Global Warming Takes the Season Off!

The earth’s climate is changing at an alarming rate, causing long-term shifts in our weather and seasons. Unfortunately, many winter sports enthusiasts are bearing the brunt of these changes, as ski seasons are getting shorter and snowfall is becoming less reliable. But there’s a silver lining to that cloud – heliskiing BC Canada. Read on to find out more about why global warming is affecting ski seasons and why heliskiing is the perfect solution.

The strongest La Nina since 1955.
No need to panic, as long as you will be putting on your snorkel the next time this happens – 2065

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The reason for the decline in snowfall is a direct result of global warming and climate change. The rising temperature is leading to a decrease in snowfall, and what snow there is, is melting earlier each season. This affects the ski resorts negatively, as the snow coverage becomes thinner and they struggle to maintain the snow base. Ski resorts around the world have experienced this and have had to resort to artificial snowmaking to remain open. But even then, they are often forced to close much earlier than before.

However, heliskiing BC Canada remains unscathed by global warming. As the mountains in Canada’s British Columbia region are colder due to their high altitude, there is more snowfall, making it one of the few places where you’re still guaranteed the powder. The high altitude and lower temperatures ensure that the snow stays fresh for longer periods and that the ski season is longer, typically running till late April.

In addition to the reliability of the snow, heliskiing offers a unique and exciting way to experience powder skiing. Heliskiing enables you to access parts of the mountain that would otherwise be inaccessible. The vast terrain, untouched snow, and no crowds make the heliskiing experience one you’ll never forget. Heliskiing BC Canada is also perfect for people looking for more challenges than a typical ski resort can offer. You’ll be skiing on a variety of surfaces, including powder, ice, and crust, which requires absolute focus and skill.

Moreover, heliskiing is the perfect pandemic activity. With social distancing measures being strictly practised, the safety of guests and staff is the number one priority of any heliskiing experience. Plus, heliskiing offers the ability to control who is on the run with you, which eliminates any interactions with strangers that may put people at risk of getting infected.

Conclusion: In conclusion, heliskiing BC Canada is an excellent solution for those looking for a ski experience that is unaffected by global warming. With colder temperatures, reliable snowfall and a unique skiing experience, heliskiing is perfect for those looking for adventure and challenges. Additionally, during a pandemic, it offers a safe and controlled environment, with the added benefit of social distancing. Come to heliskiing BC Canada, and experience the rush and beauty of untouched, fresh powder in the middle of winter in the Rockies.


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