How Much Does Heli Skiing Cost?

How Much Does Heli Skiing Cost?  It’s not a simple answer, but a good rule of thumb is heli skiing cost is $1,500/day/person US.  A week of Canada heli skiing cost ranges from $8,000 – $20,000 US, per person. It varies depending on many factors.

Give us a call or email and we can help you find the best heli skiing cost for the trip that suits your group.  866-HELISKI.  or EMAIL

Here is an example of options we put together for a group of 8 looking for 4-5 days next January:

OperatorJanuary Dates# DaysGroup SizeGroups Per HeliSki TogetherVertical FeetCost Per PersonCost Per DayTravel
Silvertip21-25482YesUnlimited$6,902$1,726Van-Williams Lake, Heli to Lodge (all included)
 29- Feb 2482YesUnlimited$7,672$1,918 
 Ski in one group, cool lodge on lake, travel from Vancouver included.  
Stellar11-14442 or 3NoUnlimited$8,210$2,053Fly to Spokane, WA; rent Cars, drive 4.5 hrs
Crescent Spur1-64102YesUnlimited$5,572$1,393Fly Van-Prince George, 2 hrs in Shuttle, incl.
 6-125102 80K$8,412$1,682 
 6-136102 100K$9,095$1,516 
      extra @ $37/K  
Great Canadian8-12443NoUnlimited$7,913$1,978Fly to Calgary, Van 4 hrs., $2300 US total
 14-17483  $9,221$2,305 
Mike Wiegele13-205103 or 4YesUnlimited$8,640$1,728Fly to Kamloops, 2.5 hrs by rental car or shuttle
 20-275104 or 4     
 27-Feb 35105 or 4     
Here is a link to a map showing your options in red. In case the labels don’t show, they are top to bottom: Crescent Spur, Silvertip, Mike Wiegele, Great Canadian, Stellar

heli skiing cost, how much does heli skiing cost example

Heli Skiing Cost varies by:

The time of year (early and late season are less expensive)

The scale of the operation (large helicopters are less expensive, and boutique operations are more expensive)  Even within CMH heli skiing costs vary widely.

The number of days (some weeks are 6 days of skiing, some 7).   It’s best to look at what heli skiing costs per day to compare.

The number of groups per helicopter (fewer is better – less waiting).  Some operators ski four groups per helicopter, some two.  Heli skiing costs less with more groups.  Private is one group, and expensive.

what does heli skiing cost?, heli skiing cost

The travel options (some fly you in by helicopter; some include hotel in Vancouver or Calgary).  Some operators include the flight in the heli skiing cost.

heil skiing cost, what does heli skiing cost helipad

The amount of skiing, measured in vertical feet or meters. Most guarantee a minimum, typically 100K feet per week.  Over that, one pays $40 to $60 US per thousand feet. Some operators charge a higher base rate, but include unlimited vertical. Ski as much as you want. Some charge by the hour of helicopter flight time aka Hobbs.   This is more common in Privates and in Alaska.

Trips come in all sizes, typically 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 days.

The amenities and other add ons, including massage and alcohol (in most cases).  Some packages include EVERYTHING!


There are 1-day operators, usually found near a resort. It’s a taste of the real thing, and expensive for what you get. You have to be prepared to go over the safety briefing every day, and they cater to newbies, so be ready for the challenges and delays that can bring.  The cost for one day of heli skiing is usually vary high compared to longer trips, especially considering the vertical you ski.

Some operators combine catskiing and/or resort skiing with heliskiing. This can be a good way to warm up, and it keeps the cost down. Catskiing is 40-50% of the cost of heliskiing on average.

How does one decide? Call or email me or one of the team.

heli skiing cost, how much does heliskiing cost?


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