New A-Star Elite Program at Northern Escape heli-skiing Canada in 2 Groups of 4

What’s new in Canada helicopter skiing?

Northern Escape added a new A-Star program to Canada helicopter skiing options.

Guests heliski in two groups of 4 in an A-Star.  Canada helicopter skiing operators ski in three groups per helicopter, for the most part.  The new A-Star Elite program is just two groups Canada helicopter skiing.

heli-skiing Canada, Canada helicopter skiing

A-Star B2 is common in Canada Helicopter Skiing….  But just two groups per helicopter is not!

Lodging for the A-Star Elite guests is in the new Mountain Lodge, accessed by helicopter.

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Skiing in two groups of 4 allows your group to really rack up the vertical.    So we highly recommend you add the innovative NEH Unlimited Vertical Option.  In addition to freeing you from worrying about sticker shock on Friday, it includes a higher minimum guarantee for your Canada helicopter skiing.

During prime time, A-Star Elite 7-days is $10,999 Can.   You can add the Unlimited Vertical Option for an additional $2,100.  This compares to the Classic NEH package at $9,999 –  add the Unlimited Vertical Option for an additional $2,100.  18 guests share a Koala, which is very nice, skiing in three groups of six.  (Mention and get an Early Booking Incentive $400 Off)

So it’s an extra $1,000.  A no-brainer!

Like all Northern Escape Canada Helicopter Skiing packages, the A-Star Elite program includes:

  • Catskiing Backup
  • Tons of Snow
  • Just 20 minutes from the Terrace Airport
  • Great food, drink and camaraderie
  • Great Canada helicopter skiing

We have been there a few times and loved it.  But this new program is even better.  Call NEH at 866-619-3184 or 250-615-6043 or check out Northern Escape Heli-Skiing and be sure to mention




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