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H2O Guides Alaska

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H2O Guides Alaska, starting in 1991, was one of the longest, continuously operating, most committed Valdez heli-skiing operator – until it closed permanently.  H2O Guides Alaska was founded by Dean Cummings who pioneered remote heliski Alaska guiding in the Chugach Mountains that we now recognize as Valdez Alaska Heli Skiing.  Dean Cummings and H2O Guides Alaska, were known for enabling skiers of all abilities to experience Valdez Alaska Heli Skiing.

Research, development, and common bonds shared with guests allow access to 18 interconnected regions, each Teton Range-sized, within the most impressive snow belt on Earth.   Two flights connecting daily to Valdez, inclusive packages, four exclusive groups weekly, and the smoothest, steepest heliski Alaska terrain available.  Now with cat skiing, too.  Nothing compares.


H2O Guides Alaska Valdez Alasak Heli Skiing

Valdez Alaska Heli Skiing Location:

Valdez, Alaska

H2O Guides Airport for Travel:

Valdez, Alaska

H2O Guides Alaska Terrain Description:

Beginner: 10 percent, Intermediate: 30 percent, Advanced/Expert: 60 percent

Valdez Alaska Heli Skiing Standard Packages Offered:

3 Day/5 Night (18 runs total)
5 day/7 night (30 runs total)
Now offering cat ski packages, as well.

H2O Guides Alaska Guest to Guide Ratio:

1 Guide to a max of 5 guests

H2O Guides Alaska Price of Extra Vertical:  $175 per run

H2O Guides Alaska Private Packages Offered:

7 day private packages available, as well as custom packages

Valdez Alaska Heli Skiing Type of Helicopter:

A Stars

H2O Guides Alaska Guests per Lift


H2O Guides Alaska Lifts per Helicopter


H2O Guides Alaska Valdez Alaska Heli Skiing Lodging and Dining Description

“H2O Guides guests are lodged at the Valdez Harbor Inn overlooking the iconic Valdez Small Boat Harbor with authentic Alaska ambiance and delicious cuisine. There are several dining options within a short walking distance. ”

H2O Guides Valdez Alaska Heli Skiing Year Founded:


H2O Guides Alaska Travel from airport:

H2O Guides provides transportation from the airport, a mere 4 minute drive from the hotel

H2O Guides Alaska Down Day Activities:

Ice climbing, cat skiing, educational presentations, cross country skiing

What is Unique / Why H2O Guides Alaska?

“We deliver a truly remote backcountry experience within the insanely picturesque

Chugach Mountains—the most spectacular glaciated heli ski terrain anywhere with Alaska’s deepest snowpack.”