coverage /Stability – Not usually a problem unless it’s a lean year, or you are very early in January. But as any treeskier knows, coverage matters. Early season will have fewer boundary layers, but may also be relatively unsettled.
  • Price – early January and late March are the best deals going. Early April is a very good deal, and many operators would keep going if demand existed. The ‘prime’ weeks are now bleeding into late January and early March.



heliskiing canada in March


  • Warmer – Sometimes too warm, but usually very comfortable. Too warm can make south-facing slopes ski like mashed potatoes.
  • Longer Days – Think huge vertical and tired legs. 40-45K vertical feet in a day is possible! If you choose Unlimited Vertical, you can really rack up the vert.
  • Coverage/Stability/Terrain – By March, everything is skiable. Some cornices may build up, but stability is usually very good. Spring heliskiing usually includes a heavy dose of high alpine / glacier skiing. Runs so smooth and consistent that you may want to bring something to read…..kidding. I have counted 50 turns with my eyes closed, however.
  • Price – Not as cheap as January, but the later you go, the better the price.

Let me know if you have something to add, please.



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