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Heli-Snowboarding Description

Alaska Snowboard Guides offers unique and exciting guided heli-snowboarding and helicopter skiing trips in the heart of the Chugach Mountains of Valdez, Alaska. The team at Alaska Snowboard Guides brings decades of combined experience working and riding with other guides and heli operators throughout Alaska and the the world.  Leveraging that knowledge offers the best of heli-skiing and heli-snowboarding into their new innovative program. Their backgrounds in client instruction, safety protocols and Alaskan terrain make Alaska Snowboard Guides uniquely positioned to offer a professional skiing and heli snowboarding experience you won’t find anywhere else. No other group is as dedicated to getting you deep into the Chugach Mountains near Valdez. Whether you’re ready to experience Alaska for the first time, or ready to explore new backcountry terrain off the beaten path, they invite you to experience some of the best backcountry skiing and boarding in North America with Alaska Snowboard Guides.

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Our runs vary from 3,000 – 6,000 vertical feet and include everything from 28 Degree Glacial Powder runs to as steep as you can imagine skiing. We have runs for every ability and our world class guides will take your skiing and riding to the next level.

Packages Include

All of our packages 4 Personal Hobbs flight hours over 7 days. We average between five and 8 runs per hour depending on where we are operating in the mountain range.Our packages are designed for success and include an obtainable amount of skiing and riding for your week in Valdez. Many operators sell unrealistic packages with excessive numbers of runs that you may not be able to ski in an average week in Valdez. We prefer to include what we feel is a realistic number of runs for any week during our season. If you complete your package early you can always buy more skiing but why pay for runs you may never ski?

The Classic

This is a bare bones helicopter skiing and heli-snowboarding only package designed for people who rent motor homes in Anchorage and stay at our heli base to hang out with the guides and other motor home skiers and snowboarders. This is the most cost effective way to go and it is an amazing adventure. There is nothing like waking up surrounded by these amazing mountains or experiencing the northern lights on Thompson pass. Many of our clients prefer the freedom of an Motorhome and with our discounted rate code you can rent a 30 foot motorhome for about $100 a day! This is a classic and time proven approach to Thompson pass. All safety gear ; Airbag Backpack, beacon, shovel, probe Harness and radio is included in your package.

The Chugach

This package features the finest accommodations available in Valdez with 500 square foots suites that include full kitchens, washer/drier, 42 inch flat screen TVs, a couch, WIFI and separate bedrooms. Daily breakfast and lunches on days we heli or snowcat ski as well. We also provide transportation to and from the Valdez airport as well as transportation to and from the helicopter or snow cat each day. Demo Skis and Snowboards from Lib Tech and Union are also included. All safety gear ; Airbag Backpack, beacon, shovel, probe Harness and radio is included in your package.

24/7 Double Occupancy

This package features a standard double occupancy hotel room for those who prefer this style of accommodation. Daily breakfast and lunches on day we heli or snowcat ski as well. We also provide transportation to and from the Valdez airport as well as transportation to and from the helicopter or snow cat each day. All safety gear is included as well.

Snowcat Skiing/Snowboarding

Is available in all but the most severe conditions. You do not have to go but its is a lot more fun than sitting in the Lodge! It is limited to 12 guests a day and can be purchased at cost of $350 dollars a day or “traded” for 4 of your guaranteed runs in your package. We do not force people to trade there helicopter skiing for cat skiing that is why we offer two ways to “pay” for your spot. All safety gear is included as well.

Heli-Skiing / Heli-Snowboarding

Walk-in clients and groups welcome. However the only way to guarantee you will ride while you are in Valdez is to book a package.  Alaska Snowboard Guides will make every effort to get you and your group out skiing and snowboarding, but ask that you call to let them know you are coming to Valdez and when you will be there.


A private charter is the ultimate heli ski/snowboard experience. This is the perfect option for individuals and small groups who know exactly what want from their Alaska ski / snowboarding trip. Private charters also give the best opportunity to ride exactly the terrain you want. We offer extremely competitive flight time rates and provide you with all of the the finest Lodging, Custom catered gourmet meals, safety gear including Airbag Back Packs, demo skis and/or snowboards, Ground transportation in Valdez and so much more. These private packages are completely customizable so contact us to build the trip of a lifetime – exactly the way you want it to be!

Additional Information

Location: Valdez, Alaska. Helicopters: Eurocopter A-Star B2 and B3. Packages: 24/7 Classic, 24/7 Orca and Chugach Suite, 24/7 Double Occupancy, Day Ski Program, Cat Ski Program. Average Vertical: 80-100,000 ft. Average Snowfall: 900- 1200 inches varies by elevation. Ability Level: Alaska Snowboard Guides caters to ability all levels from advance skiers and snowboarders all the way to professionals with film crews! They have terrain for everyone from 28 degree glacial cruisers to the steepest terrain you can imagine! Its their goal to make your Alaskan dream come true! Travel Time: Alaska Snowboard Guides is located 10 minutes from the Valdez (VDZ) airport which is serviced twice daily by ERA Aviation with direct service from the Anchorage (ANC) airport. The flight from Anchorage is about 45 minutes. Closet Major Airport: Anchorage, Alaska (ANC). Guest per lift/group: Our A-Star Helicopters have room for 4 -5 clients dependent on configuration and total group weight. Lifts Per day: 6-8. Price of Extra Vertical: $166.00 USD per run or $1000 for a 6 run day. Max No Guests: We are limited to 4 groups of guest per week. Powder Skis Snowboards: Are available for rent, many of our clients prefer to use there own equipment. Hotels (Pre and Post): Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage Best Time to Arrive: In Valdez the Saturday before your package begins. All packages begin on Sunday however check in to the lodging is on Saturday. Down Days Week: NONE if you choose to go cat skiing! We can operate the cat almost everyday. Down Day Activities: Snow Cat Skiing, Ski/snowboard Touring, Snow Shoeing, Nordic Skiing, Ice Climbing and Fishing. Year In Operation: 2011. Size of Tenure: 2500 square miles… 10 lifetimes of terrain! Lodge Amenities: Massage, Wifi, Internet, Phone, TV, Bar, Restaurant.

Anything Else we should Know

Our fuel truck allows us to fuel in many locations along the highway that runs over 50 miles through the heart of our mountains. This give us the unique flexibility to operate all over the range on days when the other operations are stuck in there one location!

What is Unique/Why Us

“As guides working for other operators, we grew tired of watching our clients and friends leave Alaska without completing the the runs they had paid for in their package. Packages that assume you will ski three out of four or six out of seven days are unrealistic in Alaskan heli-snowboarding / heliskiing.  Our packages are built around the realities of heli-skiing and snowboarding in Alaska.  We factor in weather days allowing you ample time to complete your package, while maintaining priority seating throughout your stay in Valdez.  Additional runs and days with priority seating are always available when you finish your package!” Get Best Options
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