I’m Back

After three weeks, I’m back on the course.  No ill effects, other than missing the time and conditioning.

In the interim, Golf Digest decided to start charging for their handicap tracker.  So after some searching, I found Free Golf Tracker.  It seems to work fine.  It has some awkward tradeoffs, but what do you want for free?

For example, if want to track  GIR, you need to track your putts, then the site calculates GIR.  I prefer GIR Y/N.   With fairways you have to track your misses, L or R, instead of the more logical Y/N.  So my playing stats are some what hamstrung.   But you can still track lots of cool stats.

My index is 9.5, which makes me very happy.  I’m only Playing The Bridges, which is Rated 70.9, Slope 133 from Whites.  See my previous post, The Bridges is Brutal.

But on the cosmic scale, I’m loving life.  Yesterday I played two balls, by myself in three hours.  Sunny, high 80’s (temp!) / actually both.  I shot 83 and 87.  I started off hot on the second ball:   birdie, bogey, birdie, birdie.  Then the wheels came off.

GOLF  (all the other four letter words were taken)

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