South East Alaska Backcountry Adventures (SEABA) Haines Alaska Heli-Skiing

SEABA Haines Heli-Skiing (Southeast Alaska Backcountry Adventures)

Making Dreams a Reality

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Haines Heli-Skiing Location: 

Haines, Alaska ( Southeast Alaska 30 miles north of Juneau AK)

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International Travel

Another option is to fly to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.
   Rent a vehicle drive to Haines direct (4 hours Drive)
  Or Drive to Skagway, Alaska then take the ferry to Haines (2 hour drive to ferry terminal)


Southeast Alaska Backcountry Adventures Terrain Description

SEABA’s nearly 1200 square miles of heli-skiing area extends from salt water all the way to the British Columbia/Yukon border;  nearly forty miles to the northwest. Unlike other operators who claim “million acre” operating areas, at SEABA you wont have to fly a “million acres” to get to the pow.  All SEABA packages are up front, with no hidden costs. We don’t sell packages by the hour because it wont take an hour to fly to the goods! The guides at SEABA have flown and pioneered most every mountain range in Alaska, from Valdez to Knik to Cordova over the last twenty years. They are in Haines for good reasons, they know what you’ve been dreaming of and they know exactly where those dreams live. Plus, they’ve got the skills and experience to take you down those runs safely.


SEABA stages operations along a 40 mile corridor from three strategically spaced heliports, each with distinct weather influences and terrain options, to make sure you have the best opportunity to crush powder. Our mission has always been about the client. Staying small and inclusive enables us to maintain a close personal relationship with all our guests, shown by our outstanding number of return customers and friends.  Unlike other operations that might have 50 guests skiing at once with multiple large groups per helicopter, at SEABA we max out at a mere four groups of skiers per helicopter in our semi private packages to 6 groups per helicopter in our public packages with each group consisting of 1 guide and 4 guests. This translates to a unique and personal skiing experience where you’ll feel more like a first descent pioneer and less like a customer. Additionally, the tree line in Haines (2500 to 3000 feet) is higher than any other Alaskan heli-skiing destination, so while others are sitting on their thumbs in the lodge wondering when the weather will clear, you’re ripping epic tree lines all day long.

There is a huge amount of varied terrain for all abilities, long sweeping intermediate runs that will satisfy the desires of the blue square connoisseur, challenging summit descents for experts and some of the most extreme terrain in the world with descents up to 6000 vertical feet. The essentials are all there, your friends, incredible snow, blue sky days, endless terrain, and a facility and crew that perform for you.


Standard packages


Bronze Heli Skiing

$4200US for 65,000 vertical feet of skiing (19,812 meters)
-Aircraft will stay in our standard circuits on the given day.
-Accommodations additional $500 to $1750 per week, double and single occupancy available


  7 days



Silver Heli Skiing

$5800US for 90,000 vertical feet of skiing (27,432 meters)
-Aircraft will stay in our standard circuits on the given day, no roaming.
-Accommodations additional $500 to $1750 per week, double and single occupancy available 
-7 days, 7 nights


7 days



Gold Heli Skiing

1.5 hob hours (90,000 vertical feet average) in Semi Private Aircraft

-Groups open to roam between circuits/ toe-ins allowed no extra charge
.  Will be first out in the field each day 
-Ski with a lead guide opening runs
-  Priority heli bumps in the field
-Access to more technical, complex terrain
-  Accommodations additional $500 to $1750 per week, double and single occupancy available


  7 days



Cat Skiing

4,500 vertical foot runs up to 5 runs in a day


 1 day


Mountain Snowmoblie,

Explore the Chilkat mountains on one of our mountain sleds. With virtually endless terrain to explore this is some of the best sled terrain on earth.


  4 days



Plane Skiing

Fly deep into the Chilkat Mountains with Fly Drake Air Adventures into zones that Helicopters are not permitted (so no worries about someone landing above you taking your line). Set up a base camp for the day or the week hike and ski some of the most amazing terrain in the world. If you are not sure where to go or your not comfortable in big mountains hire a SEABA guide.


  4 days



Guest to Guide Ratio= 4 to 1

Price for Extra Vertical = .05 cents a foot from .065 cents a foot after 90,000 vertical of skiing

Private Packages

Private-Heli Skiing
-10 hours of flight time with 6 hours guaranteed
-Group open to roam between circuits/ toe-ins allowed no extra charge
-Helicopter is exclusively for the group 
-Ski with a lead guide opening runs
-no wait time between runs for heli bump
-Access to more technical, complex terrain or whatever terrain the group would like.

Type of helicopter = A star

Guest per lift= 4 to a group

Lifts per helicopter = No more then 4 groups to a heli.  Until the guest is tired, or weather comes in.  Unlimited skiing dawn to dusk.

Lodge and Dining

Southeast Alaska Backcountry Adventures has a wide variety of accommodation options from clean and simple, to high end.  Whatever your budget allows for, they will keep your stay within your price point without sacrificing a clean quiet place to relax.

Most common is the Historic Fort Seward Lodge located in the center of Haines 3 miles from our Airport heli pad and centrally located to all the restaurants of Haines.  A full bar and restaurant is available.  The Fort Seward Lodge is where you will find the SEABA crew hanging out after hours enjoying the stories of the day. For a seven-night stay, rates start at $500 double occupancy with shared bathroom, $600 double occupancy with private bath, $1000 single occupancy with private bath, $1600 single occupancy with kitchenette, private bath and ocean view.

SEABA also offers weekly private home vacation rentals right on the ocean looking at the Chilkat Mountains we ski in; Glacier and ocean views right out your window. Treat yourself to a massage, spa treatment, sauna, then finish it of with a beverage and a hot tub.  Private cooks available and all transport will be taken care of by SEABA.  This is a great option for those who would like a private high end Alaska experience.    Whatever your lodging preferences SEABA will make you feel right at home.


Year Founded= 2002


Airport Travel = Fly to Juneau Alaska on a commercial Airline (be aware of the Alaska Airline flights from Seattle to Juneau that stop at costal towns on the way to Juneau.  Avoid this by looking for the shorter flight times, around 3 hours)

Then Take an Alaska Seaplanes flight from Juneau to Haines (

If the Flights are not leaving don’t worry, if they aren’t flying we most likely are not either.
  If weather is not allowing air travel, take the Ferry Monday morning.
Alaska Marine highway

(There are lots of hotel options in Juneau to choose from that have a complimentary shuttle to the airport and Ferry terminal.)

Give us a call if your arrival to Haines changes and we can help situate you in Juneau.


Travel from airport= 3 miles we pick will pick them up at the airport

Down days per season= 40% down days, 60% flyable weather

Down day activities= Cat skiing, snowmobile, Frisbee golf, BBQ on the beach, spa, massage, yoga, zoo, sight seeing, fishing, boating, hiking, and touring

Ski options= Touring and cat skiing


Why Us?


“SEABA sells Vertical Feet in our Bronze and Silver Packages
There is a numerical value for every foot you ski. Other operations sell by the day or by the run.  Alaska heli ski runs average from 1500 to 6000 vertical feet. The number of runs varies from 3 to 12 in a given day depending on conditions. With SEABA’s vertical foot program you know exactly what you are paying for.

Refund Policy
In the unlikely event do not achieve your vertical due to weather we will role the vertical over to the next season with the purchase of another package. With all heli ski operations there is a risk of not fulfilling your booked heli skiing days. With SEABA we average 60% flyable weather that works out perfectly with our packages.

Low group to Heli ratio
Our Bronze and Silver package members we have a maximum of 6 groups to a heli. With our Gold Package members we have a ratio of 4 groups to a heli. If we have more groups we get another heli. This is the perfect number for our terrain and heli bump timing in the field. You may find long wait times at other operations getting out into the field and between heli bumps between runs. We at SEABA want to keep you skiing as much as possible and enjoying your experience.

Southeast Alaska Backcountry Adventures Guides
Our guides come from a vast background from pro athletes to professional mountain climbers. Safety is the number one objective of our operation. All our guides take their profession very seriously keeping themselves in peak physical condition and are strong technically balanced big mountain skiers. Egos are kept at a minimum with the constant goal of becoming a better guide. Our staff is approachable and humbling moreover they love what they do and are excited to ski with you. No matter your ability level you will walk away from your experience with us a better rider.

Down Days
Though we are constantly monitoring the weather models and sky for flyable openings. The SEABA staff will keep you entertained if weather doesn’t allow flying. Activities range from Cat skiing, Snowmobiling, and Frisbee golf; boating in the ocean, massage treatment, Yoga, Hiking, Fishing and bbq’s.

Honesty and Integrity
We don’t have hidden cost and will not hit you with a surprise bill all cost is paid upfront. Also if conditions are not allowing us to deliver what we advertise we are going to let you know.

Quality over Quantity
We want you to have the best turns possible if conditions are not good in a spot we will move to another. Our guides are like bird dogs hunting for powder and do not rest until they find it.

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