Tragedy & History

Tragedy struck in February, in the form of cartilage injury.  I was warming up on the driving range when I felt a twinge on my left side.  I played, but by 16 I was not sure I could finish.   My brothers diagnosed it over the phone, aka Doc In A Booth.

I’ve had plenty of rib injuries – snowboarding, windsurfing, biking.  I know the drill, and it sucks.  Aleve, ice and anti-inflammatory topicals.  You just have to be patient.

So played a lot of online poker.  The one I like best, because you can use a HUD (heads up display) is Ignition Casino.  Use that link and I get some extra chips!   I also recommend using Bitcoin.

The other site I use is Global Poker.  It’s anonymous, so you can only read players based on the current session.  But it seems to be softer (better).

In addition to getting more heavily into online poker, I ordered a stack of books.  I read a book on the construction of the Panama canal, which was quite good.  The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, by David McCullough.        I like his books.  Here are my favorites:


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