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Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Alaska Heli Skiing Lodge

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

We love Tordrillo Mountain Lodge for Alaska heli skiing adventure with luxury lodging and amenities.  If you have a group of up to 8, looking for steep and luxury, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is it!  Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is located in one of Alaska’s largest and most geographically diverse mountain ranges, the Tordrillo Mountains.  Tordrillo Mountain Lodge offers a perfect base camp for exploring some of the most spectacular Alaska heli skiing terrain.  Luxurious hospitality and adventure on an Alaskan adventure you will never forget.  And the Tordrillo Mountain guides are among the most experience Alaska heli skiing guides!

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Heli Skiing Alaska       Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, alaska heli-skiing landing zone

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Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Location:  Tordrillo Mountain Range, Alaska.   West of Anchorage.

Airport for Travel:  Anchorage, Alaska.  Then a commuter flight from Fly Out Travel.

Terrain Description:  The Tordrillos are one of Alaska’s most beautiful and accessible mountain ranges, full of rivers, lakes, lush forests and countless snow-covered mountains, there is much to explore.


Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Standard Packages Offered:  Winter; Cast and Carve.

Winter:  7 days of lodging and heli skiing.  Ski weeks begin on Sunday and end on Saturday, with the departure day and arrival day on Sunday of each ski week. All heli ski packages include 5 flight hours (Hobbs) per group of 4. Additional flight time will be charged at $4,000 per flight hour for each group of 4.

Cast and Carve: 5 days of lodging, heli skiing and heli fishing.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Heli Skiing Details:

Guest to Guide Ratio:  4 to1

Private Packages Offered:  Yes

Type of Helicopter:  Eurocopter AS 350-B3 (A-Star)

Guests per Lift: 4

Lifts per Helicopter:  3

tordrillo mountain lodge, Alaska Heli Skiing

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Accommodations and Dining Description:

“We can honestly say that our accommodations, cuisine, terrain and service are the best that Alaska has to offer.  TML accommodates a maximum of 12 guests.”

Year Founded:

Travel from Airport:

On Arrival in Anchorage, Alaska on Saturday, guests are transported to The Hotel Captain Cook, accommodations provided that evening. On Sunday, guests are transported to Lake Hood by Fly Out Travel float plane to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. At the end of the week, clients are returned to the airport or their hotel.

Down Days per Season:

Weather dependent


Ski Options on Down Day:  

Cross country and skate skiing on 20 km of groomed trails, snow machine tours, ice fishing, target shooting, clay target shooting, snow shoeing and indoor activities, including massage therapy, yoga and exercise equipment are also provided.


What is Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Unique / Why Us?:

Our goal is to exceed expectations in all facets of the experience. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is home to the most experienced and knowledgeable heli ski guides whose desire is to give every guest an unforgettable experience through one million acres of Alaskan wilderness. The lodge’s amenities; gourmet meals, massages, spa services, a wood-burning hot tub and more, make Tordrillo Mountain Lodge an unmatched, luxurious experience.”

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