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Robson Heli Skiing Canada Description

Robson Heli Skiing Canada is one of the best kept secrets in Canadian heli-skiing.  A small, intimate and experienced heli-skiing Canada operator for over twenty years.  Most groups end up as Private, but just not as expensive.  Spectacular Canada heli skiing in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia.  Read Over Interview With Robson Heli Skiing Canada


Valemount, BC Canada Heli-Skiing.

Terrain Description:

1.500 square kilometers of epic high country Canada heli skiing powder.

Guests per Lift:

It depends on the size of your heli-skiing Canada groups.  1-10

Lifts per Helicopter:

Usually you have the helicopter to yourself, without paying Private rates.

Type of Helicopter:

Bell 407 and Bell 205

Resort and Cat Skiing Options:

Marmot Basin 1.5 hours or cat skiing 20 minutes away

Private Packages Offered:

Yes! Groups can rent the helicopter and guides.  Heli Ski as much or as little as you would like (based on safety guidelines, of course).

Down Days per Season:

Average 2-3 per season.

Airport for Travel:

Kamloops, Prince George, Edmonton, Calgary

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Lodging and Dining Description

Variety of lodging, standard rooms to log cabins to exclusive rocky mountain chalet with private chef and masseuse.  The Best Western is also an option.

Standard Packages Offered

  • 3, 5, and 7 day package
  • 3, /12,000 Vertical Meters/ 5 day Vertical 20,000 and 7 day 28,000
  • Robson takes one to the most flexible approaches to heli skiing Canada.

Price of Extra Vertical

Robson Helicopter Skiing Canada no longer counts vertical, guests can heliski as much or as little as they want.  Truly a unique Canadian heli-skiing offering.

What is Unique/Why Helicopter Skiing Canada with Us?

Small groups, guaranteed, at small prices. Epic Canada heli skiing without the stress of large groups or corporate feel.

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