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Description of Purcell Heli-Skiing

For over 35 years, Purcell Heli-Skiing has offering heli-skiing Canada from their base in Golden, BC.  As you may have guessed, in the Purcell Mountains.  They specialize in flexible daily or multi-day heli-ski packages.

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Purcell Helicopter Skiing Location

Purcell heli-ski’s base is located a few minutes East of Golden town centre, just off Highway 1.  Only a 2.5 hour drive west of Calgary; 90 minutes west of Banff.

Purcell Heli Skiing Terrain Description

Purcell has over 250 runs offering every conceivable type of terrain and exposure. Skiing/boarding takes place on alpine glaciers and open slopes, as well as in the trees and gladed areas of the subalpine forest.

Standard Packages Offered

Daily 3 run or 5 run packages and multi-day packages.  Packages include your chosen number of runs, professional ski guiding standard powder ski and pole rental, safety equipment, packed lunch, apres ski platter and heli ski/board pin.

Purcell Heliskiing Lodging and Dining Description

Purcell is happy to recommend lodging and dining options from a great selection in the Golden area.

Resort and Cat Skiing Options

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort an amazing local resort.  Lake Louise, Sunshine, Norquay,  Panorama and Revelstoke are all within approximately 2 hours driving distance.

Private Packages Offered

Purcell offers private packages in an A-star helicopter that can seat 4 guests, or semi-private packages in the larger machine that can seat up to 10 guests.

Additional Information on Purcell Heli Skiing

Price of Extra Vertical: Extra runs cost about $100 Canadian. Some minimums are required.
Guests per Lift: 10 guests, 2 guides.
Lifts per Helicopter:  Up to 4 groups per helicopter.
Type of Helicopter:  Bell 205
Down Days per Season: Varies each year, between 4 and 12.
Airport for Travel: International airport: Calgary.

What is Unique/Why Purcell Heli-Skiing?

“As a small company we can offer a more personal service. We strive to meet our guests’ needs and to provide the most exclusive, safest heli-skiing/boarding experience possible. We are one of only a few operations that offer daily heli-skiing, which gives people more flexibility to fit heli-skiing into their holiday. We offer great skiing in an amazing area. Come join us for your unforgettable experience….. Ski with those who know how it should be done!”

Purcell Helicopter Skiing BC Canada.

There are many aspects to consider for your ideal heli-skiing Canada trip. Some of the things to ask yourself, and to tell HELISKI.com, will allow us to narrow down the dozens of destinations for your heli-skiing in Canada.

  • Do you prefer an intimate heli-ski lodge or ‘the more the merrier?’
  • Do you want to heli-ski in a group of four or are you OK in a group as big as eleven?
  • How many days or dollars can you spend heli skiing Canada?
  • Do you prefer heliskiing trees, bowls, glaciers and high alpine or all of the above?
  • Do you want unlimited vertical, or do you want a base amount with the option to pay for extra heli-skiing Canada? (We are happy to do the math for you.)
  • Do you want to get to and from your heliski Canada lodge as quickly as possible, or do you have time to burn?
  • When do you want to schedule heliskiing Canada?
  • Do you want to try heliskiing Canada during or after a resort skiing vacation?
  • Where are you originating travel?
  • Do you want a remote, rustic lodge from which to heliski Canada?
  • Do you want catskiing or resort skiing options in case the helicopters cannot fly?

Canadian Mountain Holidays or CMH Heli-Skiing offers more Canada for over 50 years! Most CMH Heli-Skiing lodges are remote. Some require a helicopter ride to access the lodge. Different lodges serve different terrain, snow qualities, group sizes and trip lengths. We are happy to recommend those that fit your group best. choices than any other operator, and they have been heli-skiing.

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing is the second largest operator, and has been heli skiing Canada almost as long as CMH Heli-Skiing. There are two lodging options at Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing – Blue River and Albreda. They offer different lodging and heli-ski Canada options that also vary throughout the season. HELISKI.com can help you choose.

There are dozens of smaller operators for your heliskiing Canada pleasure. Do you want a great, classic lodge like Skeena or Mica Heliski Canada? Do you want easy access so you spend your time heli-skiing Canada like Northern Escape Heli-Skiing? Do you want unlimited vertical, like Great Canadian Heli-Skiing and Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing? Love trees? Consider Bearpaw Heliskiing or one of the CMH Heli-Skiing areas that specialize in trees. If you want your own food and lodging, check out RK Heli-Skiing. How about one group per helicopter at TLH Heli-Skiing Canada.

There are myriad choices. Email or call 866-HELISKI so we can get started putting together the best fit for your heliskiing Canada trip!
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