Driver May Day

I continue to struggle with driver.  When it’s not going well, I pop it up.  I read that it’s a result of hitting down on the ball.  I have a couple of drills that seem to work.

The big development is that I purchased a membership for TopSpeedGolf.  It’s cheap, and I really like the approach.  The primary goal is greater club head speed.  I’ve been around 85 with driver, historically.

Each week Top Speed gives you four or five drills.  They want you to swing as hard as you can five times for each drill.  It’s important to rest 30-60 seconds between swings.  Then record the highest MPH.

I hit 101 on a particular drill.  Pretty amazing.  Each mph is 4-5 yards!

Handicap Update:  9.9

Sadly, the way Free Golf Tracker works, tracking greens in regulation and fairways is extremely cumbersome.  So I’m not getting much usable data on Up & Downs, Fairways or GIR.

My scoring average is 83.68.   I’m happy with that, but really want to break 80 on this tough course.  The struggle is real.


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