Heliskiing Guide and Instructor “Pro Deal” from Northern Escape Heli-Skiing

We like Norther Escape Heli Skiing, and have skied with them on a few occasions.  Easy access, great skiing, TONS of snow and catskiing backup make them a great choice.   Northern Escape is in Northern BC, near Terrace.  They have great trees and are the best for ease of travel.   This year they added catskiing backup, so you ski even when it’s dumping.  They are the only operator flying the Koala helicopter which is very fast.  It holds 6 guests at a time.

John (GM) has been in the industry for over 20 years, and has incorporated the best of what he has learned.  One of his partners did burn my old Marmot one-piece, but that’s a story for another post.  He is also President of the HeliCat Canada industry association.   NE is VERY easy to get to, just 20 minutes from the Terrace airport. See our reviews at Heliskiing Review and HELISKI.com

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NEH Slogan: “It’s deeper up here”


Northern Escape Heli-Skiing has announced their new Heliski Pro Deal, allowing accredited ski/mountain guides or certified ski/snowboard instructors the chance to save up to 80% or 100% off if they bring 5 friends.

The deal works like this, if you are a professional, your individual discount with Northern Escape Heli-skiing gets you 20% off. Although if you want to share the amazing experience of heli-skiing with your friends, family, or clients then you get the chance to save more with each person you bring. For example, bringing 1 person gets you 30% off, 2 people is 40%, 3 is 60%, and 4 is 80% off. If you bring 5 people then you get to go heliskiing for free!

To qualify for the discount, ski instructors must verify that they are active members of the ISIA, CSIA, CASI, PSIA, or AASI and mountain guides must verify that they are active members of the ACMG, CSGA, AMGA, or UIAGM.

“Working as professionals in the skiing industry, we recognize the importance of fellow professionals who help individuals around the world enjoy the sports of skiing and snowboarding,” said General Manager John Forrest of Northern Escape Heli-Skiing. He continued by adding, “We felt the Heliski Pro Deal is a great opportunity to reward fellow skiing professionals while also incentivizing them to share the experience with their closest friends, families, and clients.”

Heli-skiing is one of the best experiences for anyone who is a skilled skier or snowboarder. This deal is truly extraordinary and allows professionals to not only hone their skills in the best of conditions but to share the experience with their friends and family.

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Nice Lodge..and only 20 minutes from the airport

About Northern Escape Heli-Skiing
Northern Escape Heli-Skiing’s location offers the perfect combination of climates for deep dry powder. In fact they are renowned for one of the deepest and most reliable snowpacks on earth. Even if your scheduled trip does come with some unforeseen weather difficulties, the 2 brand new snowcats can guarantee that you will catskiing deep powder every day. Over the season there is an average of 6 days of heli-skiing and 1 day of snowcat skiing each week, so there are 0 down days, allowing you to ski a full day every day, even on your last day, which is rare anywhere else.

Once you’re ready to heli-ski you will fly in the new Koala helicopters in small groups of 6 in one of the largest Heli-skiing/boarding areas in the world. You will access nearly 6000 sq km (or 2,300 sq miles) of vast and varied terrain.

Your safety is always the highest priority and the Northern Escape guides and pilots are accredited and trained with many years of experience. Along with that you get access to state of the art avalanche safety equipment. Providing you with the top-notch safety can give you the piece of mind you need to fully enjoy this truly amazing skiing experience


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