The Heli-Skiing Window in Your Life

Your Heli-Skiing Window

Is your heli-skiing window opening or closing?

Heli-skiing requires the combination of money, skill, adventure and health.  Few qualify.   Most of our clients are taking advantage of the heli-skiing window opened by disposable income, skill, and appetite for adventure, and closing by age.

Heli-skiing is an elite sport. Fewer than 1% of skiers ever heli-ski. For every day of untracked powder heliskiing, there are over 1,000 resort ski days.

Your heli-skiing window is Open when…..

heliski, heli-skiing   The kids are gone or going.

heliski, heli-skiing  The second wife has redecorated the house, etc.

heliski, heli-skiing  You have disposable income.

heliski, heli-skiing Your trust fund is liquid.

heliski, heli-skiing The business can survive a week without you.

heliski, heli-skiing Your bucket list becomes real.

heliski, heli-skiing You realize a part of how measure life is by ‘peak’ events.

heliski, heli-skiing It is time to treat yourself.


How to Jump Through Your Heli-Skiing Window

What next?


helicopter bullet shorter    Rally your best ski buddies.

helicopter bullet shorter   Get early ‘Tower Clearance’ – you know how by now.

helicopter bullet shorter   Make a deposit.

helicopter bullet shorter   GET IN SHAPE!

helicopter bullet shorter   Call or email   Tell us your budget for time and money, as  well as you wish list for powder, terrain, travel convenience, lodge atmosphere, group size, skiing speed, etc.  We will give you the best options – free.   Call 866-HELISKI


Thanks to CMH Heliskiing for the cool shot of the Bugaboos Lodge from the air.
And thanks to Dave Silver for the awesome shot of jumping heliskiers at Last Frontier Heli-Skiing.



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