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The heliski gear interview series contnued when we got together with Nick Nick Castagnoli of Rossignol.  We talked about the Rossi powder gear.


The S7 has been very popular.  Which heliski operators offer them to clients?

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Rossi S7

Snowwater Heli Ski, Nelson, BC

Ruby Mtn Heli Ski, Nevada

High Mtn Heli, Jackson Hole, WY

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What about the design has made it so popular in powder?


Rossignol’s S-Series Freeride line (including the S7, S7 W, Super 7, Squad 7) all feature our revolutionary and proprietary rocker design called, Powder Turn Rocker.

Powder Turn Rocker combines a wider, high-rocker tip with a high-rocker pin-shaped tail and traditional camber underfoot. This design puts skiers in an ideal position when skiing in deep snow. By allowing the ski tips to stay effortlessly afloat as the pintail drops into softer snow, skiers get fatigue-free maneuverability, easier steering, effortless floatation and instant speed control.

The other award-winning trait of S-Series skis is the incredible all-mountain versatility they deliver. The traditional camber underfoot combined with a Centered Sidecut gives skiers the best of both worlds: effortless floatation and maneuverability in the deep and all-mountain versatility when conditions aren’t as ideal.





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Rossi Super 7

What’s different about the Super 7?


The S7 uses no metal laminates, while the Super 7 has two-layers of titanal to provide a damper feel, and is available in a 188cm and 195cm only. While anyone from an intermediate to an expert level skier can feel at home on the original S7, the Super 7 is more ideally suited for heavier and/or more aggressive freeskiers.





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Squad 7


Tell us about the new Squad 7 and how it compares.  [Sweet graphics!]


The Squad 7 is a big-mountain pow-slayer built for the hardest-chargers on the hill. It’s wider underfoot and features a much longer turn radius than the S7 and Super 7, making it a little less versatile and more ideally suited for skiers focused on pinning it through the deepest conditions.





What are the best boots for a 50-something heliskier?


That’s not quite as simple. Ski boots are not only what drive all skier movement and energy to the ski, but a good, comfortable fit ensures you’ll perform better and stay out longer; and that’s a pretty personal/subjective thing. Depending on the skier’s foot shape/width, weight, ability, ankle flexion, etc, etc; all of these things will help determine the right boot for that person. With all that said, Rossignol is the only brand that builds its ski boots in 4 different lasts (97mm, 100mm, 102mm and 104mm) to help ensure that skiers who need a stiffer flex, but have a wider foot, don’t have to compromise comfort for performance and vice versa. No matter foot shape or ability, Rossignol has built a boot for you. For help getting fitted and choosing the right boot for your foot, locate the nearest Rossignol dealer at




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Experience Magtek

The Experience MagTek is Xavier De Le Rue’s board of choice, and is built to push to boundaries of big-mountain riding. For most riders though, I’d recommend the Krypto MagTek. It’s a toned down version of the Experience, built with the same DNA, but more accessible. The Krypto MagTek won Outside Magazine’s 2012 Gear of the Year!


RoosterTV has a great video of extreme boarding.

Euro Lines – Xavier de Le Rue


Experience Magtek


Got any heliboard or heliski videos to share?


Not heliskiing, but check out the S-Series product video


What’s the best Rossi shell for the deep stuff?


The Phantom STR jacket and Phantom Bib Pant. Both feature 20K waterproofing to keep you dry, and the jacket has an integrated powder skirt and lycra cuffs to keep the snow out.



Is there anything else you would like heliskiers to know about Rossignol Skis?


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